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members present:
Andrew McMahon, Brian Ireland, Josh Partington, William Tell, Clutch

conducted on:
October 2001

by: Nevra Azerkan
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shout-out to PZO


PZO: What do you miss most from not being home?
Brian:Not being home? Normal stuff....
Josh: Our families probably.
Brian: My bed.
Andrew: Last week I was talking to somebody on the phone, I was like I never like watching TV, but the other day I was so fired up that I wasn't able to go home and lay down and watch TV.
Brian: Yea, relaxation.
William: We all kind of just enjoy our hometown a lot more now.
Josh: I miss driving my own car.

PZO: What made you decide to be musicians, and how hard was it for you to get to where you are now?
Brian: Well, I've always adored music. Ummm...I think I can speak for everybody.....just out of passion for and love of music that's why we decided to do what we're doing.

PZO: What do you usually do after a show?
Brian: Sleep
Andrew: Lots of cocaine
Josh: That was Andrew
William: We don't do drugs.
Andrew: That's Josh's thing, I have nothing to do with it.
Andrew: Nah, we're all good.
Andrew: Usually, we'll all try to sell merch and do stuff like that, just kind of meet people.
Brian: Yea, We all...well, I know I love talking to people after the shows getting like feedback and what they think about it, but a really really fun thing to do is to go out after a show and listen to people who really like the band.
Josh: Especially, people...when you're in towns that you're not from.

PZO: What if you're opening, do you watch the other acts afterwards?
Brian: We try to...
Andrew: It depends on the band and the night
Brian: and how busy we are
Andrew: Yea
Brian: Sometimes we don't get into the venue until we are about to go on.
Andrew: I love going to shows, like sometimes when I'm playing a show like we've been playing a whole bunch of nights, I just want to go sleep somewhere as soon as I possibly can. But like we went out with a band, Finch, who's on Drive Thru, who's awesome and I was so pumped 'cause last night I was able to sit and just watch someone do their thing.

PZO: Who have you enjoyed opening up for the most?
Josh: Probably Better Than Ezra, I would say.
Andrew: I'm trying to think of who we opened for.
Brian: Yea, let's think about this.
Josh: Sugar Ray..uh..
Andrew: Sugar Ray was fun, but Better Than Ezra was more fun than that. Ummm... I'd have to say my favorite was probably Better Than Ezra.
Josh: We played a show where the....like all the Drive Thru bands, we weren't like openers, but that was like-
Andrew: Screw that dude, the Blink show in San Diego was awesome.
Josh: Oh yea, the Blink show was good.
Andrew: We were on a side stage, so we weren't technically opening for them but the kids at the Blink show were really great.

PZO: Do you have any crazy groupies?
Brian: Yes.
<More Laughter>
Brian: No comment.
Josh: Yeah, let's just say we have a couple.
Andrew: I would never want to out any of our fans as crazy groupies because they support us right now, you know what I mean?

PZO: Okay, how about fan experiences?
Andrew: I'd say the weirdest experiences would be any of us who have girlfriends being asked to sign like a breast or give a kiss at a show where our girlfriends are at like standing really close to us. That to me would be the weirdest groupie experience that I've ever had.
Brian: There are some crazy emails coming through every now and then. The emails though too are the craziest thing 'cause that's when people really open up. I don't know why, there's something about not seeing your face and like it just doesn't seem as personal, They just pour their heart out on to a piece of paper and hit send. No, no don't get me wrong, some people....it's really nice. Like I love getting emails answering emails, some people just kinda like...
Josh: Go over the line, a little bit.
Brian: Yea, like you raise an eyebrow and you're like "What?!"

PZO: How do you feel about going on tour with Lucky Boys Confusion?
Brian: We're really looking forward to it. It's our longest tour yet, by far. We've never gone past Phoenix.
PZO: What did you do when you found out?
Andrew: We were stoked. We were playing a show that night....I'm just excited to play that many shows you know for another person's crowd.

PZO: What is your best 'caught in the act' story?
Brian: Well, about two weeks ago, Andrew he jumped off of my drum riser and leveled in mid air and landed flat on his back on stage.
Andrew: Very good show, very good show....I never hit my feet, I just laid out flat on stage.
Brian: <Laughs> I messed up 'cause I was laughing so hard.
<all the other guys are laughing at some nonsense thing while Brian talks>

PZO: What is one of the coolest things a fan has given you that you actually kept?
Brian: We got a video tape one time....<Laughs>
Andrew: Yea, I got a drawing actually that a fan did that I thought was really cool.
PZO: And you still have it?
Andrew: Yeah
Brian: I got a shrinky dink..uh a shrinky dink man that was plastic, that was pretty cool.
Josh: I got a hug...once.
Andrew: Did you really?
Josh: Yea, once.
Andrew: Nice.....why didn't I get one? Damnit...
Brian: It's kind of cheesy, but people give us so much-
<Andrew introduces Clutch along with the roadies>
Brian: they just have so much, so many compliments to give us..uh after shows and what not. Usually the people that see us are people who have seen us or come because they like us, so obviously they're going to be complimenting us, but it's so, I mean it's really really great to walk off a stage and have everybody just compliment you on your ability individually, as a band....its just THAT is a really really great that I think we get to experience and not a lot of people do and I try not to take it for granted. But as a gift, something someone gives us, that's a great thing.

