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members present:
Frank Casillas, Brodie Johnson,
Mason Ball

conducted on:
June 2002

by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: Before becoming a musician, what other professions did you consider?
Frank: I considered being a forklift driver. That's what I was doing. I was driving a forklift in a warehouse. <shrugs> I didn't really consider doing that, but that's what I was doing. What were you doing?
Brodie: Nothing. I was hoping to be in a band.
Mason: I was in college to be a music ed. major and working at a restaurant, so that's what I was going to do.

PZO: What are some professions you would never do?
Mason: Oh, like a doctor, a surgeon.
Frank: I agree. Working in the medical field--
Brodie: That's hardcore.
Frank: Yeah, you would really have to love people to do that.
Mason: and blood.
Frank: I don't like people that much.

PZO: If you could change something about the band and yourself individually what would you change and why?
Brodie: For all the guys to have long hair and super spikes.
Mason: I wish I could play more instruments.
Frank: I don't know. I kind of like how the band is right now. I don't want to change anything. We consider ourselves to be our own thing, you know? Even though we aren't the most popular band in the world and like we aren't on everyone's top 10 list every year or whatever, but we still have our own thing going on and it's distinctive, you know? We've been doing it for like over 10 years. For us that's a big accomplishment, you know? So yeah, we wouldn't really want to change anything. It'd be nice to be more successful financially. Of course everyone wants to make money off of their profession. We do, but I mean if we could change anything it'd be not worrying to pay your bills and stuff all the time.
Mason: More money.

PZO: What's something you actually learned from your parents?
Frank: From my parents? I don't know. I learned a lot. I guess I learned how to be....I think I am a good person, you know? I don't know. They're not really down with what we're doing. At least they weren't to begin with. They'd rather have us be, like other parents, be like a lawyer or doctor or whatever. I think the thing we learned the most was to like music. My parents used to play their Latin music. That was like our Sunday afternoon. Sit at home and listen to records. As we got older we listened to more and more music. It had been like a hobby for us. Our parents are highly responsible for us liking music.
Mason: For me, I guess it would just be that my parents made me be in band in school and stuff. It totally sucked. I didn't like it, but they always pushed me. This is where I'm at now.

PZO: What's the weirdest compliment you've received individually and as a band?

Brodie: What about the band? What has the band ever been told?
Frank: "Good Show."
Frank: I don't know. Weirdest compliment...That's a weird question.
Brodie: Yeah, I don't know. I don't think we've gotten a weird compliment. Like, “What's that one lump on your dick?”
Brodie: I like it. I don't know, I haven't had anything weird like that.
Frank: That wouldn't be a compliment though.

PZO: If you could get any band to cover one of your songs, what band and song would you pick?
Brodie: Wow, you got some crazy questions.
Frank: Iron Maiden.
Mason: One of our rock songs without the horns probably.
Frank: If Iron Maiden were to cover any one of our songs and I was at the concert and they're like here's a cover song by a band called the Voodoo Glow Skulls that would be--
Brodie: Fucking awesome.
Frank: My ultimate favorite band of all time is Iron Maiden. I just like everything about the band; musically, the show, the whole vibe they create.
Brodie: I'd like Kelly Osbourne to do one of our songs.
Brodie: She's big now, dude. She'd fucking make it popular.

PZO: What's your favorite curse word?
Brodie: Fuck. I love fuck. You can't go wrong with fuck.
Frank: Everybody understands that word. It's like the international bad word.
Mason: I agree.
Brodie: You can tell everybody, "Fuck you." <Does the reaction of the person being told>

PZO: If given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day?
Mason: Britney Spears.
PZO_Camera_Friend: That's so generic.
Frank: Yeah, J.Lo.
Mason: Ah, shit. I forgot, I should have said J.Lo.
Brodie: Once again, Kelly Osbourne.
Mason: He likes her hair. That's his style.

PZO: What's your favorite movie from the 80s?
Frank: I like Fast Times. Was that from the 80s? Lost Boys was good. Sixteen Candles.
There's a lot of them. The 80s was a great time for teenage movies. They are showing them a lot now on like USA.
Brodie: Their classics.
Mason: The Breakfast Club.
Frank: All those movies are cool with the whole what do they call it?
Brodie: Brat pack.
Frank: Brat pack.

PZO: What band or singer do you wish would just stop making music?
Brodie: Sting, he's an asshole.
Frank: Eminem.
Mason: Kenny G.
PZO: He lives around here.
Brodie: Oh really?
Frank: I think Eminem is overated.
Brodie: Sting is an asshole. It's like, "Shut up, dude."
Frank: U2. Bono needs to fucking go away and Creed too.
Everyone: OOOOOOhhhhhhh, yes.
Frank: It's funny. No one likes them, but they sell millions of records.

