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members present:
Clint Baker, Dustin Stroud,
Mark Johnson, Dave Keel

conducted on:
January 2003

by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: As a band, what do you think your best qualities are?
Dustin: We're brilliant.
Clint: Yes.
PZO: That's too obvious.
Dustin: I'm really good at horticulture. Do you know what that is?
PZO: Yes.
Dustin: and animal husbandry.
Clint: As a band our best qualities are that we like to hang out with our fans and friends and stuff instead of you know hiding backstage. We try to hang out with everybody and people really like that according to what we've heard from emails and from what kids are telling us. "That's really cool that you hang out with us. A lot of bands go backstage; just go get drunk and don't really care or they think they're too good or whatever." Another thing is we go onstage and we give our all every time we play. It really sucks when you see some band that goes up and is just playing their songs and doesn't really rock out. To me, if you're going up there and you're not fucking going to completely rock it you should fucking go home. You should go home and play your songs in your room. You're up there, you're supposed to fucking help people have a good time, entertaining people. That's what it's all about. People who are there playing for themselves, "I wrote these songs for myself, and I'm playing for myself and I'm a pretentious artsy little turd." Whatever, man. If you're not going to rock out, get out of my sight.

PZO: When you're in the studio, how much control do you get over the finished product? How open are you to other peoples in put?
Dustin: We have absolutely no control. We bring in the writers from NSYNC.
PZO: Yeah, I heard your album and I immediately could tell you hooked up with Max Martin.
Clint: That's one thing we were scared of when signing to a major label. You think they're fucking going to bring all these people that are going to come and try to write our songs and do all this stuff. Blah, blah, blah. But it wasn't like that. They signed us 'cause they liked our songs. We went in, we got a producer, we went and recorded. Pretty much--a lot of times sat back and if he heard something that he thought would be cool or had an idea, he'd give a suggestion and if we liked his idea we'd be like, "Yeah, that's cool." Otherwise we're like, "Dude, that's fucking lame. Get out of here with that. Go read a motocross magazine." You know what I mean? We're really lucky to be on the label we're on and have a record the way we want it. Our record turned out just the way we wanted it. I mean every band--there's always a couple of little things here and there, but pretty much we're excited with how our record turned out. I think it would have pretty much sounded the same with any other producer. 'Cause if someone tried to make us do something we didn't want to do we would fight them to the death 'cause it's our songs.

PZO: What is a common compliment people give you individually and as a band?
Dustin: I have nice teeth. People find that I take good care of my teeth. I haven't been to the dentist very often. I'm just kidding. We're funny. I think we're all funny guys. People like to laugh.
Clint: <in girly voice> I like your hair! <back to normal> That's it. That's the only quality I really have.
Dustin: That's why I joined the band. I was like, "That guys has some sick ass hair, man. Check that out."
Clint: People say we're cool.
Mark: Everybody says we're nice. "Man you guys are really nice. I thought you guys would be jerks. You're really nice."
Clint: I guess we look like jerks.
Dave: Nobody compliments me.
Dustin: The biggest thing is people say we're nice. <in girly voice> You're nice!
Clint: Just like that.

PZO: What's your favorite line from one of your songs?
Dustin: <picks up cd cover booklet> I'll pick one at random.
Mark: We don't have the lyrics on there.
Dustin: Oh, Oh I knew that!
Mark: You have to go online for the lyrics.
Dustin: I like uh.....uh...hahha..uhh..
Dustin: We don't discuss our lyrics...uh...yeah, I don't know. We've been doing our songs for so long it's hard to say.
Clint: We like our songs so much that we can't pick a favorite. There's so many lyrics that we love. All of them our are favorite.
Dustin: I think my favorite is "Here we go again I like to watch you change again and again."
Clint: You got the lyrics wrong, but still it was close enough. The lyric waiting for the girl to change again and again and again and again.
Dustin: What is that lyric?
Clint: It says: "No, I can't go to the mall that really sucks--
Dustin: Wrong!
Clint: --you know how much I love to wait while you change again and again and again and again."

