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members present:
Mitch Wilson, Ryan Ferguson, Brian Desjean, Chris Prescott

conducted on:
October 2002

by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: What were a couple things you learned this time around in the studio as you were recording?
Brian: Pro tools.
Mitch: A lot of stuff we did was spontaneous.
Ryan: Learned how to play new instruments. Mitch played the melodica and we put in some keyboards and a bunch of
percussive instruments. But a lot of the stuff was written on the fly as well as the vocals; a lot of the lyrics were written
very much on the fly. So I think we just kind of learned how to come together as a band in a really short amount of time.

PZO: You recently toured Japan, did you see any fads there that you'd like to see here?
Chris: The thing I was most impressed with was how many women were playing in bands. It was pretty amazing. People were pretty serious about what they were doing and they were having a good time, but they were amazingly proficient at their instruments. It was real cool.
Ryan: Also, the amount of care they put into every production. We honestly--literally before shows there were people with surgical gloves cleaning off each microphone before we went on and making sure everything sounded great. I just thought the production was pretty...uh...I can't finish the sentence.
Ryan: Is beyond what we get here.
Mitch: But as far as fads.
Ryan: Oh right, fads.
Brian: Like all kinds of different people walk down the streets and nobody gets any shit from anybody else there. You know you have somebody with a 6 foot mohawk and then you got one of those weird rave kids like with the plastic swatch watches and you know <laughter> I don't even know how to describe it.
Chris: I like the fad where you could buy beer in vending machines.
PZO_Friend_1: They have that in Australia too.
Chris: Yeah, that was a great fad you could buy whiskey too.

PZO: Describe your music in five or less words.
Chris: Gay rock.
Candace: That sums it up.

PZO: What's your favorite line from one of your songs?
Brian: What's yours?
Ryan: I kinda like "Fuck your slow death scene", personally in "Riot For Romance."
<Everyone agrees>

PZO: What event on your life had the greatest impact on you?
Brian: Moving to California changed my life.
PZO_Friend_1: Where did you used to live?
Brian: New Jersey.
PZO: You don't have the accent.
Brian: No, I lost that a long time ago.
Chris: Coming out of the closet for me.
Mitch: Candace, what changed your life?
Candace: Uhh...
Mitch: This is Candace by the way. She is playing keyboards and like playing everything else on tour with us.
Brian: Or pretending.
Ryan: Bluffing.
Candace: It was the first part, okay.
[Technical difficulties arouse during their performance and Candace had to lip sync and pretend to play for a few songs.]
Mitch: She also sings on 3 tracks on the new record. But we've known her since the very beginning, so she's always been kind of a member of the band anyways.
Candace: As it relates to the band it would probably be when I saw No Knife play for the first time.
Ryan: I'd say dropping out of college changed my life.
Ryan: Now I'm broke.
Ryan: Then I joined the band and we've been traveling all over the place for 6-7 years. Got to see a lot, grow a lot, take care of myself.
Chris: <claps> Good answer. Good answer. Survey says.
PZO: What college did you go to?
Ryan: San Diego State.
PZO_Camera_Friend: I applied there.
Brian: Go to Cal State: San Marcos. It's a much better school. I swear to God.
Chris: So you're all in high school?
PZO_Friend_1: Yep, we go to different schools.
PZO: We barely met today.
Ryan: Do you all live here?
<We all discuss where we live and all the restaurants No Knife have been to in those areas>

PZO: Are there any bands you wish would call it quits?
Brian: Piebald.
PZO: Are you serious?
Ryan: This is going to be a long answer.
Brian: Don't get us started. I had to say it though.
Mitch: What were you going to say, Chris?
Chris: I was going to say that was a totally fucked up question. I wouldn't even answer that.
Brian: Alright, Alright. I'll say Creed.
PZO: Thank you!
<High fives go around>
PZO_Friend_1: Do you like Avril Lavigne?
Brian: <Waves hand> No, she can go.
Everyone: YES!
Ryan: Is she the one with "Skater Boi"?
PZO: Yeah.
Mitch: <sings> "Skater Boi"
Chris: New Found Glory can hit the high road. I don't care for that shit.
Brian: All those pop punk bands.
Mitch: You opened up a serious can of worms.
Chris: That's right, man.
Brian: We're done with that question.
Chris: We'd get in trouble.
<Michael Jackson is brought up and a big discussion goes on>

