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conducted on:
January 2003
by: Stephen Bronner

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<I asked him about his message, which is done by Carson Daly. He told me that his day job is producing Carsonís show on New York radio station Z100. He referred to it as a dangerous tidbit of information>

PZO: What is the weirdest combination of food you have eaten?
Kennedy: Actually I have a recipe; itís Boston baked beans with bananas cut up in it.
PZO: Uch, thatís terrible.
Kennedy: Yeah it really isnít though itís pretty good.
PZO: Really?
Kennedy: Yeah I swear.
PZO: Hmm Iíll have to try that. You have a name for it?
Kennedy: No not yet.
PZO: Chopped up bananas in beans.
Kennedy: Yeah well right now itís called uch youíre sick.
PZO: There you go, thatís the initial response.

PZO: What is the worst advice you have ever been given?
Kennedy: Worst advice Iíve ever been given. These are tough questions man! You got to just call up with favorite color shit.
PZO: Eh, why should I? We like to stump people.
Kennedy: Well I have to say that would be to put my savings into Amazon.
PZO: Just hold onto your money.
Kennedy: Yeah, donít put into a
PZO: dot com
Kennedy: Yeah put in to gas and general motors.
PZO: Well Pop Zine Online is good.
Kennedy: Yeah.

PZO: What is your best 'caught in the act' story?
Kennedy: Oh ha well, about three and a half years ago I was playing a show and decided to pop into the bathroom for a quick one. And like ten people came into the bathroom and it was about at the very end of the first one, they all saw and I had to go out and play, so after that I was a little embarrassed. It kind of lingered with me until now.

PZO: What was the strangest or most embarrassing story you can use that happened to you? I think you already told me.
Kennedy: Not only that, another was when I was in high school, I went to see a band play in the Hollywood Palladium, and I was crowd surfing and I got passed up to the front where the bouncers are between the stage and the audience. And there was a bar there and I put my feet on the bar and kind of jumped back out into the crowd, and right when I jumped back a bouncer grabbed my pants and pulled my pants down to my knees, in front of the whole Hollywood Palladium. And that was probably the worst thing ever.
PZO: Thatís why you should not crowd surf.
Kennedy: Yeah after that I was like you know what crowd surfing is for jocks.
PZO: I hurt myself crowd surfing so I donít do it anymore.
Kennedy: What you fall on your head or something.
PZO: I was crowd surfing and the bouncers pulled me right into the friggin bar and I hit my elbow and I couldnít feel it for a day. And I hate getting kicked in the head so.
Kennedy: Wow, yeah me too, wonder why.
PZO: Hmm, wonder.

PZO: What is the best insult you've heard or used?
Kennedy: Your momma has an afro with a tube strap.
PZO: That doesnít make sense.
Kennedy: Thatís what makes it so funny; your mom has a peg leg with a kick stand. Thatís fucked up shit.
PZO: Yes it is, thatís good Iím going to have to use that one, Iíll write it down.

PZO: What is a common compliment people give you?
Kennedy: Well a lot of times the ladies tell me that Iím gorgeous. But other than that, that Iím very clean, and I brush and floss my teeth. I keep myself very groomed and I listen to Motley Crue.
PZO: There you go. What else do you need?
Kennedy: Not much.

PZO: If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Kennedy: Living or dead?
PZO: Yeah, or do both.
Kennedy: I would like to get a job with my dad, maybe working in a fast food restaurant or something. But I think that would be a, I donít know if it would be a good thing, but it would be interesting for about a week.
PZO: Why, do I have to ask?
Kennedy: Well, heís a crazy guy. And I have a question for you; you know when youíre working with somebody like a co-worker almost like a co-pilot, you know co-workers where you make small talk or conversations, like I kind of know some of my co-workers better than friends because I spent all day talking to them. I donít know if it would be fun but itíd be interesting.

PZO: What was the worst job you ever had?
Kennedy: Well I worked construction for about an hour once, and I showed up with all these really big tough guys, and theyíre like go move that I beam over there. It was like this big huge piece of metal, and I went over and tried to pick it up and I couldnít even move it so I just left.
PZO: I worked with my dad, heís a plumber, for a whole summer, and I had to do shit like that. Like dig holes in sweaty basements, itís not fun.
Kennedy: Yeah Iím not fit out for physical labor.

PZO: If you could write something on a bathroom wall, what would you write?
Kennedy: Probably my phone number.
PZO: The whole phone number?
Kennedy: Yeah Iíd probably put my home and my cell number.
PZO: Well I hope itís in the womenís bathroom.
Kennedy: Oh yeah, Iím always in the womenís bathroom anyway.