PZO: What was one misconception you had about the music industry?
Dustin: I think everything we thought about the music industry is different.
PZO: Any examples?
Dustin: There's not quite nearly as many deli trays you'd think there would be. It all boils down to the quality of the deli tray.
Clint: The common misconception of a band is when you get signed you fucking made it. That's it and that's the fucking beginning.
Dustin: Now it's just everything you do gets analyzed. The stakes are a lot higher. It's always going to be fun playing, but it becomes more about you're now a product. It's a different mind set.
Clint: Also, you don't make money. People think you're making money. You get signed, you're on tv, you're on the radio they think they must be making tons of cash. If you're selling a lot of records and playing at huge shows, where you have tons of kids, you're going to sell tons of merchandise then you make money.

<One of the guys from The All American Rejects high fives Clint>
PZO: Which band is he in?
Clint: The Strokes and The All American Rejects.
[He really did look like one of the guys from The Stokes]

PZO: What event in your life had the greatest impact on you?
Dave: When I was born.
Clint: Playing, I don't remember what show it was, like the feeling of out of control and that people were rocking out and having a good time that's when I knew on stage that's what I wanted to do. Sounds kind of gay, but...I'd rather do this than anything else. We're really lucky to get the change to play and meet people and go all over the place.

PZO: What is the best lesson you've learned?
Mark: Don't let people walk all over you. I learned that by trial and error in life. Constantly trampled on, but not necessarily physically.
Clint: Don't believe everything you hear and don't ever give up. I learned a lot of lessons. A series of lessons being in this band and the music business. People say they're you're friend. I'm not saying--we're not one of those bands that say, "Oh, our record company doesn't care about us." You're always going to hear stupid stories.
PZO_Camera_Friend: Michael Jackson.
Clint: People don't always do what they say they're going do. You got to really work for yourselves, don't expect somebody else to do everything for you. Get yourself to the next level or wherever you want to be. Don't depend on others, always do for yourself. Biggest thing we've learned.

PZO: What was the last meaningful thing you did?
Clint: I took a fat dump about two hours ago.
Dustin: You know how people cut those things for Coke? The tabs for the cans; they cut them so like birds and dolphins don't get cut in them. Well, I actually stuck birds in them.
Dustin: That was pretty meaningful I thought. It may not have the meaning you were looking for.
Dustin: One cool thing is we get to talk to family a lot. I got to hang out with some family in San Jose that I don't get to see very often. That one cool thing about being in a band traveling everywhere you get to see family you don't get to see very often.
Clint: We don't rescue very many baby seals or beach whales, but I picked up some garbage that fell out of our van on the way over here.

PZO: What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet?
Dustin: Two girls at the same time. <laughs> Just kidding.
PZO: Uh huh.
Dustin: I'm a one woman guy.
Mark: Go overseas.
Dustin: Yeah.

PZO: What's the worst advice you've ever been given?
Dave: Hey, you want to take music lessons?
Mark: When I met my girlfriend.
Dustin: I was really wrong about something.
Mark: I asked Dustin, "What do you think of her?" and he's like, "Just fuck her and dump her, dude."
<evil looks are give to Dustin>
Clint: He's been with her for two years.
Dustin: She was being really rude to me over at my house and I thought she--
Mark: He was just sore 'cause she got the best of him. I've been with her for two years, so that's the worst advice I've ever gotten.
Dustin: She can get the best of me. She got the best of me since then, but that night she didn't get the best of me. Mark got the best of her I'll tell you that right now...Is this supposed to be PG-13?
PZO: Nothing gets edited.
Dustin: Alright!

