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members present:
Ryan Ogren, Nick Bailey,
Peter Munters, Jon Berry, James Ulrich
conducted on: February 2011
by: Nevra Azerkan
extras:official website


PZO: As a band, what are your best qualities?
Ryan: I think some of our best qualities as a band is our musicianship on stage. We all came from other bands and we have been playing a lot of shows all over the world for a couple of years now, so when we get on stage I feel like the band is really tight. I feel like we put on a great show.
Nick: We love to meet everyone at the shows we play. Our fans, we love them and we’re always very appreciative. I think that’s a good quality of us is we love to meet everyone and kind of really promote our music one on one.
Ryan: That’s like an outgoing quality then? That would be the quality.
Nick: Yes, and that was my New Year’s resolution, to be more outgoing.
Ryan: No, that’s another---anyway.
Nick: Hey!

PZO: What’s a common compliment people give you as a band and individually?
Ryan: A common compliment we get is…
Jon: Great hair.
Nick: A common compliment---that we look like the Jonas Brothers’ uncles.
PZO: I’m not sure that’s a compliment.
Nick: Ooooh.
Ryan: It’s E-S. It’s actually The Jones Brothers.
Nick: That Peter looks like Mr. Schue from Glee.
Peter: People say I’m a decent singer, but I’m just trying to improve.
Ryan: People say I look like Sue Sylvester from Glee as well.
Nick: I don’t think you do.
James: People say I look like Sylvester Stallone.
Ryan: From Glee.
Nick: That’s a common compliment.

PZO: What’s the last good deed you did?
Nick: As a band, we actually right before Christmas we played at the children’s hospital in Orange County for a bunch of sick kids. It was just an amazing feeling. We went around and visited some kids in their rooms that were too sick to get out of bed. We played in the lobby for a bunch of people and they broadcasted it to the whole hospital. I can’t think of a better deed than that, honestly.
Ryan: I let someone in when I was driving today, in front of me that wanted to get in.
PZO: That is nice, for L.A. too. Someone went in front of me today, but I wasn’t really letting them.
Ryan: No, I gave this.

PZO: What event in your life had the greatest impact on you?
Ryan: My mom putting me in front of a piano.
Nick: My first concert ever: The Rolling Stones and The Counting Crows, which was James’ first concert too.
James: It was.
PZO: You went together?
James: We did not know each other.
Nick: We didn’t know each other at the time.
James: Same place.
Nick: Once I saw that show with an amazing band like The Stones, on a huge arena stage, I was like this is the coolest thing ever. I want to be a part of this.
Jon: Discovering punk rock at a young age, which made me want to play live music.
Peter: Trying to swim in the Pacific Ocean and freezing. Eye-opener.
Nick: Literally.

PZO: What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the chance to do yet?
Nick: I have always wanted to do, but haven’t yet is go skydiving.
Ryan: Oooh.
James: I really want to go to Australia.
Ryan: Outback. Top of the mornin’ to you.
Jon:  Top of the morning? I think you got it mixed up. I want to go parasailing.
Peter: I want to see The Great Pyramid and be a freakin’ rockstar.
Jon: No, no! Can I do what he wants to do? I want to see the pyramid.
Peter: That’s two things, sorry.

PZO: Given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day and what would you do?
James: Jon Hamm.
Nick: What would you do? Film a movie?
James: Get acting lessons.
PZO: Will from Parachute said Jon Hamm too.
Ryan: Jon Hamm?
PZO: Yeah.
Nick: Is Parachute in town? I love Parachute. They’re awesome.
PZO: They were two days ago.
Nick: Was that the Plain White T’s show?
PZO: Yep.
Nick: Cool. I would kidnap Justin Bieber and write his next hit single with him.
Ryan: I would kidnap Kim Kardashian for obvious reasons.
Jon: Fashion tips? Eyebrow threading?
Ryan: Yes.
Jon: I would kidnap Chris Brown and have him teach me how to dance.
James: Have him beat you.
Everyone: Oooooooh.
Jon: No!
Nick: That one dance that he does.
Jon: Krumping.
Nick: Krumping, yeah!
Peter: Jeff Bridges. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with and I’d like to sing with him too. He plays guitar.

PZO: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?
Jon: Follow the yellow brick road.
Nick: Worst advice ever given would probably be someone that says, “Don’t quit your day job, you don’t got what it takes” and I’d be like, “You’re wrong.”
James: One time someone told me to try the tacos from Jack in a Box. That did not end up well.
Jon: I said mine already. Follow the yellow brick road. It didn’t take me anywhere.

