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members present:
Jordan Pundik
Steve Klein

conducted on:
February 2002

by: Stevie Reter
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: Well, I go to your website a lot and I was checking out your picture galleries, and saw the Steve doll. Whats the deal with that?
Steve: It’s Ian’s doll he has with him, and Ian is too embarrassed to take pictures with famous people, so he gets his doll to take the picture with them.
PZO: Is that the Steve from Blue’s Clues?
Steve: Yeah. So, basically it’s an Ian picture section except it’s the doll instead of him.
Jordan: It's awesome.

PZO: OK, what about a new single or a video? Anything coming out?
Steve: "Dressed to Kill", we shot a video for it a couple weeks ago. Just got finished.
PZO: Where’d you shoot it?
Steve: We shot it in California and Rachael Leigh Cook is in it, from She’s All That and Josie and the Pussycats. It’s basically about this guy being obsessed with this girl, and he doesn’t know that she likes him too, but she has a boyfriend and she has all this stuff going on in the video … it’s pretty cool … it’s for "Dressed to Kill", the second track off our record.
PZO: Is that going to be released to radio?
Steve: It's already released to radio right now and the video should start playing on MTV2 soon … hopefully <laughs> if they like it.

PZO: How about your fan sites? Do you guys check them out?
Steve: As much as we can, but I mean it’s hard for us to get on the internet.
Jordan: There’s one that’s like uh … anewfoundglory.net, right?
Steve: Yeah, there’s a couple fan sites that are really really really good.

PZO: Do you guys just have to wait to check it out ‘til you get home, or can you check shit out on the road?
Steve: Sometimes we can, but Ian is on it most of the time. He gets all the fan mail, so he’s on it for like hours at a time, so we don’t even make an attempt to get on the internet. I haven’t checked my mail in like two weeks.
Jordan: I haven’t checked my mail since we left.
Steve: It’s just really hard.

PZO: How long has this tour been going on for so far?
Steve: Like two weeks … about two and a half weeks.
Jordan: Seems longer than that!
Steve: But the tour goes until September 15 and then after that we go straight to Europe and then after that we do a headlining tour and then after that we go to Australia and we record our new record after that.
PZO: Woah, that’s definitely a full plate!!
<Steve and Jordan laugh>

PZO: What about this tour with Blink 182, what’s the best thing of it so far?
Steve: Everything! Just the size of the show, hanging out with everybody.

PZO: Is it the biggest tour you’ve ever done?
Steve: Yeah!
PZO: 'Cause I saw you guys at HFSTIVAL in June 2001 ……
Jordan: Yeah that was huge, like 60,000 people.
Steve: But this is consistent, like overnight, ya know?
Jordan: And plus these kids are coming to see us and Blink every night too, so…
PZO: Yeah, definitely.

PZO: What about any drawbacks from tours like this one, which goes on for months and months and go from coast to coast?
Steve: There are no drawbacks. It’s all about positive. It’s all about us touring and getting our name out there.
Jordan: The only thing that sucks is being away from home and all.
PZO: But are you able to stay in contact with them?
Jordan: Yeah, I talk to my mom like every other day, or I try to anyway just to say what’s up or whatever.

PZO: Okay, what about a dream line up, either going to see a concert or playing in one?
<Silence for like 5 seconds and a lot of “ums”>
Jordan: I think I’ve already seen every band I wanted to see.
Steve: What band have I been wanting to see … Oh yeah, I haven’t seen Radiohead in a long time. I actually saw them a while ago, but …yeah I’d like to see Radiohead.
Jordan: But it would be boring to see them.<Steve laughs>
PZO: Definitely not as much energy and fun that you get out of a punk concert.
Jordan: I haven’t been to a show, you know like not to play, in like forever. Actually, I went to MXPX when we were home.

PZO: I have your CD you released of movie cover tunes, any favorite song that you like to cover more than the others?
Jordan: I like “The Neverending Story” … <laughs>
PZO: Nice!
Jordan: As gay as it sounds.
PZO: What about you <asking Steve>?
Steve: Uh … “Glory of Love”.
PZO: From Karate Kid 2?
Steve: Yup, and we’re actually thinking about covering “November Rain” for the new record. I really want to do that.
PZO: Guns ‘n’ Roses. Nice.
Steve: Yeah, but make it our own style though. It’s cool. It’s a good song.

