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members present:
Max Nash, Troy Spino,
Tyler Stone, Step Alvarez
conducted on: March 2011
by: Nevra Azerkan
extras:official website


PZO: As a band, what are your best qualities?
Tyler: Ooooh good one. You cut to the core.
Max: We’ve got an amazing energy between all of us.
Tyler: I’d say our live show is just as good if not better than the CD. As a musician slash fan of other bands I’ve always put that first—is how they are live and I would say we do a pretty good job there. That’s a good quality.
Max: That’s a great quality. We are all best friends.
Step: We all love each other.
Tyler: Boom. We’re all brothers.
Max: We’ve all lived with each other at one point or another.
PZO: Not anymore?
Max: No, not anymore we’ve had to grow up a little bit.
Max: We’re just a bunch of puppies.
Step: We still want to.
Max: Yeah, eventually. We just need a fatter house ‘cause we were in a room like this all four of us. Like four little beds.
Troy: Sometimes three beds..
Max: I think we write songs pretty well as a band.
Troy:We’re all writers, so we all put our two cents in, so it’s cool.
Max: and Step just has the coolest hair out of everywhere, out of the world.
Tyler:Each of us has a different background of what we like. We’re more into the hardcore and the rock and these guys are more into the hip hop. They have slowly, completely turned me into hip hop.
Max: So to sum that up of what a good characteristic is, we have a little bit of something for everyone.
Step: Yes.
Troy: Boom.
Tyler: Sums it up. <laughs> Boom!

PZO: What’s a common compliment people give you as a band and individually?
Troy: Max’s hair is amazing.
Tyler: They just like the hair.
Max: Compliment as a band…like Ty said we have so many influences, so it’s cool when you get somebody totally out of their element, who only like rock or hardcore, and come up and be like you know---and we have a lot of hip hop and electronic and they’ll come up and be like, I really—I can get down. All types: skater kid to like literally the parents of the kid who’s supposed to come to the show, but the kid didn’t like it, but the parents are like we freakin’ love you guys.
Troy: It’s cool because it’s always a weird mix of people.
Max: What’s the best compliment—I don’t know—
Troy: Everyone thinks we’re okay looking, I guess.
Max: Troy is a pretty boy, so he gets a lot—he looks kind of like Prince William.
Everyone: Oooooooooooh.
PZO: Except he [Troy] has hair.
Max: Yeah, except he has hair.
Tyler: You know, it sounds bad, but it’s not us saying it. There have been certain times where we’ve played live shows and we’ll open up for people and sometimes the fans will say… <looks at Step>.
Step: You guys were so better than the other band.
Tyler: It’s not us, but that’s a good compliment. It’s humbling, you know?
Step: Fans, we love you.
Troy: Yes, we love you.
Max: Oh, I got one on YouTube one time and they thought one of our tracks was kind of like Lupe Fiasco. I was like, “OOH, shit!” because I really like him, so I thought that was a cool compliment.
Troy: It’s always cool when they say I like you just as much as---
Max: another band that we like. That’s really---we’re like, “Oh, really?!?”

PZO: What’s the last good deed you did?
Tyler: The last good deed I did? Oh, fuck.
Max: Troy and I helped an old man. Literally, two days ago. He fell face down in the valley. His keys broke and exploded everywhere. He was all over the place.
Troy: He [Max] thought that I pushed him at first.
Max: I turned around because Troy was like he looked like he almost tripped the guy. We helped him out, so that was cool.
Step: I found a briefcase full of money and I gave it right back.
Tyler: The other day I saw a birdie with a broken wing and I nested it for hours and fed it worms in its mouth. Then out of nowhere it started flying. So that’s pretty good. Saved a life.
Max: That’s a good deed.
Troy: Yeah, saving a life I think that’d be a pretty good deed.
PZO: You guys are some really great guys.
Max: Part time heroes.
Troy: Random heroes.
Tyler: It’s a side project.

PZO: What event in your life had the greatest impact on you?
Troy: I mean I’ve been in some legal shit that’s made me---
Max: I know I was just going to say, I was just in Vegas and…
Max: Like in our music careers?
PZO: Yeah, sure if that will make it easier for you.
Max: Yeah, I mean I could be like my first BJ.
Troy: Changed my life.
Max: That changed my life. I can’t think straight and I LOVED IT.
Tyler: Just recently we had some fans come to our other show and they literally waited a couple of weeks—you know with that table.
Max: That was pretty bitchin’. That was really cool.
Tyler: Dedicated great fans. Them as fans—they were amazing people.
Max: They wrote us online ahead of time saying we have to meet you in person, they got a table and got us champagne. We like champagne, we appreciated it, we loved it, but before a show it’s not good for the throat.
Step: I love champagne. I put that shit on everything.
Tyler: But they were awesome. They brought a whole crew, a whole bunch of people.
Max: They were so awesome and genuine. Genuinely were fans and they came and made the night of it. It was her birthday. People we never met before.

