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members present:
Adam Levine
conducted on:
July 2002

by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: Things seemed to be going well for Kara's Flowers, playing with Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger, a steady fan base,what lead you guys to the decision to start in a new musical direction?
Adam: Umm..I don't think it really was a conscious decision. I just think the songs started changing, our musical tastes started changing. We were evolving as a band. It really wasn't a conscious decision. I think all bands are evolved from their influences and those changed. That's basically why.

PZO: Is there anything that you miss or regret from making that decision?
Adam: Not at all. I couldn't possibly be any happier.

PZO: What was it about Octone Records that made you decide to sign with them?
Adam: Umm..they had a really--we wanted to do a grass roots approach opposed to spending millions of dollars and throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks. They were really, you know, a lot smaller and I think a lot more passionate about signing the band. A lot of these labels, you know, big record label types are sometimes a little bit laissez and kind of indifferent. But they were really excited and super passionate about it. That's why we went with them.

PZO: You're on the Jeep World Outside Festival; what have you enjoyed the most about it?
Adam: We've actually only done about 4 dates, but they've been steadily getting better and better. It's great. There are some great bands there; making some good friends and obviously playing shows in front of people is...awful <laughs> the best thing in the world.

PZO: Do you have any guilty pleasures, as far as musical tastes go?
Adam: Umm..oh my God. Most of my taste is guilty pleasure.
PZO: <laughs>
Adam: Hmm..guilty pleasure...what..do I have a guilty pleasure taste, James? Like in music or bands.
<James yells something back>
Adam: Umm..James and Ryan are here with me. I wonder if..you know..like...<mumbles>..umm...let me think about it. I don't know. That's a really tough question. <laughs> I have to think about that question. Let's move
on and I'll think about it as we continue.
PZO: Okay.

PZO: How much control do you have over what your merchandise, such as t-shirts, looks like?

Adam: All of it.
PZO: All of it?
Adam: Well, most of it. I think you have to have at least a couple of things with the cover art and you know the album art designs. Everything else we chose our own designer. We've been working with him and he's awesome. We really love him. So yeah, we have most of the control over that.

PZO: What would your perfect personal ad state about yourself?
Adam: A personal ad?
PZO: Yes.
Adam: Wow. It would say young, fun, and crazy. Enjoys going out on long walks. No, I don't like that: on long walks. No actually, I'd rather drive.
PZO: <laughs>
Adam: Long drives on the beach.
Adam: I would never in a million years put in a personal ad, so now I am on the spot. I don't know. Don't date me. I am crazy.
PZO: <Laughs>
Adam: That's what it would be. Don't date me. I am crazy. That's what my personal ad would say.
PZO: Then you get all these phone calls.
Adam: Well, yeah. Right. <laughs>

PZO: What is your favorite line from a movie?
Adam: Umm..favorite line from a movie. Favorite line from a movie is...it can't be dirty, can it?
PZO: If you want it to be.
Adam: How about..."Don't fuck with the Jesus."
PZO: What movie is that from?
Adam: The Big Lebowski.
PZO: Ah, that seems to be a common movie among musicians.
Adam: But you know what, I just realized that is so cliche for me to do that. No, forget that. Let me think of a better one. Umm..how about...<to James and Ryan> What's a line from Liar Liar? <they think> Like one line. Alright, I know this is annoying.
PZO: No, it's fine.
Adam: A really funny one. These are difficult questions. Ferris Bueller? <To the guys> No, 'cause everyone quotes The Big Lebowski.
What about---sorry, this is so annoying.
PZO: Don't worry about it.
Adam: How about....<silence> what's my favorite movie of all time? That's a good question. Okay, "I think Annette's tits are getting bigger." "Yeah, I noticed the A and E started to bend around the sides."
PZO: What's that from?
Adam: That's from Stand By Me. <laughs>

PZO: What has been the most shocking moment in rock and roll history to you?
Adam: The most shocking moment in rock and roll history probably...I mean I guess the one that shocked everybody the most was when John Lennon got shot. You know what's interesting actually? I have to say because it was during my lifetime and it was when I was kind of growing up; 'cause we didn't really have much rock tragedy when we were younger. For our lifetimes, I guess. Kurt Cobain killed himself, that was really shocking 'cause we were all huge fans and he was somebody that was one of our heroes when we were young and I think that had a tremendous impact on us at the time. But I think that...hmmm...when Kurt Cobain got shot. Yeah, I'd have to say that.

