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conducted on:
September 2002
by: Nevra Azerkan
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: What were you like in high school?
Jason: What was I like in high school? <silence> I owned my own online magazine.
<some laughs>
Jason: <sighs> What WAS I like in high school...I was a cool kid. No I wasn't. I was--I don't remember high school. It was so fast. I was very active you know--I had to take as many extracurricular activities as I could to make up for the grades I wasn't getting in academics. You know what I'm sayin'? I sucked at math. Uh..sucked at government. Sucked at a lot of classes, but did really well in P.E. and chorus, drama and...drama II.
PZO: Did you play any sports?
Jason: Not in high school. I cheered in high school.
PZO: That's right, you were a cheerleader.
Jason: Yeah, we all know that story. So I hung out with all the cheerleader girls and all like the hot chics and the guys didn't like that and I got beat up. Just once. But it was enough. That's how I was like in high school.

PZO: What’s your favorite line from one of your songs?
Jason: "Life is not a token of affection."
<Toca goofs off by hanging upside down on a rail>

PZO: Is there a song that has changed your life in any way?
Jason: Oh wait it's "Love is not a token of affection."
Toca: <sings> "Love is not a token of affection."
Jason: Is there anything I've done to who?
PZO: Is there a song that has changed your life in any way?
Jason: Ummmm...
Toca: That particular line has really changed your life.
Jason: "Unfold" changed me like more spiritually and artisticly I think. That song was written in a frenzied state I'd say. It just kind of surprised me when I woke the next morning and it had been written. Everytime we do it, I just LOVE it. I feel good everytime I do it. It opens me up. "You and I Both" changed my life I think I don't want to say economically, but whatever the word is that was the song that kind of launched us like into the music business. That was kind of neat.

PZO: What has been your biggest decision in the past year?
Jason: Whether or not I should do this interview or not.
<a few laughs>
PZO: Why did you decide to do it?
Jason: <silence> Well, I had 40 minutes to kill.
<laughter><Some guys talks to Jason about the crew>
Jason: Umm..biggest decision I've ever had to make in my life. <picks up recorder> Is this yours?
<Nevra nods head>
Toca: I think it was Lucky Charms with or without marshmellows.
<While Toca was saying that Jason was whispering into the recorder. He was so quiet Nevra didn't know what he said until she played it back on the recorder>
Jason: <whispers> Nevra, Nevra, Nevra, Nevra, Nevra, Nevra, you need to smile more. <pretends to not have been whispering> Umm...yeah, you're right. Biggest decision I've ever made in my life was the night we separated all the marshmellows from the cat food and the Lucky Charms and you make one big marshmellow and then you make the decision: Do I eat this marshmellow or not? I won't tell you my answer, but it was one of the biggest decisions of my life.
Toca: You killed the joke.
Jason: What?
Toca: What do you get when you pull out all of the marshmellows from Lucky Charms box ? Cat food.
Jason: Yeah, it's not really the joke though.
Toca: It isn't?
Jason: <shakes head>
Toca: I must have made that up.
Jason: Sorry. Biggest decision I've ever made? Uh...moving to California. That was it. I was in college. A college just like this one. I had been there for about a month. It was my second attempt at college and I uh..I don't know. I cashed in my student loan check and something said <whispers> "Go. Go west go to California right now. Right now!" I was like what? Why? <whispers> "Don't ask just go." So I just went. <makes flying sound> Scary. It was scary. But it was all good. The moment I got here I met everyone I know now and that was history.
Toca: It's been greater ever since.
Jason: I know.

PZO: What event on your life had the greatest impact on you?
Jason: Again, this interview. <silence> What event on my life has had the biggest impact on me. Is this going to be a video
interview as well? Is this going to be on the site?
PZO: Yeah.
Jason: It is?
PZO: Yeah
PZO: You know I just do this, you know have all my friends come over and we watch it.
Jason: Okay. Oh really?
PZO: Yeah <laughs>
Jason: You post the interviews?
PZO: Yeah
Jason: Well, I should go change. Hello everyone, welcome to PopZine.com. Is that what it's called?
PZO: Online.
Jason: Online. PopZineOnline.com?
PZO: Mhmmm.
Jason: With me is Nevra. I'm interviewing her this afternoon and one thing I just asked her is --what did you just ask me?
PZO: <holds up question card>
Jason: <reading it wrong>What is event on my life had the greatest impact on you.
Jason: Umm..I'd follow up to that last question. Moving to California because taking that risk and just wanting to move out there for all reasons and inspirational following the musical path. It worked and I feel if I never--if I didn't leave at that time because--just the timing about everyone I met through my management through players through my room mate--I mean didn't know anyone in California. A plethora.
Crew_Guy: Playaz.
Jason: Please? What did you say?
Crew_Guy: Playaz.
Jason: Oh playaz, yeah. A platera of beautiful people that surround me and Toca is licking the camera woman's ear.
Jason: So I shouldn't be smoking. I thought we were like talking and we were going to be interviewing this way, <holds up recorder><shakes voice and recorder> so it wouldn't matter, Nevra.
PZO: There's a lot of people that smoke.
Jason: Yeah, you know what? Who cares.