PZO: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but you haven’t done yet?

Max: Ty wants to play drums upside down.
Troy: Shit. Playing for a sold-out crowd in a huge--
Max: Yeah, arena.
Tyler: Staples Center.
Max: Exactly, even Nokia. We’ve played some pretty awesome venues so far and we’re so grateful, but when it comes to that point where you can’t even hear yourself thinking because you just hear the roar. That’s what I’m wishing and waiting for.
Tyler: Wishing and waiting for Warped Tour. We’ll see.
PZO: That would be cool. Get your fans to make that happen.
Max: Yeah, exactly. So you guys, please help us get on Warped Tour. Do whatever you can, make calls. We need your help.

PZO: What’s the best lesson you’ve ever learned?
Troy: Don’t take things for granted.
Step: I learn one every day.
Tyler: That was my answer. Max is really good at answering those questions.
Max: Really? You’re going to pawn that off to me?
Tyler: You can’t always get what you want.
Max: That’s it. Troy got it. Zoom in on that please.
Tyler: Get the money maker.
Troy: Things come quick and things leave fast. Don’t regret and don’t take things for granted. Live your life.

PZO: Given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day and what would you do?
Troy: Justin Bieber.
PZO: Everyone really wants to kidnap the Biebs these days.
Max: What would you do with little Bieber?
Troy: I would probably try to figure out his hairstyle.
PZO: That’s a good one. Most people want him to teach them how to Dougie.
Max: Biebs can Dougie? Wow. Step taught me how to Dougie.
Tyler: Stephen Hawking or Dr. Phil.
Tyler: I’d like to learn their knowledge.
Max: I don’t know. Honestly, I might kidnap Wiz for the day, Wiz Khalifa and just get fuckin’ stoned all day. All day we get tailored.
Tyler: Bieber for the money, Wiz for the weed. That’s a pretty good one.
PZO: Yeah, it would be a cool kidnap.
Max: Yeah, it could be a cool kidnap!
Troy: Yo, I’m not letting you go anywhere.
Max: You’re not going anywhere until we smoke all of this.
Tyler: It would be just like Justin Timberlake from Alpha Dog.
Max: You’d be like, “Hey, you have to harmonize with me all day.”
Max: Step, you don’t want to kidnap anyone?
Step: No, I think I’m okay.

PZO: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Troy: Fuck.
Tyler: These are good questions. Cut to the core.
Max: I feel like I’ve been pretty fortunate. All the people I surround myself with give pretty good advice. I think the worst advice I’ve ever gotten, I’ve given to myself. You should really try to go do that right now and it ended up being a catastrophe. But it sounded good at the moment. I fuck myself up pretty much. I give myself the worst advice.
Tyler: Chris, what’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given? Christian of After Midnight Project on the spot.
Chris: I don’t listen to bad advice and thus I don’t remember stupid shit people say.
Max: There you go. Good answer.
<applause and praises>
Tyler: So he answered that question for us.

PZO: What’s one life experience you would like to relive?
Max: I had a couple in the past couple of weeks.
Everyone: Ooooooh!!
Troy: Details, man.
Max: Honestly, I hate Vegas. I can’t stand it usually and I had to work there.
Troy: It’s so depressing.
Max: It is depressing. But I had one of the fucking most awesome nights out there---just one. The rest of the time sucked—I was working. But one night I would definitely do over and over.
Troy: Name some names.
Max: No names. We’ll talk later.
Troy: You’re not supposed to bring that back to L.A. though.
Max: Exactly.
PZO: That’s why he didn’t bring back the names.
Tyler: Boom!
Troy: Let’s go to Vegas and figure it out.
Max: How about you guys? That’s my answer. None of the guys were there though, it was just me.
Max: Oh, how about, my other one—fuck Vegas, playing at the Houdini mansion. I definitely want to do that again. That was one of the best nights we’ve ever had.
Tyler: and the whole night after.
Max: There’s trails, waterfalls and stuff. There’s teepee’s everywhere.
Step: I saw Smurfs.
Tyler: Things were popping out of walls. It’s crazy.
Troy: It was one of those nights.
Tyler: Thank you, Houdini.
Max: Yeah, for having such a sick pad.

PZO: What’s one thing you would not do for any amount of money?
Tyler: Suck dick for coke.
Max: How about for money?
Max: You know where Ty’s mind’s at! I have a really weak stomach, so I would do nothing with food. No food. No fucking gross shit eating challenges. No bad smells.
Tyler: Like Fear Factor.
Max: Sorry, give me as much money, but I’ll be puking and I won’t win.
Troy: Nothing to do with crap.
Tyler: That’s a good one. For me, every time those shows,  I’d be out. I can’t do it. The thought of it just makes me--
Max: Step, what would you do? What would you not do? He’s just thinking. He’s fifty steps ahead of us. Therefore, he is named Step.
Step: That’s not true.
Max: Obviously.

