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members present:
Matt Miller

conducted on:
September 2002

by: Rocio Villalobos
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shout-out to PZO


PZO: For the people who havenít had the chance to experience one of your live shows, how would you describe them?
Matt: Itís a fairly energetic rock show and we try to have a really good time. I guess like our having a good time kind of reflects on everyone else having a good time, I think.

PZO: Someone on your siteís message board wanted to know what your definition of emo is...
Matt: Oh geez, I really donít like that word at all. I read somewhere in a review of our record that we were the classic definition of emo, and I was like <gives blank/confused stare> Thereís so many bands that get lumped into this genre I guess. Rock. Thatís all it really is. I donít know; I donít like it.

PZO: Speaking of the message board, do you check it out at all?
Matt: Yeah, usually whenever I get a chance when I get home. Usually if I try to get online on the road itís kinda hard Ďcause usually all the venues have like in-line service or suck at times.

PZO: If you could be a superhero, what would you call yourself and what would your costume look like?
Matt: <laughs> A superhero?
PZO: Yeah.
Matt: <laughs> I donít know. Tree man??
PZO: <laughs>
Matt: Iíd wear green; I donít know. <laughs>

PZO: Whatís the best prank that youíve pulled?
Matt: That Iíve pulled? Or collectively...
PZO: Yeah, as a band.
Matt: The best prank was on our last west coast tour with a band called Airplanes Are Better from El Paso. We were playing at Portland and one of the guys, I canít remember if it was the opening band, but they had a monkey suit so the bass player from Airplanes Are Better got in the monkey suit and jumped around onstage and accidentally hit a power chord that blew half the stageís power. So like after we did the show we acted like we were pissed and our tour manager went up to them right after the show and was like, ďAs soon as youíre off the stage you have to meet me in the RV and we have to fucking talk.Ē And they were all oh, whatever. And Tony got the video camera and hid it in the RV, like hid it in one of the bunks so that they could see what was going on, and Lalo (Spartaís tour manager) tore them a new one. He was all, ďWe bring them on tour and we expect them to act a certain way and they mess things up and theyíre off the tour and hereís a hundred bucks, get the hell out of here.Ē
PZO: <laughs>
Matt: They were freaking out, they were freaking out. And you could see their faces change. Like when they came in they were all cocky and everything but at the end of that their faces were all white. They were so bummed and went back to their van and then Tony got the camera and the guys came back outside we were all laughing so they knew we were kidding. It was really cool; they were freaking out.

PZO: Are there any new bands that are signing to Restart that we should keep an ear out for?
Matt: Restartís been like, done.
PZO: Oh, really?
Matt: Yeah. The two bands that were on there, they broke up. So I think weíre going to be starting our own label all together. But I donít know when thatís going to start happening, hopefully pretty soon.

PZO: Even though youíre a pretty new band, is there a moment in your bandís history that stands out from the rest?
Matt: No, weíre relatively young. Weíve only been touring for not even a year yet, so nothing really yet besides the fact that right off the bat we got to tour with Weezer. That was pretty awesome.

PZO: What do you have in your pockets right now?
Matt: Iíve got my laminate, a lighter, my smokes, and a little bit of cash.

PZO: Is the Nakia album going to be released anytime soon?
Matt: Uh, weíre gonna try and do that on our own label but itís gonna be changed, itís not going to be called that name anymore. Thatís Tonyís baby.

PZO: Who or what are you referring to when you sing about Orlean in Cataract?
Matt: Actually, thatís New Orleans.
PZO: Oh really?
Matt: Yeah.
PZO: A couple of people had been wondering about that.

PZO: Is there a question or questions that youíre tired of being asked in all the interviews?
Matt: Yeah, they always think Iíve got some kind of like secret info. on why At The Drive-In broke up.
PZO: <laughs>
Matt: And itís just...Iíve known the guys for years, but even if I knew something, I wouldnít share it Ďcause itís their private lives.

PZO: Has what happened on September 11th changed you as a person, if at all?
Matt: Yeah, I mean itís changed everybody in a way. It didnít change the way we...the whole scheme of how things work, it just gave everyone a giant feeling of vulnerability when we saw that happening. We never expected that to happen so quickly, just like that. It made everyone feel really insecure about everything, like going overseas.

PZO: If you had to pick someone to be handcuffed to for the rest of your life, whom would you choose?
Matt: Handcuffed? Iíd pick my girlfriend.

PZO: Were you at all surprised by the support you got when you played at South by Southwest earlier this year?
Matt: Yeah, we were really surprised; we didnít expect that. Like every tour weíre shocked by how many people show up. We didnít expect all of this to turn out as big as itís happening.
PZO: Do you plan to play at it again?
Matt: Possibly next year, it depends on exactly where weíre at.

PZO: You worked with Jerry Finn on Wiretap Scars; do you have someone in mind that youíd like to work with on your next album?
Matt: Heís the man. Heís part of the family. It was just an incredible experience with Jerry. Heís a friend, heís a musician, heís a producer, heís an engineer, heís everything. Heís an awesome guy. Foremost heís a friend, so, heís part of the family.

PZO: Given the opportunity, what time in history would you like to live in?
Matt: I think now. I really wouldnít want to go back Ďcause you already know what itís like, but now itís kind of exciting Ďcause you donít really know whatís going to happen.

PZO: What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes that you wore when you were a kid?
Matt: Gene Simmons.
PZO: <laughs>
Matt: <laughs>
PZO: With the makeup and everything?
Matt: Yeah.

PZO: In 60 seconds tell us why everyone should go out and buy your album.
Matt: In 60 seconds?
PZO: Or less. However long it takes.
Matt: To go out and buy our album? They donít have to go out and buy our album. They can just listen to it online if theyíd like. If they like it and want to spend the money, then buy it, but if they wanna check it out, itís rock. Our idea of music.

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