PZO: If you could be someone's slave for a day, who would you pick?
Adam: Someone’s slave?
PZO: Mhmmm.
Adam: Umm..Britney Spears.
PZO: <laughs> Just her?
Adam: No, no. Someone’s slave for a day…I would love to be <silence> probably Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott’s slave. Yeah, Missy Elliott’s slave, definitely.
PZO: That would be fun.
Adam: That would be awesome. She would tell me what to do, that would great. She’s one one of the greatest people in hip hop, I think.
PZO: Totally.

PZO: Are there any cities where each time you perform there you always have certain mishaps?
Adam: Not really. I mean it’s pretty random. The mishaps are randomly selected. We haven’t been to each city enough yet to kind of assess where those bad luck cities would be. So, I’ll get back to you on that one.

PZO: What's the craziest thing you've seen a fan do to get your attention?
Adam: Wow. Somebody just asked me this question and I couldn’t answer it. I can’t answer questions very well, I’m sure you’ve noticed.
PZO: You're doing fine. Apparently, no one has done anything that stood out.
Adam: The fans don’t like me, they think I am arrogant and stand-offish.
PZO: Oh really?
Adam: Yeah, they like everyone else in the band a lot better.
PZO: hmmm.
Adam: So I don’t know. They haven’t done much to get my attention.
PZO: Alright, then we’re going to have to hire some people to do that then.
Adam: Exactly, so I can have a good story to tell you.

PZO: Are there any new bands out there that you support and wish the very best of luck to make it?
Adam: Yes, I think Phantom Planet, who’s already kind of making it.
PZO: Oh yeah, and Rooney.
Adam: Yes, Rooney, Phantom Planet and Rilo Kiley.
PZO: Yeah, good bands.
Adam: Those bands are L.A. bands that are extraordinarily talented.
PZO: How did you all meet?
Adam: We just kind of all met through mutual friends.

PZO: What was the last good deed you did?
Adam: Good dead that I did?
PZO: Yes.
Adam: Gave somebody on the street some change, a few dollars. That was the last, literally the last good deed that I did ‘cause that was yesterday. <laughs>

PZO: If you could have the original of anything what would you want it to be?
Adam: I would like to have…one of Stevie Wonder’s...nah, that sounds stupid.
You know what I want? I want the hat that Stevie wore in this TV appearance that he did for “Superstition” in the 70s. It’s really famous. I’m sure you see it everywhere. It’s like this green pimped out assed hat. I want that hat. Does that count as the original?
PZO: Yes, but would you wear it?
Adam: I would definitely wear it ‘cause I’m not like a memorabilia person. But I would wear it and be like this is what Stevie Wonder used to wear in the 70s. It’s badass.
PZO: What if someone stole it or it got ruined?
Adam: I don’t think anyone would steal it ‘cause I would keep a serious eye on it. Any property or anything that I have that I love or hold dear, I fully look after. I’d rather ruin it from wearing it than having it sit in a case or something, you know what I mean? Even if I ruined it, once I ruined it then I would put it in the case.

PZO: What thought or sentiment would you like to put in fortune cookies?
Adam: Live well as you possibly can.
PZO: That’s very good.

PZO: When and where has someone embarrassed you the most?
Adam: You know a thing with those embarrassing moment questions is that I don’t get embarrassed. Well, I definitely would be easy to embarrass. I don’t think people…people don’t take shots at me. It’s weird. What is the most embarrassing thing? Well…it was kind of embarrassing, but no one did it to embarrass me. I was just embarrassed by it. Eh, no it’s boring.
PZO: <laughs>
Adam: Nobody really goes to great lengths to embarrass each other in our circle of friends ‘cause we respect each other and we don’t want to make each other mad. <laughs>

PZO: What question(s) are you tired of being asked in interviews?
Adam: "Who is Jane?"
PZO: That’s why I did not ask that question.
Adam: <laughs>

PZO: Okay, did you think of an answer for the musical guilty pleasure question?
Adam: Guilty pleasure. Umm…the way that I see it is if I genuinely like something then I don’t feel guilty about it, you know what I mean?
PZO: Yeah, that’s a good point.
Adam: So like, I guess a guilty pleasure song would be “I’m A Slave For You” by Britney Spears. I think it’s an amazing song. But, I actually think it’s a brilliant song. I think it’s really well produced ‘cause I think The Neptunes are geniuses. I would listen to that song and not feel guilty about it, you know what I mean?
PZO: Yeah, but other people would make fun of you for listening to it.
Adam: Exactly ‘cause I think people are sometimes a little narrow minded. Yeah, if I like something and I truly like it…I guess it would have to be something I know is bad, but like it for some reason.

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