PZO: Would you ever go on a blind date?
Mason: Yeah.
Brodie: Yeah, I have.
Frank: We go on one everyday.
Mason: If you can find one, I'll take one.
Brodie: Yeah, if you need a blind date and as long as she likes you then do it again.

PZO: What is something mean you'd like to do to someone, but never had the guts to?
Mason: Beat the shit out of them and kick them in the nuts.
Brodie: Yeah, some nut shit. Like a nail <hand motion to the crotch>.
Mason: I'd like to hit someone in the face with a baseball bat.
Brodie: Stab them in the fucking throat.

PZO: What's one invention that you wish you could claim to be your own?
Mason: I'd like to say the Q-tip. Their useful and they get that itch way inside.
Frank: I'd like to be the inventor of the toilet.
Brodie: Yeah, thank God for that guy.
Mason: Actually, I take mine back. I'd say beer. That's a great invention right there.
Brodie: Or that little girl who invented the bacon holder spiller thing.
Brodie: You put your bacon in a little rack and it hangs and dries so you don't have a
greasy ass thing. It has a separate tray.
Mason: You want to be the inventor of that?
Brodie: She's like 10 years old. She's a millionaire now.
Brodie: Jeez.

PZO: What event on your life had the greatest impact on you?
Mason: The band for me, so far.
Frank: I think the first time we got signed and put a CD out was a big impact for us. We were doing small neighborhood shows, so we put out a CD on Dr. Strange Records and from then on it just kind of took off for us. We saw the world and everything escaladed. I remember the first time we had the CD. It was a big accomplishment.
Brodie: First tour.
Frank: Yeah, first tour.
Brodie: You can't believe you're far from home and that you're actually doing it. It's actually
pretty cool.

PZO: Have you been following the World Cup at all?
Frank: A little bit. We're not really--
Mason: What was the question again?
PZO: Have you been following the World Cup?
Mason: Oh, okay. Nah, I'm not into Hockey.
Frank: We watch it once in awhile. We heard that Mexico and USA played and Mexico lost. Soccer is the international sport. It definitely is. That's Jerry our drummer, the noisy guy in the background.
<Jerry sits down with us>
PZO: Were you feeling left out?
Jerry: Yep.
Frank: He's the drummer. He always has to make noise.
Jerry: What's that?

PZO: What musician do you respect the most and why?
Mason: There’s too many, man.
Brodie: Bands that have been trying hard for a long time; that are still trying, busting their ass.
Mason: The unsung heroes; the one’s that never get out there.
Brodie: Right.
<Jerry leaves>
Frank: There are a lot of famous musicians out there that deserve their recognition. I think for us, any band that made it out of our area that’s still stuck to their roots would be an inspiration. I think the Red Hot Chili Peppers are a really big inspiration for us even though we don’t really sound like them. You know, they’ve been around for a long time and it took them like 10-12 years before they were signed or discovered. They’d been working over a decade already. Then they got signed, discovered and everything. They’re a good example of what we want to do.
<Noise from the other band members occurs from behind>
Frank: Hey, we’re trying to do an interview here, buddy.
Jerry: We’re trying to BBQ, dude.
Frank: Oh okay. Sorry girls.

PZO: Have you ever had your instrument disabled or broken unexpectedly on stage? What did you do?
Frank: Ask him. <points to Brodie> He’ll tell you about that.
Brodie: Actually, we landed in Japan. Right after we got off the plane. We went to get our equipment. I happened to see my Trombone case slightly cracked. It just looked kind of crunched from the outside, so I opened it. The whole bell on my trombone was completely smashed. It was the only horn I brought with me, so we ended up trying to hassle these guys. Not speaking Japanese, ‘cause we don’t, you know? Getting supervisor after supervisor and finally getting reimbursed after all these managers. Brand new horn, my dad had just bought it for me for a birthday present and all this blah blah blah. All of a sudden <throws hands up>.
Frank: There are times when people who stand real close to us and he has the trombone . All of sudden he just smacks some kid in the head or a kid does a stage dive and their foot gets caught in the slide and it will shoot out into the crowd.
Frank: It happens to him the most.
Brodie: Exactly. But we get the usual, broken strings too.

PZO: How many people attended your very first show?
Frank: Our very first show was at a friend’s prom or graduation party. It was a house party. I think that was our very first official performance. I’d say about 30-40 friends.
PZO: Did it go well?
Frank: Oh, yeah. Our friends were really supportive of us. That’s how we got started. We started playing small backyard parties. Someone would call us up saying, “hey, my parents are gone, come play at my party.” We’d show up and it would be the same 30-40 people."

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