PZO: If you could claim one invention to be your own what would it be?
Kennedy: Well I already got the banana Boston baked bean recipe, thatís a good invention right?
PZO: Thatís new though.
Kennedy: Can I put that as my second answer?
PZO: Sure.
Kennedy: If I think of something else Iíll shout it out.
PZO: Maybe toilet paper or something?
Kennedy: No I definitely didnít invent that.
PZO: Well this is you can steal someone elseís invention.
Kennedy: Oh I can? I invented fire, and I burned half the forests of the planet.
PZO: This is why we have the ice age huh?
Kennedy: This is why we have plains. Plains is the result of me using my invention of fire.
PZO: That explains it, Kennedy burned down the woods.
Kennedy: Yeah.

PZO: What is one of the weirdest dreams you've ever had?
Kennedy: I have a lot of really weird dreams, one of them was I got out of the shower looking into the bathroom mirror, and I can see through my forehead, and there was like a dark black thing in there. I stuck my hand through my skin into my head, and pulled out a computer chip.
PZO: Holy shit, are you sure thatís not a Tool video?
Kennedy: No is it?
PZO: It could be, you should pitch that idea over to them.
Kennedy: I woke up and I was like, what happened?
PZO: Maybe we are computers.

PZO: What's one misconception youíve had about the music business?
Kennedy: I donít know Iíve been in it for a while now. But maybe when I first started playing, I was under the impression that doing music wasnít really work you know? You know like fun, it is fun, but like partying and crap like all the time. Itís actually like it takes a lot of focus, you have to stay focused on what youíre doing otherwise youíre distracted by other people asking you to play in your band or go out in fear stuff like that.
PZO: Well it is a full time job, for some people itís their main source of income basically.
Kennedy: Yeah.

PZO: What do you have to say to the people who have a negative response to your music?
Kennedy: Well I can say, first of all apologizing to them for being stupid. Because itís not their fault, they were born that way. And I donít try to convert them if you donít get it
PZO: Youíre never going to get it.
Kennedy: They donít get it you know. It doesnít bother me, if everybody in this world liked what I was doing; Iíd be in a bad spot <laughs>. If everybody in the world heard Cold Pussy and really liked it, one part of me would be happy but the other would be very worried it.
PZO: Well if everybody liked the same things, you know weíd all be boring.
Kennedy: Well everybody likes Survivor.
PZO: Not me, I hate that show.
Kennedy: Iíve actually never seen it.
PZO: I think I saw the first episode and said what is this shit? And turned it off really quickly. Iím not into the whole reality TV thing.
Kennedy: I havenít had a TV in a long time, like five years or something like that. The only thing I have seen is, my friend got me into The Osbournes, he has all the episodes on one video and I thought it was pretty funny.
PZO: Yeah it is, well Ozzy.
Kennedy: Yeah it was totally original and fun to watch.

PZO: In your opinion why should people buy the new self-titled Kennedy album?
Kennedy: Well besides from it being called possibly the best record in pet sounds, it has a parental adversary sticker on it. I donít know if you ever heard of these things, but basically they warn kids about dirty lyrics.
PZO: Really?
Kennedy: Now when I saw them, the parental adversary sticker, I really thought just like when I was little I got to buy that thing, itís probably saying something that I should be hearing. So thatís a good reason.
PZO: And itís got Cold Pussy on it.
Kennedy: It has Cold Pussy on it. I think itís a great record; I listen to it almost every day.
PZO: Well if you like your own music then you know itís definitely good. That came out wrong, you know if you can listen to it everyday.
Kennedy: Yeah well right now Iím probably my favorite artist.
PZO: Thatís reassuring, so everybody go out and buy it, right now.

PZO: You have a lot of 60ís and 70ís influence in your music, so they had the whole peace love no war theme going around there, do you think at any point we will be reliving this sort of attitude and are you thinking about writing any songs that pertain to this?
Kennedy: Well I think weíre reliving the attitude right now, I was in San Francisco on Friday and there was this huge peace protest rally. Itís good to see that people are doing that because for a while because if you look in the newspapers, September 11th, people were following whatever George Bush said. The whole 60ís thing was pretty amazing but it got killed off by the 70ís, 80ís, and 90ís. I generally donít write about politics as much as whatís happening around me. But if it were more like crazy, angry, pushing happening, if that becomes more paired around me I might. Actually I have a song called This Country Is Going To Hell and Iím Driving, itís about this combined with this boating trip I had when I was nine years old.
PZO: Those two things go together.
Kennedy: Apparently they do.
PZO: Awesome.

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