PZO: Give the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day?
Dave: Britney Spears.
PZO: Lame.
Dustin: Bob Dole. I'd just kidnap him and be like, "DOLE! DOLE! DOLE!" I'd make him say, "Bob Dole" the whole time. Say it!
Clint: Gwen Stefani.
PZO: Totally.
Clint: Especially after you watch that video that's just her the whole time. It's all white.
PZO_Friend_1: "Underneath It All."
Clint: "Underneath It All." It's like boner city.
Dustin: She's like hideous in that.
Clint: Get out of here. Go kill a deer.
Clint: Go stick another bird in a can.
Clint: I was in Flashlight Brown's hotel room and the video was on and I was like I feel a tug I need to get out of here. Unbelievable. So hot.

PZO: Are there any bands that you really admired until you saw them live?
Clint: Home Grown, definitely. Just kidding. I'm just saying that 'cause they're right over there.
<Home Grown guys turn around>

Mark: We're talking about you!
<The Home Grown guys make some exaggerated laughs>

Mark: I don't want to say.
Clint: Is it a big one?
Mark: It's a big one.
PZO_Friend_1: I'll say it for him: Sum 41.
Mark: Yeah, I didn't want to say it.
Dustin: Last band that I saw live that I was disappointed in was The Descendants. I thought they were God and no sea was parted and no angels came down from heaven. That's my favorite band so. We're in a live band, so it's hard to mess it up. Maybe if you're the discerning music critic, but we aren't really like that.
Clint: Kittie was pretty weak.
<A big Donnas and Distillers convo goes on>

PZO: What's one slang word you can't stand?
Dustin: Hella. Anyone that says that is automatically out.
Clint: Hecka, that's even worse. This girl is like I go to church, so I say hecka. Get the hecka outta here. Wicked. I don't like wicked.
Dustin: Anybody that says donk.

PZO: What is something mean you'd like to do to someone, but never had the guts to do?
Dustin: Me and Mark wanted to go see The All American Rejects first show when they were coming down here to start this tour when they didn't know us yet and be like, "Oh man, I love your band will you sign this t-shirt for me?"
Clint: Geek out on them.
Dustin: Make them feel uncomfortable and make them write something really stupid.
Clint: You inspired me to play guitar.
Dustin: Keep rocking, man or something like that and wear the t-shirts on the first day of the tour. Walk by and be like, "Hey, man."
Clint: "Hey, dude."
Dustin: But we didn't get to do that.
PZO: You should do that with another band.
Dustin: We definitely will.

PZO: If you were to have your own 1-800 number, what would you want it to be?
Dustin: How about 1-800-Pimp Love?
Dustin: You call me up and I'd be like, "Heeeeey, what's up?"
Dave: Dude, you're such a dork today.
Dustin: It's that wheat grass. Me and Dave had some wheat grass shots. I think it's doing weird things to me. I've caught the vapors. I'm flushed. That's one word that would describe me right now.
Clint: 1-800-Sweet Meat.
Dustin: 1-800- Clint Daddy.
Mark: 1-800- Donk Is A Good Word.

PZO: What is one of your craziest goals?
Dustin: All my goals are crazy. I don't know. Maybe sky dive.
Dave: Learn how to play guitar.
Dustin: Learn how to play guitar. I'm surprised I didn't say that first.
PZO: I was surprised too.
Dustin: Yeah, you're going to be real surprised. You think you're surprised now. Wait til you hear me play.

PZO: If you were a statue what would be your pose?
Clint: <flips us off>
Dustin: I'd be like karate kid style <does the craine>
Clint: <stands up, puts one hand behind his head and the other grabbing his crotch>
Mark: <stands up, puts one hand behind his head and with the other hand grabs his right leg and pulls it behind his back like the 80s dance move>
Dave: <puts his head on the table>
Clint: You'd be sleeping!

PZO: In 60 seconds tell everyone why they should buy your album, "Hurry Up and Wait."
Clint: 'Cause it rocks, noodge.
Mark: That was 6 seconds.
Clint: Okay, I'll say it again. 'Cause it rocks, noodge.
PZO_Friend_1: What's with the noodge?
Mark: Noodge is like--
Clint: If you don't know we can't tell you. Do you want us to move this table? I'd move this table, but I threw my back out humping your mom last night. Noodge.

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