PZO: What is your best childhood memory?
Jason: My best childhood memory. <laughs> I remember when my dad came home from work one day, I was still in diapers, and I hid behind a chair and I took a dump in my pants. I must have been two, but I remember it well. Uh...childhood memory. I broke my leg on an exercise bike. That was pretty cool. I got a cast all summer. Fourth of July got fireworks put in my toes.
PZO: That's your best? Wouldn't it be your worst?
Jason: No, well, I don't know. It's all good. My best..ummm...childhood memory. Those are two good ones.
PZO: Okay.
Jason: I don't know. I have a whole bunch. If you just come over we can flip through photos.
PZO: Okay.

PZO: What was the last good deed you did?
Jason: Besides this interview?
Jason: Umm..last good deed. I paid for all the gas. That's pretty nice. I rolled the window down in the car when I was feeling spiritual.
Toca: We let that street person sing for us in New York City.
Jason: Oh yeah. I throw my change in the street. I feel like that's a good deed. Whenever I have a pocket full of change--Do I right now? <checks> No, because I throw it in the street. I don't know. I feel like that's my good deed. You know the feeling like, "Hey, a quarter!" and then it's in your pocket? That's me. I drop all the quarters for the kids. Oh at Disneyland! <snaps> I was at Disneyland with my brother. He came to visit me and had never been to California. This was probably about 3 months ago. Took him to Disneyland. We had a great time and we're standing in front of the penny arcade. The place is packed and it's ready to close. I had cashed in a dollar to play all these arcade things and so I basically had 96 cents left over and so as I'm walking out the arcade I was just <whoosh sound> tossed it over my shoulder and you hear kids they were like, "MOONNEEYY!!!" and they just dive as if it was a pinata or something. I felt pretty good about that.

PZO: What is the worst--
Jason: What is the worst thing I've ever done?
PZO: No, that's the next one.
Jason: Sorry.

PZO: What is the worst advice you have ever been given?

Jason: <smoking> Don't smoke. Worst advice I've ever been given. Umm..make a set list. Make a set list. Prepare a set list. Don't go out on stage without making a set list, says Toca Rivera. <does a-okay sign and turns it into a thumbs down and makes squirting noise>
Toca: It sucked.
Jason: We did that once. Worst show ever.
Toca: In a box, in a box.

PZO: What is the worst thing you have ever done and gotten away with?
Jason: You know every question I could say this interview, this interview, this interview, but I am going to stop doing that.
PZO: I think that would be wise.
Jason: Ummm..the worst--what was it? The worst question I've asked myself and who I slept with? What was the question?
PZO: What is the worst thing you have ever done and gotten away with?
Jason: The worst thing I've ever done and gotten away with. I went to a--
<A hardcore Jewel fan interupts>
Jason: Okay. I went to a Christian camp in 8th grade at a beach and my friends and I were walking up and down the beach and we shoplifted and we didn't get caught. Actually, my friend did. I did it first and then my friend shortly followed and he got busted and they were gonna call the camp and they were gonna call the cops and we freaked out and we like paid for it and we cried and then we got all super Christian after that. The camp never found out, <whispers> but God knew.
PZO: Worst thing?
Jason: That's pretty bad. I haven't killed anybody. These were Christians. This was shoplifting.
Jason: I don't know. It's all good--bad. Good. Bad. Bad. Good. Bad. I think that's worst thing I've ever done. My parents never saw my report cards. <two thumbs up> Thanks, dad. He's is going to watch this. My dad is like the super online junkie. He watches all the online stuff. He reads all the online info. He's going to be reading your interview, Nevra. Come on. Do one for dad.
PZO: That's so cool.
Jason: So now he knows.

