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members present:
Ryan Key, Ben Harper,
Sean Mackin

conducted on:
September 2002

by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: As a band, what do you think your best qualities are?
Ryan: Ben's hair.
Ben: Noooo...umm I would say of course the songs, the live performance, and the originality with the violin being incorporated with our style of music. That's what I'd say. Is that everything? Everything.
Sean: I like the energy.
Ben: Yeah, energy.
Sean: We're all like--
Ben: on speed.
Sean: best friends. You know like we just love what we're doing and just having a great time. So I think the best part is the energy that we share together and the effort that we put into our music and stuff.

PZO: Is there a band that you wish would just call it quits?
Ben: <opens the refrigerator><to Sean> Want a beer?
Sean: No. Is there a band you wish would call it quits?
Ryan: Wow, dude.
Ben: These are interesting questions. Umm...no, 'cause it's not about that. <looks at Sean> Right? I mean..
Sean: I don't know that's a tough question.
Ryan: What was the question?
Sean: Is there a band that you wish would call it quits? I wish KoRn would call it quits. I don't like KoRn.
Ben: L.P. would get mad at you for that.
Sean: I don't care. KoRn is awful.
Ben: I wish..
Sean: your phone would stop bugging.
Ryan: <coughs> Limp Bizkit <coughs>
Ryan: <coughs more>
Sean: Bless you.
Ben: Wes, you are a smart man for leaving. Good luck to your new side project.
Ryan: Hey dudes, side note <holds up his glasses> these were worth the money 'cause I just dropped them on the pavement and scratched the hell out of them and I came in here and wiped the scratches right off the lens 'cause they have that anti-scratch coating crap.
Sean: Wow.
Ben: Wow.
PZO: That's amazing.
Ryan: That was the coolest thing ever.
Ben: That's aaammmaaazzziinnnggg.
Ryan: Sorry, it doesn't take much to excite me.
Sean: We're old men.
Ben: <acting like a gay guy with a lisp> I don't excite you anymore like I used to Ryan.
Ryan: You sure don't.

PZO: Are there any fairly unknown bands you think other people should check out?
Sean: Yes, Don't Look Down.
Ben: Don't Look Down.
Sean: Don't Look Down.
Ben and Sean: Stole Your Woman.
Ben: They have a new record coming out soon.
Sean: I really like a band called Noise Ratchet. I don't know anything about them. I've heard they're from
San Diego, but I really like them.
Ryan: Speaking of Noise Ratchet Paul and Brendan brought that CD, but you've already bought it. So I'm taking it.
Sean: I know, I was going to give it to you anyway. heh heh heh. Who else?
Ben: Other bands..that's about it. Don't Look Down, Stole Your Woman, Noise Ratchet...Game Time!
Sean:Yep, Game Time from Kansas City.
Ben: Kansas City.
Sean: They're fun.
Ben: They're fun.
Sean: They love what they do too.
Ben: Go see them play live and you will be impressed. <acting like a gay guy with a lisp> Next question. Love ya.

PZO: What are you looking forward to the most about the tour you're going to be doing with No Use For A Name?
Sean: NO USE FOR A NAME! That's who we're looking foward to is Tony Sly, Rory, Matt and Dave.
Ben: Every single one of their songs because we've been listening to them forever.
Sean: We've been listening to every single one of their albums since we were wee little children and just the best part of you know music is No Use For A Name. The fact that you know like they're one of the bands that got it all
started and they're still rocking out.
Ben: No Use For A Name is phat.
Sean: Yep and they're making great records and Tony Sly is writing wonderful songs and Dave is a ripping guitar player and Matt Riddle is the best bass player and best backup singer in the world. That's what we're looking foward to.
Ben: <acting like a gay guy with a lisp> And their sexy asses.
PZO: I interviewed them last year.
Sean: Really?
PZO: Yeah, Rory and Matt.
Sean: Yeah, Matt's the man. Rory is pretty cool. On Warped Tour he was riding around on his moped. His hair was blowing back and he was like David Hasslehoff.

<Pete comes in singing>
Ben: Oookay, next question.

PZO: Have you guys been watching American Idol?