PZO: What is one of your pet peeves?
<Everyone starts talking...something about claustrophobia.....and trailors>
Brian: Okay, for me.....repetition of something in like a very very small time period like say 30 seconds.
Andrew: Like over and over again or something.
Josh: Brian hates if you say "A" this and that and you don't have a "B" If you don't have a "B" look out he's pissed.
Andrew: I think she's looking for more specifics. Brian doesn't like it when people burp and blow it in his face.
Brian: That's one...I HATE that.
Andrew: I don't like it when people disagree with me.
<Everyone Laughs>
Josh: Drew doesn't like to be wrong either, he hates that one.
Andrew: William can also be applied to the same scenerios.
Clutch: William doesn't like bad hair days.
Josh: I don't like to be cheated on.
<Everyone Laughs>
Josh: But you know sometimes Andrew's wrong
<Everyone busts up laughing>
Josh: I'm sorry
<More laughing>
Andrew: Sorry Nevra, we're a little weird.
PZO: Nah, it's okay.
Andrew: Okay, cool cool
Brian: So we can get naked now.
Josh: I was about to say that, but then I was like no.
Brian: I said it. That's a reverse of rules right there.

PZO: Who do you think is the coolest new band out there?
Andrew: I wouldn't say they are new, but they are new to radio, Remy Zero.....umm insane band.
Brian: Jack Johnson
Clutch: Jack Johnson, not really new, but he's the man.
Josh: Oh, you know what is a rad new band that is coming out with their album in like two months is Black Lab. I kinda like them....awesome.
Clutch: I don't know if you guys have heard of these guys, The Beatles or something.
Andrew: Finch
Clutch: The Movielife
Brian: Oh, Finch! The Drive Thru bands are really good. They really are. And all of them are really cool and really good musicians. They're great.

PZO: We know you have em...tell us your guilty pleasures...
Everyone: Shopping!
Andrew: Shopping, but uh sex with animals is one of my really really...okay okay I'm kidding.
Clutch: Large farm animals. Like we passed a llama farm on the way up here to San Luis Obispo and I look back and Andrew was drooling and like freaking out. It was weird.
Andrew: No, I didn't...
Clutch: No, no hey, he was like "Pull the car over! Pull the car over!" and I was like "No, dude, we got to get there."
Andrew: Because we are always in...like we have to sleep in the same bed usually because we are on tour and we only have X amount of beds. For me, when I come home sleeping naked is probably one of my favorite things to do.
William:I on the other hand don't sleep naked, so...
Brian: I do, and I am with you 100%.
Andrew: The only thing is, is that Brian takes that guilty pleasure even when we're on the road anyway.
Brian: and sleep with Clutch in the same bed, naked.
Clutch: Which doesn't bother me. I feel completely safe.
Brian: I'm okay with it, but Clutch is fine with it too and that kind of freaks me out.
Clutch: Well, you put a pillow in between.
Brian: I do, so that helps a little.
Clutch: So, like if I woke up and you were spooning me or something. That would be weird.
Brian: You didn't wake up last night, but I was spooning you.
Clutch: But I sleep like a log, so don't worry about that.

PZO: What do you do if a crowd is not responding well to your music?

Andrew: We throw stuff at them.
Brian: No, we get even more pumped. And if they don't like that, then we just get more and more excited and up it a notch.
Andrew: Then we get offstage and we're like "Why wasn't that crowd into us?"
William:Then Brian gets nude.
Brian: Yea, then I get naked and people start cheering.