PZO: Given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day?
Jason: Who would I kidnap for a day. Hmmm..<rubs chin><french accent> That is a very good question.
<Nevra's phone rings. It's someone she doesn't know>
Jason: Nevra's cell.
Guy_On_Phone: Is Bonnie there?
Jason: Bonnie?
Guy_On_Phone: Yeah
Jason: Yeah, may I ask who's calling?
Guy_On_Phone: Yeah, this is Mark.
Jason: Yeah, hang on. <hangs up> What was the question? Who would I kidnap for a day?
PZO: Yeah
<Crew says food is there and Nevra's phone rings again>
Jason: I'd kidnap John Mayer for a day.
PZO: Why?
Jason: I just want to say, "What's up? What's up, dude?"
PZO: Well, couldn't you just pass him by and say hi?
Jason: No, no no. We need to like spend some time. Yeah, yeah, no. Long story. He's good. He's great. We all love him. We just need to talk
<looks into camera> John, if you're checking your online stuff you and I need to talk, dude. Mono a manana.

PZO: Is that it?
Jason: I guess.
PZO: You guess?
Jason: I have to be confident, positive.
PZO: Well you just can't kidnap him and then be like, "Oh, I don't want to kidnap you anymore."
Jason: No, I do. I want to kidnap him and his girlfriend. I think he's dating Jennifer Love Hewitt and I want to watch them make sweet love.
PZO: She gets around.
Jason: I want to see them get it on.

PZO: What is something you have always wanted to do, but have not done yet?
Jason: One thing I need to do, that I have not done yet. Eat dinner tonight.
PZO: Did you eat lunch?
Jason: Yes. Chicken salad sandwhich.
PZO: <points to pzo_camera_friend, Ariel> She's vegan and vegetarian.
Jason: Oh really? Far out.
PZO_Camera_Friend: I haven't eaten all day.
PZO: You had an apple and a banana. <looks at Jason> It's not easy to feed people like that.
Jason: You need some living energy foods. Soke some nuts in water overnight. In the morning the dormant nut becomes an alive seed. It fills
you with living energy. You can experiment with all kinds of seeds. Toca, what is one thing I haven't done, but I would like to do.
Toca: Jump into that garbage container.
Jason: Jump into that garbage container. That is the most current thing I haven't done that I would like to do.
<Toca put some boxes in the dumpster and is now ready to dive into it; Nevra's phone rings again>
Jason: Do it T-Boz.
<Toca dives into the dumpster and a HUGE "THUMP" is heard>
Toca: Holy Shit!
<laughter><camera flashes>
Toca: Get me out of here!
<Toca struggles to ge out; his shirt is ripped>

Jason: So Toca has done what I've always wanted to do.
PZO: You don't want to do it?
Jason: Not after seeing Toca do it.
Toca: Just throw some more boxes in there.
PZO: They look pretty smashed to me.
<Toca and Jason talk about food><Fans come and talk to Jason>
Jason: What's up? He [Toca] hurt himself.

PZO: What is a common compliment people give you?
Jason: Umm..common compliment. During intermission when we're selling merch "Great show", "You guys sounded great", you know? That's it. That's the common compliment. On more of a personal level let's exclude the performance aspect <whispers> of my personal life. I'd say it was my eyes and when someone would stare into my eyes long enough without looking away to this area very often <moves hand where Nevra keeps looking away>
PZO: <laughs>
Jason: they would become deeply entranced and they'd want to come to the Madonna Inn tonight and stay with us in the western suite.
<raises eyebrow and grins>

PZO_Camera_Friend: I stayed in the pink room once. It was ugly.
Jason: <opens mouth in shock> I'm looking forward to that. I've never stayed there.
PZO_Camera_Friend: I like the jungle room.
Jason: Does it have like vines?
PZO_Camera_Friend: It has like leopard print on the walls.
PZO: You should get the Champagne cake. The pink one. It's really good.
Jason: Oh. Okay.
PZO: What's a compliment you want to hear?
Jason: I don't know. I want to hear, "Wow, you're so much better than that John Mayer guy." That would be nice if people would say that. No, that's not true. This is going to be like a Jason versus John interview. That's so not true.

PZO: What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid?
Jason: Favorite Halloween costume when I was a kid. I was Peter Pan. <touches his tighs> I liked the feeling of the tights. How they emodied my supple thighs and my boyish figure.
PZO: How old were you?
Jason: Eighteen.
<soft laughs>
PZO: That's it?
Jason: That's it. That's the one. Peter Pan. I had a feather and a hat and everything. I was a devil once. That was pretty fun. I don't think you get to pick when you're a kid. Your mom just kind of dresses you. Still does. It's alright.