Ben: I've never--we tour so much that we don't get to watch TV.
Sean: Yeah, we don't really watch TV.
Ben: Honestly, like we watch TV late night in hotel rooms before we go to bed.
PZO: Have you guys heard of it?
Ben: Yeah, some...
Sean: Some guy named Justin with an afro and some Kelly chic that can really sing.
Ben: Some judges...
Sean: That Simon guy...
Pete: Are you guys talking about that Teen Idol thing?
Ben: Pete probably knows about it. Pete would you like to elaborate on Teen Idol? What do you think about that?
Sean: American Idol.
Pete: What does that mean that I'd know about it?
Ben: Hey...
Pete: No, I don't know anything about it.
Ben: Okay.
Pete: I saw Paula Abdul on it once. That's cool.
Ben: Alright, Pete thank you.
Sean: We should have locked the door.
Ben: Yeah, we should have. Let's lock it.
Sean: Go ahead.

PZO: What are some professions you would never try?
Ben: Trash man.
Sean: Dentist. I could never look at another person's mouth for like more than an hour ever and they do it like 10 hours a day. Dentist work is terrible. God bless those people.
Ben: I'd hate to work in those little toll booths in the middle of the freeway.
Ben: That would suck so much.
Sean: That would stink too. So lonely.
Ben: Everytime a car would pull up I'd just be like "God damnit another fucking car."
Sean: Shhhhhhhh!
PZO: Oh, man.
Ben: You know what I mean? Like you wanna break and just chill, but another car would come up.
PZO: Uh oh. Some girl is trying to get in.
Ben: Ooh, some girl, huh? Oh, it's Sean's girlfriend.
PZO: She had a rad hat on.
Ben: She's a styling chic.
PZO: Apparently.
<Sean at the door>
Sean: It's not funny. <closes the door>
Ben: He told her.
<silence><loud noises outside>
Ben: <acting like a gay guy with a lisp> Is there a scuffle going on outside?
Sean: I don't know.
<Ben's phone rings>
Sean: This is ridiculous. We've never had so much difficulty with any interview before.
PZO: We're known to break records.
<Ben and Sean get their seating situated>
PZO: Did we finish the last question? Yeah, we did. Was that it? Profession that you'd never try...
Ben: Did you say any?
Sean: Yeah, dentist.
Ben: I hate to be one of those dudes that make meat out of cows too.
Sean: Oh yeah, butchers.
Ben: That's bad, dude.

PZO: What is your best childhood memory?
Ben: Going to see Pearl Jam for the first time and only time.
Sean: My best childhood memory was playing the violin with Strung Out. It was pretty rad. We opened for them and they were my favorite band at the time and then they heard that I knew how to play some of their songs, so I played with them and that was pretty smooth.

PZO: What is a common compliment people give you?
Ben: "You guys have an amazing live performance."
Sean: A lot of people tell me that the the violin is really cool and that we make it work. I really like to hear that because we're trying to do something different.
Ben: <sounds as if he's on the verge of tear> We try hard.
Sean: <imitates Ben> Just trying hard.

<outside someone yells out, "Yellowcard is good!">
Ben and Sean: Yellowcard is good!!
Sean: Somebody screamed that outside. We like to hear that.

PZO: What is one thing you would not do, not matter how much money you were offered?
Sean: Sleep with another man.
Ben: Oh my God. How could you even think of something like that.
Ben: Not being in this band.
Sean: They'd pay you to leave. That's a good one, Ben.
Ben: Thank you.
Sean: Your welcome.
PZO: That it?
Sean: Actually, I'd probably sleep with Ben. For how much? How much was it?
PZO: No--
Ben: No--
Sean: Any amount of money?
PZO: Yeah.
Ben: How much am I worth to you?
Ben: Alright, now we should move on to the next question.
Sean: Moving right along.
Ben: before Sean tells the world how much he really really wants to sleep with me.

PZO: Have you ever done anything to each other <mouths open> while the other was sleeping or passed out<faces blush>?
Sean: Yeah, for free..no um.
Ben: mmmmm...
Sean: No, we're boring. We like each other.
Ben: Sometimes we share hotel room beds and that alone--I mean I remember when we were on tour with Don't Look Down, plug, and they were sharing the hotel room with us and like all of--we like had the beds, the guys in Yellowcard and you know it was like me and whatever, L.P and <to Sean> you and Ryan in another bed and we started doubling up on the Queens and they're like "What the fuck?". We were head--our heads were facing the same way and they're like "You guys sleep like that?" "What are you talking about?" "You guys don't switch in opposite directions?" I don't know. That alone is obviously freaking some people out. So we sleep with each other.
Sean: She said do we do anything to eachother. No, we don't do anything.
Ben: Other than--no.
Sean: No.
Ben: Sleeping is very important on the road. We respect each other.
Sean: Yeah, we leave each other alone.
Ben: What are you guys trying to get out of us anyway?
Sean: Plus a lot of people would get irritated. If we were to wake someone up things would start. People would throw things.
Ben: Yeah, exactly.
Sean: It could get violent.
Ben: Punching...bottles..
Sean: Yep, we're boring. All we do is drink and hang out with each other.
Ben: And study our orchestral pieces.
Sean: Yeah.