PZO: If your house was on fire, what would be the one thing you’d make sure to save?
Everyone: Ooooooh.
Peter: The internet.
Jon: We got to save the internet, guys!
Nick: If my house was on fire the one thing I would save would be my guitar.
James: Probably my dog.
Ryan: Probably my family.
Ryan: Wait, I would pick internet and then family.
Jon: Save the internet!
Ryan: Internet and then family.
James: My MacBook.
Jon: My calculator. My Bruce Springsteen ticket.

PZO: Tell us a random thing about yourselves that most people don’t know.
Nick: Start with James.
James: I have wet the bed as an adult.
Nick: I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast.
Peter: English is my second language.
Jon: I got a D in Spanish once. That was terrible. I was born with a third leg.
James: Oh, that’s what that is?
Ryan: My day job is being a mail model for the post office. M-A-I-L. Mail.
Jon: A real life mail model.
Ryan: I’m a mail model for the post office.

PZO: What’s one thing you would not do for any amount of money?
Ryan: Nothing.
Nick: We’ve actually had this conversation, but I don’t know if it’s PG.
Jon: We have these conversations ALL the time.
James: We really do.
Jon: Would you drink that sewer water for $100,000?
Ryan: Yes. I wouldn’t murder someone for any amount of money.
PZO: Assuming it’s not illegal.
Nick: Oh, it can’t be illegal. That makes it harder to answer.
James: I would most likely do it if it wasn’t illegal and it wouldn’t permanently hurt me, I would do it.
Nick: I wouldn’t eat McDonald’s for any amount of money.
Ryan: I would.
Jon: I would.
James: I don’t believe you.
Nick: I would do it just for fun! Alright, for ten million maybe I would take a bite.

PZO: What’s one life experience you want a do-over on?
Nick: One life experience I would like to do over again would be when we played in Japan, in Tokyo for a festival show. We had the chance to play this amazing festival in Tokyo, Japan and it was awesome. The show was great, the fans were awesome. I could relive that day over and over again.
James: Yes.
Jon: Yes.
James: What he said.
Jon: I went to Bali once. I want to go back to Bali.
Peter: I want to speak French fluently.
Ryan: Again?
Jon: Again.
Peter: Yeah.
Peter: Well, I took it the other way. If you have a regret what would you change. I regret not speaking French more fluently.
Nick: Wait, was this a do-over because the first time was bad or because the first time was good?
Peter: I think it can be either way.
PZO: Yeah.
Jon: Or because you went with someone and it was really awkward and then you want to go back there and do it again.
PZO: With someone else.
Jon: Right.
PZO_Camera_Friend: I take it your Bali trip was awkward.
Jon: No, it was excellent. Excellent.

PZO: What’s your best childhood memory?

Jon: I got one. Some of my best childhood memories are when I used to go to San Diego with my family, camp on the beach. It was awesome.
Peter: Same here. Going to the beach—the outer banks, North Carolina with my family. That and singing in the bathtub.
Jon: I agree. I would go to the Jersey Shore with my family and we’d all get blow outs and it’d be awesome.
Nick: Pauly D. My favorite childhood memory is probably surfing, learning to surf with my uncles and dad.
James: Mine was playing baseball with my dad.

PZO: What’s one question you’ve never been asked in an interview that you would like to be asked?
Ryan: That question. Never been asked that question.
Jon: Is it real? Yes. It is real.
Nick: That’s a good question. I don’t know.
James: I have no questions that I really want to be asked.
Nick: That’s a brain twister. I don’t know the answer.
Peter: That is a brain twister.

PZO: Tell us about your debut album.
Ryan: It’s our first album. It’s super exciting. It’s the culmination of all our work in this band and touring and playing shows. Culmination, is that weird?
Nick: It is.
Ryan: It’s kind of like a joy ride through life. Nick explains this really well.
Nick: It’s like a joy ride through life.
Ryan: Sometimes you’re driving and the sun is out and you’re feeling really happy and great and you put on that great pop song and our album is like that. But also, when times get tough, and the storm clouds come over it, you got to put the wipers on, life gets tough and our album goes through emotions and phases of life and we’re very excited that it’s coming out.

PZO: If you had to pick one song on the album that you’re most proud of which one would it be?
Nick: That’s a good question.
Ryan: I would say “So Obvious” only because it was our first single. It was the first song we ever heard of our band being on the radio. That’s an indescribable feeling.
Nick: I’d say “So Obvious” as well. First single and love playing that song live.

PZO: What would be your pitch to get someone to buy the album?
Nick: "If you like good music, you’ll buy this album." Nah, I’d say, “Hey, do you like 80s music like The Cars, Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick? And do you also like modern music like The Killers and Third Eye Blind and Lady Gaga? Well, check out our record.”
Ryan: I would say, “This record will change your life.”
Peter: “Nothing compares to discovering an album that you love. When was the last time you had that feeling?”

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