PZO: If you were to have your own 1-800 number, like 1-800-callatt, what would you want it to be?
<long silence>
Jason: So do I have to figure out something that has 7 seven letters here.
PZO: Nah.
Jason: 1-800...oh my gosh. What is it today, Nevra? What is it today?
PZO: Monday.
Jason: I know.
PZO: The 15th.
Jason: This is such a...
PZO: boring day.
Jason: quiet day. Umm..1-800...wow, that's a good question.
PZO: <has no expression>
Jason: Sort of.
PZO: <looks shocked>
Jason: <laughs> Good because there are an infinite amount of possibilities. Sort of--what would I do with a 1-800 number? The New Kids on the Block had a 1-900 number. 1-900-909-5KIDS. Way too many letters, but we used to call it. We used to talk to you know Danny, Jordan, John, Joe...if I ever did one of those it would be 1-900--
PZO: It has to be 1-800. Sorry.
Jason: 1-800. Okay.
<Jewel arrives>
Jason: Umm..I'd do one of those boy band things.
PZO: Weren't you in one?
Jason: I was. We were like Color Me Badd. We did Color Me Badd rip offs.
<Jewel passes by>
Jewel: Hi, Mr. Mraz.
Jason: What's up, Suga?
PZO: You had the clothes like them and everything?
Jason: We were called Dressed To Kill. Of course we had the clothes. 1-800-368-4952. My phone number in Hollywood is 555-5555. 1-800. Actually, it will be a voicemail. No, check it out. 1-800-ToiletHumor. You call in and you record your defecation over the phone, so when I listen to it, it's just one stream of pee. It's from all over the world. I have no idea. I am so out of a loss. Let's move on. I am horrible at math. I can not put numbers together.

PZO: What is a slang word or phrase that you are sick and tired of and what is one that you use often?
Jason: Far out. I started saying far out like a week ago.
PZO: Is it the one you hate or--
Jason: Both. It's one I say often and I can't get rid of it. Everytime I say it. I'm like agh. Far out. Currently it's far out. So if you watch this in like three months and I'm still saying far out: kick my ass.
PZO: Can we get this in writing?
Jason: Absolutely. You have it on film.
PZO: I prefer in writing.

PZO: What's your favorite curse word?
Jason: Shizon. Shite. Shizon. I say it a lot.
PZO: Is that it?
Jason: That's the one.
PZO: The only one?
Jason: That's it. I don't really say too many of them.
PZO: Really.
Jason: Nope.
PZO: You're not a very good liar, are you?
Jason: No. <laughs>

PZO: In 60 seconds tell the world why they should go buy your album.
Jason: <gets excited> Why they should buy my album?
PZO: Yeah!
Jason: 'Cause it's chalk full of excitement, it's chalk full of love. We worked really hard on it. I got to make a record with some of life's greatest musicians. They're called Agents of Good Roots. Love them ever since I was in high school; my favorite band. I had the opportunity to use themas the band on my album. So it was just this big exploding pool of good times. Lots of sexual energy on my record. Lot a get down jiggy wit it attitude. Down home flava. There's some Chicagoesque rockin in it. I tried to make an album that was like--where there is a chalk full of variety,little bit of this, little bit of that all under one common pop theme, so it would be acceptable on radio if at all possible these days. No one really accepts radio anymore. That's probably about 45 seconds. Another reason is so that I can keep doing what I am doing 'cause I love doing what I am doing and I suck at everything else. You don't want me working at Starbucks 'cause I will definitely screw up your coffee. You don't want meworking at Kinkos because I am not going to be fast and efficient, you know? I need to be doing this. I need to get better at it, so if people don't buy it then..oh screw it. I am going to be doing it anyway. Don't buy it. I don't care. It's your thing.

PZO: What question comes up in almost every interview, that you are tired of being asked?
Jason: What are your influences? I hate that question. What are your influences, what are your influences. How did you get started? I should just have a shirt that has all my influences on it. Bob Dylan said if everyone stopped making records now everyone in the world would still have enough--would be able to take like 200 records home and each person would have different records and you would have music. There would be plenty of music. The world doesn't need anymore music. Why are we making more music? You never know when somebody comes along and does something a little different. <smiles>

PZO: Hint, hint.
Jason: Hint, hint.

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