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members present:
Ken Vasoli, Matt Watts,
Mike Golla
conducted on:
December 2001

by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: What was your first show like?
Ken: Our first show was at a local center, our friends gave it to us. Ummm...not a lot of people there. A couple of our friends and we sucked. Yeah, we were really really bad and then the next day we played with Saves The Day. It was right when "Through Being Cool" came out. That was fun.
Matt: Yeah, but we still sucked.

PZO: What do you do to prepare yourself before you go onstage?
Ken: Ummm...sometimes we stretch a little bit.
Matt: Yeah, calesthetics.
Ken: Yeah.
Matt: Jumping jacks....
Ken: I do some voice warm ups sometimes.
Matt: Voice warm ups.
PZO: No rituals?
Ken: Rituals?
PZO: Yeah
Ken: Ummm...sometimes we put our hands in <puts his hand out in front of him> and say.....something. Sometimes.
Matt: Sometimes, on special occasions we do that.
Ken: Otherwise, not really. We jump up and down a lot.

PZO: What is the meaning of your album title? What does it signify to you guys?
Ken: Umm...it can just mean like a lot of things. Even with the band or with relationships we have with people. Something we can relate to in a general sense. We made a whole bunch of lists of things that were meaningful to us and we picked that one.

PZO: Why did you change your name from Sunday Drive to The Starting Line?
Matt: 'Cause there was a Christian vocal band from Missouri with the same name, so we were afraid we'd get sued either that or get our asses kicked.
Matt: So it was good that we changed it.

PZO: Have you considered rereleasing any tracks from CD's and demos from when you were formally known as Sunday Drive?
Matt: Absolutely not.
<Steve from RX Bandits comes by>

Steve: Are you guys doing an interview?
Ken: Yeah.
Steve: Okay, I have a question for you. Why are you guys so gay?
Ken: <As Steve leaves> Why are you so Asian?
PZO: We're interviewing him too, so you can come say something to him.
Ken: Sweet!

PZO: Is it easier to write songs when you're on tour or at home?
Ken: Definitely at home. We can barely write when we are on tour.
<Mike joins in>

PZO: Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories of things that happened to you on the road?
Ken: Umm..lately a lot of them. The other day we met a movie star from movies like Twister and Happiness and uhh...Boogey Nights. Our drummer bought the movie Happiness at the store we met them at. We got them to sign it and stuff, it was pretty random and we saw Tyra Banks on the way here.
Matt: And yesterday we lost our trailor, it unhitched and kept going and so we had to pick it up and stuff.
Mike: My zipper fell down during a show that was pretty embarrassing.
PZO: Okay, <looks at Ken> what's up with the slinky?
Ken: Matt made that up! He's a jackass.
Matt: What slinky thing?
Ken: Getting my dick caught in that slinky.
Ken: Matt made that up.
Matt: Ken doesn't like to talk about that.
Ken: He made it up!
Matt: He's trying to cover it up, seriously.
Ken: He made it up!
Matt: There's no need to get embarrassed.
<Some funny arguing, laughing and red faces>
PZO: <To Matt> So you do the stuff for the webpage?
Ken: Yes, he does.
Matt: Yeah, but it all comes from the horses mouth.

PZO: What is one thing you don't leave at home when you're on tour?
Ken: Umm...
Matt: One thing we don't leave at home?
PZO: Yeah.
Matt: The van.
PZO: Something less obvious.
Ken: Less obvious? Umm...
Matt: Your slinky.
Ken: Next question.

PZO: If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?
Ken: Ummm...
Mike: Blink.
Ken: Yeah, probably Blink or Jimmy Eat World. They're big inspirations and they seem like cool people.

PZO: What song gets the most response from your audience?
Mike: I would say "Leaving".
Ken: I'd say "Leaving" or "Greg's Last Day".
Ken: "Greg's Last Day" like everyone has had a friend that has moved away. So it's a pretty cool song for anyone.

PZO: Since you met online, do you consider yourselves computer nerds?
Ken: Matt, yeah.
Mike: Matt.
Matt: ...yeah. <looks down>
PZO: There's nothing wrong with that.
Matt: Alright, cool.
Ken: I consider myself pretty cool.

PZO: What is the most ridiculous rumor you've heard about yourselves, if any?
Mike: Oh, that we're coke heads.
Ken: Yeah.
PZO: Is that it?
Ken: and ummm.....Yeah!

PZO: What are your opinions on MTV and the music they repeatedly play?
Ken: Yeah, like I'm so down with MTV2, but I think MTV can get a little better with their programming. It's starting to get better though. They are playing a lot of good stuff now. Like The Calling and Creed.
Matt: Tantric. Tantric is my favorite.

PZO: Do you have a say in what your T-shirt logos and designs look like?
Ken: Yeah, definitely.
PZO: So you design them yourselves?
Ken: They will ask us what we want to do and so sometimes we do the designs.

PZO: What is a common compliment people give you?
Ken: "You guys tried your best."
Matt: That we have a lot of energy.

PZO: What's the weirdest fan encounter you've experienced so far?
Ken: Umm...I was in Long Island last Sunday just like going up there for a show and two girls showed up and they were like "Hey, what's up?" and I was like, "Not Much." and they were like, "You're that guy from The Starting Line, right?" and I'm like, "Yeah." They started talking for a little bit just you know just kind of talking to me like asking me questions and stuff and they were like "Oh, we got to go.", and I was like, "You're not staying for the show?" and they were like, "No." and I was like, "Then why did you come here?" and they were like, "Just to meet you." I was kind of creeped out by that.

PZO: What is one thing you would not do, not matter how much money you were offered?
Mike: Give head.
Ken: I don't know about that...
Mike: Sorry, I take that back.
Ken: _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _. <silence> Can you not write that?
Mike: I guess anything we don't believe in.
Matt: I'd say like change our music so we can get on MTV or the radio.

PZO: What is the strangest phone call you've ever received?
Ken: Two girls had like a three way call and they were both named Nicole, I think and like Shannon--they were both named Shannon and one was from California and one was from Florida and they were like. "hold on.", and they were like arguing who was gonna talk to me and they were like, "Umm...nevermind, see you.", and I've never talked to them in my life. It was really scary.
PZO: Did you change your number after that?
Ken: No!
PZO: He's like, "I want them to call back."
Ken: <laughing> I guess.

PZO: What is your greatest fear?
Matt: Bumblebee's or snakes.
Ken: Going back to work. The dark.
Mike: The dark.
Matt: The dark, too.

PZO: Are you doing anything special for the Holidays?
Ken: Umm nothing...just going home.
PZO: Well, isn't that special?
Ken: Yeah.

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