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conducted on:
August 2002
by: Allie Bloch

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shout-out to PZO


PZO: Do you miss the privacy that you used to have before you got to be so huge?

Nelly: Yes, of course.

PZO: Tell us a little about your clothing line.
Nelly: The name of my clothing line is Vokal, as in vocal.
PZO: What kind of clothing does it cater to?
Nelly: It’s for guys. It’s casual clothes so far. Clothes that you can go to gym then head to the club. <pause> But first take a shower.
No one should go straight to the club after coming from the gym.
PZO: Will there be clothes for women as well?
Nelly: Yeah. We’re working on women. As you know women come in a bunch of different sizes and shapes. So it’s harder to get clothes for them.
PZO: Where can we find your clothing line?
Nelly: As of now they are in Mom & Pop stores. I think it’s also in Macy’s now as well.

PZO: What is worst thing you've done and gotten away with?
Nelly: I don’t even wanna say that. <laughter> I’ve done some things I’m not too happy about. Um. <pause> I don’t know. I wish I hadn’t done some of the stuff I have done and gotten away with. I can’t even say some of the stuff. <laughter>

PZO: If you could write something on a bathroom wall, what would you write?
Nelly: Half of my number. On a girl’s bathroom of course.
PZO: Are you serious?
Nelly: No, um. I’d write “Stand right here and see how far you can make it.” I’d write this in a guy’s stall. Probably just write "stand here". It’s seems funny. I’d write it as a joke. I’ve seen that written before and it was funny. I was in a stall and it said stand here about 15 feet away from the urinal. And I could tell that there were guys before me had tried to get it in. I couldn’t stop laughing. <laughter>

PZO: Lately, a lot of musicians have been turning actors and not very many of them have done it successfully, how do you think you prove yourself in your role in Snipes?
Nelly: Well, I can appreticate all who came before me. They were just doing their thing. I hope I do well. I hope to do okay. I think
the new found popularity of hip hop will help a lot. I just wanna try to further my career and expand it.
PZO: So tell us a little about your new movie Snipes.
Nelly: I play a rapper in the movie. It’s basically about this Hustler rapper who gets kidnapped right before his album drops.
PZO: When will it be out?
Nelly: In September.
PZO: Who else is in it?
Nelly: JD, Sam Jones. I think he’s in Smallville. Charile Baltimore.
PZO: So when was this filmed?
Nelly: It was filmed two years ago. It’s just an independent film.

PZO: Do you regret getting any of your tattoos?
Nelly: No. I love all my tattoos. I wanna get more.
PZO: Which one is your favorite and where is it?
Nelly: My cards. The one on my arm. It’s the first one I got.

PZO: What questions do you get tired of being asked in interviews?
Nelly: They all get repetitive. After a while it’s all the same. It’s all good though, I know it has to be done.

PZO: What do you want to do next, seeing as how you have done music, a clothing line, and now even acting?
Nelly: I need to rest. Just have a vacation. That’s something I haven’t done in 3 years.
PZO: If you had the chance, where would you go on vacation?
Nelly: It doesn’t even matter. Having the chance to not be bugged by people would make it worth it. I could just be in my room. All I
need is a vacation. <laughter>

PZO: If you had the chance, is there anything about your life that you'd like to change?
Nelly: No. For me all I have done has kept me still living. <pause> Everything I do is learning. I wouldn’t change anything because I
learn from the stupid things I’ve done.

PZO: A lot of fans talk about your talent in sports, but if you were ever given the opportunity to temporarily play professionally for your favorite team and then return to your music, would you take up that opportunity?
Nelly: Yes, I would. Only if I could possibly get training first though. I have a lot of respect for sports and wouldn’t wanna look like
a bum. <laughter> I would not wanna go out there and look like a bum and make a fool of myself.

PZO: Technically you're an Air Force brat did you ever consider entering into the military?
Nelly: Never. No. <laughter>
PZO: Why is that?
Nelly: Never did want to. Not on my list of things to do. <laughter>

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