PZO: Well I guess they call it “making it big”, but what do you think the key factor was that pushed you to the next level?
Jordan: Well, when we signed to Drive-Thru, we said that if we really wanted to make this happen, we had to tour, and just keep touring, and that’s what we did.
Steve: When we first signed to the label, they bought us a van and that’s when we started going on tour, and we haven’t been home since.
Jordan: I like the van though.

PZO: Any changes in your lives, either personal or with the band?
Steve: A lot of things have changed. Our whole lives have changed. It’s like now we just have one major priority. Before we were like going to school and we had other responsibilities, but this is like our full responsibility right now and this is all we have to worry about. You know what I’m sayin'? Just playing every night and writing good songs and doing the same thing we’ve been doing, 'cause you know its been working. We’re like a touring band. That’s what has gotten us where we are; you know nothing else has gotten us there. We’ve just been working hard and doing like … man … I don’t know dude, for bands that don’t tour and can still be big, they’re lucky!

PZO: Right on! What about the oddest or strangest gift a fan has given you?
Jordan: … um …
Steve: Girls bring us stuff all the time. They bring us candy like sour patch kids and stuff like that.
Jordan: What about something weird <to Steve>?
Steve: Dude that’s weird, getting candy from weird people.

PZO: Anything that just made you drop your jaw?
Jordan: These girls made a Barbie doll and made the whole box a New Found Glory box, like the packaging and they put pictures and a whole description and all this shit like it was the real packaging.
Steve: Like it was a New Found Glory girl. Like they got a doll and dressed it like she would have to dress to be a New Found Glory girl. Kinda like that.
Jordan: That’s kinda cool.
PZO: Did you keep it?
Steve: <laughs> We actually put it on one of our amps when we got it and after the show we couldn’t find it because someone stole it. So, it kinda sucked. But it was the thought that matters, ya know?

PZO: What was the most outrageous thing you’ve done for money?

Jordan: … um… I don’t think I’ve done anything outrageous for money.
Steve: Me either.

PZO: What about the best or even worst pickup line ever heard or used?
Steve: Jordan has this one where he goes “What’s up Pop Tart?” that’s pretty good … <laughs> … “What’s up Pop Tart?” <In a Jordan impersonation>, that’s pretty bad.
Jordan: That is pretty bad. But there are worse.
Steve: “Hey baby, I’m in a band!”
<All laughing>
Jordan: Nah, but there are some bad ones, man. Chad has a lot of bad ones … this one where he goes “Wanna make out?” <In a Chad impersonation> <Laughing>
PZO: Just right up front about it, no beating around the bush … <Laughing>

PZO: Ok here’s a weird one, what kind of thoughts keep you awake at night?
Steve: … uh … our bus driver driving off the road.
Jordan: Yeah … plane crashes. I don’t know dying. I’m scared to die.
PZO: Are you scared to fly?
Jordan: Yeah. I’m scared of everything.

PZO: Ok, if there were an instruction manual for everyday living, what should be included?
Jordan: Cheesecakes, Milkshakes and Blowjobs….
PZO: Alright!
<All Laughing … Still Laughing>

PZO: Final question. If you had to erase every memory in your entire life except for one, which memory would you chose keep?
Jordan: My family and my friends.
PZO: Anything specific that happened to you…
Steve: Any one memory that you could live over and over again <talking to Jordan>
Jordan: My Bar Mitzvah.
PZO: What about you? <Talking to Steve>
Steve: … uh … um … the first day I had sex; the first time I had sex. That’s a good memory to have over and over again. It’s always fun like first time you had sex and you’ve never done it before and you’re getting ready to do it and you know ….
Jordan: Yeah, the whole two seconds of it. You have a two second memory of it.
Steve: Two Seconds of Infamy!! I don’t know that sounds good.
Jordan: But Bar Mitzvah is funny!

PZO: Alright guys thanks, that about wraps it up. I appreciate you sacrificing your time for this interview.
Jordan and Steve: No problem man.

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