<Ryan stuggles to get inside, but the door is locked>
Ben: Next question.
PZO: What is something mean you'd like to do to someone, but never had the guts to do?
<Ryan knocks on the window and goes back to trying to open the door>

Sean: We locked Ryan out of the RV.
<Sean gets up to open the door for Ryan>
Sean: <To Ben> Answer the question.
Ben: What was the question?
PZO: You weren't listening?
Ben: I..well..uh..
PZO: Look at this. I'm trying to conduct an interview here.
<Bens tries to peak at the question>
PZO: Nope!
<Ryan comes into the RV>
Ryan: There's a couple of quarterback punks out here talking shit about our band.
<some random interesting man with a black cowboy hat and the whole get up peaks into the RV>
Random_Interesting_Man: Can I get a look and see what this looks like?
Sean: Yeah, take a peak.
PZO: Get this guy on camera.
Random_Interesting_Man: Is this like a band thing? Like this is a band winnebago?
Ben: Yeah, and you're on tape right now. You're going to get interviewed.
PZO: You're going to be on the internet.
Random_Interesting_Man: <looks into the camera> I'm Jesus. Jesus Christ. Rock and roll. Punk rock. Fashion metal. I'm Jesus, the lead singer. Jesus Christ coming at you soon. I'll be back.
Sean: Take care, man.
Random_Interesting_Man: <on his way out> Jesus loves you, man.
Ben: Straight from the horses mouth: Jesus loves us.
<L.P. comes in>
L.P.: Is there a lighter sitting anywhere around there?
Ryan: I almost got myself in trouble.
Sean: What did they say?
Ryan: <trying to open a beer bottle with a pink lighter> They were just talking smack. They're all drunk on the corner saying my friends band is playing and Yellowcard sucks, but this band is awesome. Dude, how are--A. how are you supposed to open up a beer bottle with this? <holds up pink lighter><To Nevra> Is this your lighter?
PZO: <shakes head> No.
L.P.: I opened this one.
Ryan: <To Ben> This is your lighter then?
Sean: It's a cute little pink lighter.
Ryan: That was point number two.
Sean: Next question.

PZO: What is something mean you'd like to do to someone, but never had the guts to do?
Ryan: I would like to smash Justin Powell,eight grade, his head into a concrete wall over and over again.
Everyone: WOW!
<Ben's phone rings again>
Sean: Feelings of aggression.
Ryan: He was a prick. But I would never really do anything like that.
PZO: Of course not.
Sean: I would...
Ryan: If he knew I said that he would probably do that to me for real.
<Band helper dude and Eddie [Numbskull producer] come inside>
Sean: This is the neverending...this is the interview that never ends.
PZO: It's Eddieeee. Eddie's going to be on the internet.
Eddie: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
Sean: Eddie's the man.
PZO: Oh yeah.
Sean: What else do you got?
PZO: Is that it? You wouldn't do anything to anyone?
Sean: Umm...I'm pretty weird. I do everything I want to do usually to the people I want to do that to. Actually the whole Boston basketball team, right?
Ryan: Yeah.
Sean: The Boston basketball team; we've got to wreck their lives. Boston University 'cause...
Ryan: Sean dipped out early and we almost got our asses beaten and he wouldn't have been there to help us 'cause he had to call his girlfriend on his phone..
Sean: I wish I was there to beat them down 'cause they were talking smack to my boys and I would have messed them up.<nods>Okay.

PZO: What is the best insult or ‘would be insult’ you’ve heard or used?
Sean: Hey, Ben what's the best insult you've ever heard or used?
Ben: Umm...I don't know. We're not like that.
Ryan: Yeah, we're not mean. Why are you getting all these mean MEAN questions?
Sean: We frolic through sunflowers and walk around the park.
PZO: You're not a very good liar are you?
Sean: No, but he's a good insulter. What do you say, Ryan?
Ryan: <shocked> I'm not an insulter!
Sean: Ryan's a hater.
Ryan: Nah, I've changed my ways.