PZO: Given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day?
Mitch: That's a good question. Pause. As a band or each?
PZO: Each.
Chris: I'd kidnap my wife.
Ryan: I'd probably kidnap Chris' wife.
Brian: E.T.
Ryan: Michael Jackson.
Brian: Give him a taste of his own medicine.
Ryan: Some dude from the Guinness Book of World Records, probably.
Mitch: The finger nail man.
PZO: That was nasty.
Ryan: <laughs> The finger nail man.

PZO: What's your best childhood memory?
Brian: I'll go first on this one. Walking down the boardwalk with my parents looking at a casino arcade that had just burned down and the two huge clowns on the side of it were burnt to a crisp. There was no one there and it was one of the raddest things I've ever seen. There's something about shit that's been burned.
Brian: Like I love seeing car fires. I pull over for them.
Ryan: Definitely just hanging out at my grandparents house back east: Connecticut.
Chris: For me it was probably going to the beach. I use to live in San Francisco and my grandmother lived in San Diego. So I'd always go to San Diego go hang out, collect seaweed.
Ryan: Or just hanging out with our grandma's.
Brian: Can I have five bucks, grandma? Of course.
Mitch: My grandma always locked me in the closet and she'd only give me one square of toilet paper.
Mitch: I'm just kidding. Sorry, Grandma.

PZO: What do you have in your pockets right now?
<They check their pockets>
Mitch: I got a pick.
Chris: Earplugs.
Ryan: Chapstick.
Brian: Earplugs, keys and our Jimmy Eat World all access passes. Check it out.
Mitch: I have a lint brush with naked ladies on it.
Mitch: I don't know how that happened. I wonder who put that in there.
Ryan: I pretty much have chapstick and gum on me all the time.

PZO: What is the worst advice you've ever been given?
Ryan: Stay in school.
Ryan: Want some candy?
Brian: Don't sit in yellow snow.
PZO_Friend_2: Don't eat it. Don't eat yellow snow.
Brian: But I sat in it anyway.

PZO: What's your favorite curse word?
Ryan: Probably just fuck. It's all purpose.
Mitch: I like cunt a lot.
Ryan: That's harsh, man.
Brian: Bitter word.
Mitch: But you can really just level the room with that one. You know you can say, "Fuck you." all you want, but if you say "Fuck you, cunt." then it's just like "Oooh." Everyone stops and says, "Man, that was fucked up."

PZO: If you were to have your own 1-800 number, what would you want it to be?
Ryan: 1-800-ILoveBrandNewCarpeting.
Ryan: You got to listen to Mitch Hedberg.
Brian: He's funny.
Ryan: I like 1-800-EatShit.
Brian: 1-800-Burrito.
Chris: 1-800-Almost.
Ryan: 1-800-NextQuestion.

PZO: What's one slang word that you can't stand?
Ryan: Tight.
Chris: Rad.
Ryan: Late. Sick.
Brian: Latesick. <laughs>
Ryan: Sick. I hate that slang word. Actually, I hate it when people go "late."
Mitch: I hate "keen." When people say "That's keen." Peachy is alright, but keen just doesn't...
Brian: 1-800-PassMeABeer.