PZO: What’s your best childhood memory?
Step: Fuck!
Step: When I made Max drive and he was really scared.
Max: That was your best childhood memory?
Step: Yeah, I thought we were going to get arrested. He’s always scared about everything—
Max: That’s not true.
Step: So, I’m toughing him up, you know?
Max: That was your best childhood memory, for real? Dang, bro. I mean that’s kind of weak.
Step: You were involved, you should be happy right now.
Max: I’m happy, but I hated that moment.
Step: That was my favorite.

PZO: What was the last meaningful thing you did?
Max: I told someone that I really cared about the truth and it felt really good actually.
Troy: Oh my God.
Tyler: Guess who it is if you’re watching.
Max: Step, last meaningful thing you did. Watch How High?
Step: Yep.
Step: I did.
Tyler: I told my Momma I loved her.
Everyone: Awwwww.
Tyler: Get the soft side of me. <turns to Troy> Go ahead.
Troy: Why’d you take mine?
Tyler: I know, it’s a really good one.
Troy: Playing a show for all you folks.
Max: Awww. That’s sweet.

PZO: If your home was on fire, what’s one thing you’d make sure to save?
Troy: My computer.
Tyler: My computer.
Max: Yeah, all my equipment.
Troy: If we are doing one thing, I would have a chest---
Max: A big box.
Troy: Full of my computer, some of my clothes maybe…
Tyler: and my cell phone if I could pick that too.
Max: Well, you have your pants on right?
Step: Your cat, your dog.
Max: My cat is a warrior, she’ll get out.
Troy: I’ll grab my girlfriend for sure.
Tyler: Awwww.
Max: Hopefully she’s quick.

PZO: Tell us one random thing about yourself that most people don’t know.
Step: I’m really like I’m really crazy.
Max: I have one for Tyler.
Troy: I have a lazy eye. That’s mine. One of my eyes is smaller. That’s random enough.
Tyler: I have a third nipple.
Troy: Do you?
Tyler: No.
Step: I like to tickle the back of my neck while I piss.
Max: That’s a random one for sure.
Tyler: That’s not a lie either, I  swear he told me that years ago.
<Step does a faux demonstration>

Step: It just gives me the chills.
Max: If you tell me that something is weird like, “Max, are you going to wear those shoes?” I won’t stop thinking about it. I’ll come back an hour and a half later and be like, “Troy, you really think this is weird?” It’s just a weird thing.
Troy: I always mess with him too because of that. I know it’s going to mess with his head.
Max: You have a lazy eye? That’s what you’re going with?
Troy: It’s random, are you kidding me? You didn’t know that.
Max: Just say that I have a gap.
Troy: What do you mean? You see that.
Max: How far can you squirt water?
Troy: Probably <points to the other side of the room>.
Max: That’s random. I can squirt water seven feet with my gap.
Troy: You don’t have a gap. If you had a gap, you would know that.
Tyler: Mine, I think—I got a big mullet.
Troy: Yeah, we all know that.
Tyler: Only my friends know that.
Troy: He has a balloon on his side, a tattoo of a balloon.
Step: Show it.
Troy: Yeah, show it.
<Tyler shows us the tattoo>
Tyler: [It says] Always moving up. Step helped me with the idea right there.

PZO: What’s in your pockets right now?
Max: Burt’s Bees. Mint.
Troy: I have one strip of gum, keys, something that I can’t tell you and a whole bunch of picks.
Max: Blue lighter, whack cell phone that freezes all the time, a wallet with a deer’s ass on it and a little bandana.
Troy: I have a wallet and phone too obviously, but I didn’t think that was interesting.

PZO: What would be your pitch to get people to listen to your music?
Tyler: Listen to my music or you’re going to fucking die.
Max: Straight forward. We’ll go with that one.
Tyler: That one was pretty good.
Step: Or we’ll kidnap your son.
Max: Best pitch to listen to my music? Hey, man. Hey, man. How you doin’? What kind of music you like, man? You like rap? Oh, cool. No, you don’t? Okay, but do you like rock? Oh, cool. No? Electro? Indie? No? Well, if you like music in general then you’re going to fucking like Wicker, so come to our show and we’ll see you later.

PZO: What do you want people to know about Wicker?

Troy: We all sing. Max isn’t freakin’ the only one.
Max: I think everyone knows that.
Troy: I’m just kidding.
Max: I want everyone to know that we’ve got so many songs. You’ve only heard our rough stuff really. Our first two EPs are demos really. If you haven’t heard us live, definitely come do it because the live show is ten times better than the recordings—I’m not gonna lie, so much more energy. We just got a lot of stuff coming out, so just stay tuned and we’re gonna have a lot of content for you guys and we hope you like it all.
Tyler: There you go.

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