PZO: What's your favorite curse word?
Sean: Curse word. <laughs>
Ryan: The best--there's no way around the word fuck.
Sean: Yeah, the F-word is the best.
Ryan: It helps you in so many situations.
Sean: It does and you can use it to like...
Ryan: And you can use it describe pain, pleasure, hatred, anger, anything.
Sean: It's the ultimate cuss word.
Ryan: It covers every aspect of emotion; the word fuck. <nods head>
Sean: Yep, that's definitely the best.

PZO: Have you ever been arrested or detained by law enforcement services? If so, for what?
Sean: Ben. Ben, do you want to take care of this one?
Ryan: I was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. Ben was arrested for stealing steak from..
Ben: WinDixie.
L.P.: <yells from back room> I was arrested for pissing on a tree.
Ryan: For real?
L.P.: And Ben's dad came and rescued me.
Sean: I almost got a D.U.I. for driving a golf cart intoxicated. <nods head and smiles>
Ryan: I got handcuffed in front of all my friends, dude at a party.
Sean: Yep, I was handcuffed and put into the back of a cop car and he let me go 'cause they called my parents.
Ryan: Staring out the window at me and I'm like up against the window getting cuffed. So sad. No one else got in trouble. We were all underage, but I was the only one that got caught. Sucks.

PZO: At what age did you start drinking?
Sean: Alcohol?
Ryan: First time I got drunk was 14, eight grade.
Sean: Yeah, me too I think. Fourteen.
Ryan: Fourteen dad's Jack Daniels in a sport bottle. Took it over to my friend's house and we had shots all night.

PZO: What is one of your craziest goals?
Sean: Craziest goals. Hey Ben, you're bailing on this whole interview.
Ben: Sorry! The questions are too good. Go ahead.
Sean: What's one of your craziest goals? To marry Britney Spears, Ryan?
Ryan: No, shut up. My girlfriend is right outside.
Sean: We're just kidding.
Ben: It's sound proof don't worry.
Sean: It's an interview.
Ben: To play music for the rest of our lives for a living.
Ryan: That's not a crazy goal.
Ben: I know, huh?
Ryan: Craziest goal, dude. I want to be in a Star Wars movie.
Sean: That'd be cool.
<Ryan and a band helper dude discuss the whole "how many Star Wars movies are left" deal>
Sean: <looks into camera> I just want to write good music. Hate me forever. I just want to write good music.

PZO: If you were to have your own 1-800 number, like 1-800 callatt, what would it be?
Sean: 1-800-AsiansRock
Ryan: Oh, God.
Sean: Hell yeah. You can talk to Asian men and women with funny accents and they can tell you all about karaoke bars and criticize the united states of america.
Ryan: He's never even been to an Asian country and he backs it like the motherland.
Sean: 'Cause you guys make fun of me so much. I got a certain amount of pride in who I am.
Ryan: Mine would be <laughs>
Sean: 1-800-ILookGood?
Ryan: <laughs> No, <covers mouth, so Ben, who's not even paying attention can't see or hear> 1-800-BenIsGay.
Sean: <Into recorder> 1-800-BenIsGay.
PZO: You could say it out loud and he wouldn't hear.
Sean: 1-800-BenIsGay
Sean: He said, "Yeah."

PZO: Do you have any favorite/memorable informercials?
Sean: I don't watch TV. Next question.
Ryan: No, but I am always amazed by the NAIR. The one where the hair just comes off with that rag.
Sean: No, that's so gross 'cause I did see that one time.
Ryan: Did you know that Will Powers and all those guys--
Sean: yeah NAIR their balls.
Sean: No, but when the girls have all that arm pit hair they just go <Lifts up arm and pretends to NAIR his arm pit>
Ryan and Sean: WHOOOOP!
Ryan: On a rag.
Sean: And I'm just like <makes throwing up noise> Gross.

PZO: Is there a question that comes up in interviews that you're tired of being asked?
Ryan: How did you get the violin in your band?
Sean: Yeah.
Ryan: 'Cause then we have to tell the whole story about how we were friends in high school and we met Sean.
PZO: And that's like everywhere. Is that it?
Ryan: And you can read it anywhere now.
PZO: Yeah.
Sean: We have been friends since high school. An Arts high school.
Ryan: She didn't ask.
Sean: So anyone that hasn't ever heard before.
Ryan: Oh, you're..
Sean: Referencing, yeah.

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