PZO: What was the strangest or most embarrassing story you've heard or that happened to you?
Andrew: Pertaining to the band?
PZO: Doesn't matter.
Clutch: So, we play this show in Anaheim, right. It's at the House of Blue's and it's our CD release party and William has a blemish on his face.
<Everyone Laughs>
William: I cut a pimple while I shaved.
Clutch: What he did was, he took cover up, makeup and put it on his face.
Andrew: Makeup.
Clutch: Makeup.
Andrew: He wore makeup.
Clutch: He wore makeup on his face.
Josh: Which I say is fine-
Brian: I thought you were using foundation.
Clutch: Foundation...
William: Foundation is a powder that you put on your face.
Brian: I thought you were using foundation.
William: Or sometimes it comes in liquid forms.
Josh: How do you know this?
Andrew: It wasn't that it was embarrassing for William it was embarrassing for us because William's apart of our band.
William: I wasn't embarrassed by it.
Josh: I notified William that a lot of people in bands wear makeup such as Insane Clown Posse and Slipknot...
Brian: and have clown included in their names.
Brian: Okay, one time I'm in 8th grade, right? and like...
Josh: One time you were in 8th grade?
Brian: I'm supposed to kiss this girl-
Josh: You were in 8th grade like four times, dude.
Brian: Listen, dude. Okay so, I'm supposed to kiss this girl and I thought, like it had been talked about, and I thought they meant like a peck and she didn't. She thought it meant like a total kiss, right? So at the end of lunch, I went to kiss the girl, and I had never kissed a girl, and it scarred me for 5 years. Okay, so I went to kiss her, right? I went to peck her and she went to kiss me. And I'm like "OOOHHHHH" and I actually made contact with the girl's mouth in peck position, but she was not about to peck me. So that was really embarrassing for me.
Andrew: One time when I was in 8th grade, I was riding my bicycle to school and I ran into a fence in the one area where most kids enter the school. I hit the fence and made a lot of noise and flew off of my bike into the bushes and for a year, I was called fence boy.
Clutch: So, I'm in Vegas, right?
<Extremely Loud Laughter>
Andrew: You don't want to know that story.
Josh: I once got pantsed in front of like our entire school.
Brian: Alright.

PZO: What is the best insult or 'would be insult' you've heard or used?
Brian: One time, our first gig ever, this guy goes...we go, "Hi, we're Something Corporate" and the guy goes, "Something Stupid." That was a pretty good insult.
Andrew: The coolest thing was that everybody around him made fun of him for saying it. It was the best though.

PZO: What is the best/worst pick-up line you've heard or used?

Andrew: Clutch...
Clutch: She's 6'1" dude! She's 6'1"!
Josh: No, no, no, no, no!!! The best one ever, the best one Clutch used-
Clutch: Oh, this one's good.
Josh: Yea, he was in Saddleback College asking a girl-
Everyone: He was at the mall.
Josh: Alright, he was at the mall and he was trying to get a girl...you guys talk.
Clutch: We were at the mall and we were passing out flyers for one of our shows, right? And..uh.. we run into this girl and we start talking to this girl and it turns out she just moved into town where we live from Seattle, Washington. We're starting up a conversation and we're talking to her..da da da and we can't find a pen or piece of paper, so we're like we want to get this girl's number, but we can't find a pen or piece of paper. So I grab my cell phone and I hand it to her and I said, "Here you go. I'll call you."

PZO: Are all of you in a relationship?
Andrew: uhh....two of us are. Bill and I are in a relationship together. Nah, I'm just kidding. No, Bill and I have lady friends.

PZO: Are you superstitious and if yes about what?
William: I have to touch the ceiling, the roof of my car when I go through stop lights or a yellow light.
PZO: Why?
William: So, I don't get a ticket.
Andrew: You've never seen anyone do it?
Clutch: Derek from Finch only wears socks once and then he throws them away.
Brian: Really? Great idea.
Clutch: I don't know why.

PZO: What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes that you wore when you were a kid?
Josh: I was a Phoenix Sun's Gorilla.
William: Yesterday my friend, Jeff and I went to a Halloween party both dressed as Harry Potter and we bought these $6 Harry Potter outfits from Save On Drugs and it was a cape and the glasses with the tape and the magic wand and these tattoos and the cape didn't fit around us so we wore like no shirts with these Harry Potter tattoos all over our chests and a cape and a wand and the glasses.
Josh: You know how we were talking about relationships before? That's Jeff and Bill.
William: Shut up
Josh: <laughs>
Clutch: ummm...I went...this was a couple of years ago. It wasn't when I was a kid, but I was Jack, Jack In A Box. That was pretty good.
Brian: When I was a kid, I was a ninja.
Clutch: When I was growing up I was a pirate every year. Like 10 years straight.
<Everyone laughs>
Josh: All he had to do was put on an eye patch.
<More Laughter>
Josh: He had this striped t-shirt that he always wore anyways and he put the eye patch on.
William: From when his dad got out of jail.
<Even More Laughter>
Clutch: My dad was never in jail, he just worked there.
<So Much Laughter your stomach is hurting>
Andrew: I can't think of any good Halloween costume I've ever had. So I'm going to skip that one.

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