PZO: What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid?
Mitch: Pee-wee Herman.
Mitch: I was Pee-wee Herman every year until I got too fat for my Pee-wee Herman costume.
Brian: I was a bum.
Brian: I really liked the bum one.
Ryan: I think my worst Halloween costume was when one year I couldn't think of anything and I was just a soccer player.
Ryan: I just wore my soccer uniform.
Brian: Your Ace Ventura, pet detective was good though.
Ryan: Yeah, Ace Ventura was good though.
Brian: Do it.
<Ryan does an identical Ace Ventura/Jim Carrey expression>
<Beer discussions are made>

Mitch: I don't hear any music. Is Jimmy starting?
Ryan: They go on for like 20 minutes. Are you guys in?
Everyone: Yeah.
PZO: But Sarah [PZO_Camera_Friend] and I have to go after this. I have a golf game tomorrow.
Mitch: We have to figure out how to get them back in.
<Mitch talks about that while Ryan and Nevra discuss Golf>
Ryan: You golf?
PZO: Yeah.
Ryan: I love golf.
PZO: I had a golf game yesterday.
Ryan: What did you shoot?
PZO: 52.
Ryan: 9 holes?
PZO: Yeah.
Ryan: That's not bad.
PZO: Eh, our Varsity gets in the 30-40s.
Ryan: The best I ever did on 9-holes was--I shot a 44.
Brian: They're talking about golf.
<Everyone starts talking about miniature golf>

PZO: What question comes up in almost every interview, that you are tired of being asked?
Brian: Oh, can I answer this one? Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh! <raises hand>
Ryan: What does No Knife mean? Where did you get the name No Knife?
Brian: Dude, you stole the show.
Ryan: You should have fucking said it.
Brian: You should have shut your mouth.
Brian: You're asking much better questions than we normally get asked.
Chris: You know what the worst is too? When someone asks you the worst questions and you're being videotaped.
PZO: Are you trying to imply something, sir?
Mitch: Why, do you want to fight him?
PZO: Yeah, I have my golf clubs with me.
Chris: No, no.
Brian: We're having a good time. Bring it on. Let's bring up the pace.

PZO: What's the worst thing you've done and gotten away with?
Ryan: I once pulled a fake gun on someone and totally got away with it. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.
Mitch: We did steal a slurpee machine. The ones where they sell icies. It was after a show and our rodie guy was like, "I need that for my house." So he walks up and asks the guy if he can have it, it was junior. He was like, "Can I have this?" to the guy and the guy was like, "No, sorry." And he goes, "If you turn your back and I take it, are you going to chase me?" and he's all "No." Junior is all, "Good." He takes it and comes running up to the van and we're just kind of sitting there and he's like, "Go, go, go!!" cause there was a guy outside sweeping that saw him do it and he's like, "Hey!" So he throws it into the van and we started the van and we hauled ass and get onto the freeway and all this shit starts smoking in the van right as a cop pulls up behind us. He pulls us over 'cause I think Mike was driving with the emergency break on.
Mitch: So we pull over to the side of the road and we all jump out 'cause we're really drunk and we're looking underneath the van and this one cop is drawing at us and he was like, "What's going on here? You guys were going kind of fast." We were like, "We smelled smoke and we're kind of freaked out." He ended up helping us fix the van and then tellin' us where a Chevy dealership was, where we could stay the night, so we could get it fixed. So we got away.

PZO: Have you ever been arrested or detained by law enforcement officials. If so, for what?
Brian: Twice.
Ryan: Seriously?
PZO: For what?
Brian: Breaking into a car and breaking and entering.
Ryan: He's from Jersey.
Brian: It was before I was 18, so I have a clean record now 'cause I did my time and straightened my ass out. Stay in school.

PZO: In 60 seconds tell everyone why they should buy you new album "Riot For Romance."
Mitch: 'Cause it's great.
Mitch: 'Cause we'll be homeless if you don't buy it. Please buy it. We can't afford a van.
Brian: It just rocks.
Chris: If someone buys it, they should copy it for their friends.
Mitch: We don't care how it's acquired.
Chris: Burn it, tape it, download it. Obviously, it's nice to sell records, but it's really about turning people on to the music.

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