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members present:
Adam Lohrbach
Darren Reynolds

conducted on:
January 2002
by: Nevra Azerkan
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shout-out to PZO


Adam: Look at THAT. Professionalism.
Darren: I just want to state at the beginning of this interview, this is very professional. This is the most organized interview I've ever seen. This is good. You're going to be a pro.

PZO: How's recording going for your upcoming full length album?
Adam: Really good.
Darren: Better than we planned.
Adam: Yeah, it sounds really good. We're very excited. We're working with Steve Evetts on this recording and he's like an amazing producer. He did like the Saves The Day stuff. A buncha really good bands.....Snapcase..and uh we're actually leaving the show tonight to finish up the recording.
Darren: So he's making us a good band. That's good.

PZO: When you're in the studio, how much control do you get over the finished product? How open are you to other people's input?
Adam: These are good questions.
Darren: That is a damn good question.
Adam: I like your questions.
Darren: You can put damn, right, in the interview?
PZO: Yeah
Adam: That's DAMN good.
Darren: DAMN good question.
Adam: DAMN, girl.
Darren: DAMN good.
Adam: She's all, "I know". <silence> That was a good question, but I forgot what it was though.
Darren: Dude, I don't know, but it was DAMN good.
Adam: It had a lot of syllables and stuff.
Darren: Oh, Oh...how much...
Adam: control?
Darren: Yeah, as being open we're always open to do new things 'cause Steve has a lot of great ideas. So he works well with that kind of music.
Adam: This sound would be cooler, this effect on the vocal or you can try this harmony here. Then you try it out to see if it sounds good and if you like it, you keep it and if it's something you don't like, you don't do it.
Darren: If there's something on the record that's really cool, then we go, yeah, we thought it up.
Adam: Yeah, we take the credit.
Darren: We take credit, but we don't give credit to anyone else. We're like yeah, that's us.

PZO: What's a lyric in one of your songs that's often misunderstood? <silence>
Darren: <to Adam> I don't know because I don't write any of the lyrics, so that's your question.
Adam: Uhh....our songs are pretty...they aren't big on poetic....if we have a situation we write about it. Something that happens in our life, you know. Hoping that people can relate to it. There isn't much confusion in our lyrics. We keep it straight forward.
Darren: Sometimes kids can take it differently, but that's what we like.
Adam: That's cool.
Darren: Yeah
Adam: What helps you.

PZO: What pumps you up before a concert?
Darren: Usually, our entrance music that we come out to. Like we'll play some DMX when we come on and then we start getting all excited.
Adam: A little Ludacris maybe some Jay-Z.
Darren: Yeah, a little Jay-Z. You know "Girls, Girls, Girls" from Jay-Z?
PZO: Yeah
Adam: Actually, the coolest thing is when people sing a long.

PZO: What material possessions do you believe signify success in the music business?
Darren: I don't understand that question.
Adam: Bentley's, Benz's...
Darren: Yeah, cars.
Adam: A lot of cars.
Darren: Put that in Lamen's terms for me...
Adam: Like girls that are way too hott for you, like way out of your league, like you....'cause they know you have a lot of stuff.
Darren: So, what was the question.
Adam: Material things.
Darren: Oh, like when you get cribs and stuff usually. MTV cribs...
Adam: But you know the really hott girls that, if you weren't in a band or weren't big, they have no business talking to you at all. But they do because you got that little edge, you're in a band.

PZO: What's the worst thing you've ever seen a performer do on stage?
Darren: The worst thing I ever saw was um..Fletcher from Pennywise vomit all over the stage. That is probably the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.
Adam: Or watching Oasis play. That was painful.
Darren: That was painful, yeah.

PZO: Who is your favorite new artist?
Adam: Mine is Tenacious D, right now.
Darren: Yeah, we like the "D" right now.
Adam: We got that CD is the car right now.
Darren: I like Jimmy Eat World a lot.
Adam: We listen to everything.
Darren: I like the new No Doubt a lot too. Very dancie.
Adam: We like to talk a lot too.

PZO: What's the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning?
Darren: Well, usually it's in the crack of noon. Butt crack of noon.
Adam: First thing I think about....fishing.
Darren: Yeah
Adam: Should I go fishing today?
Darren: Yeah
Adam: Then how are the waves? Maybe we can go surfing.
Darren: Maybe we can look on the Internet and surf. Then uh...when are we going to eat?
Adam: Yeah, food. Food definitely comes up real quick.
Darren: Maybe fishing, eat and then sleep.
Adam: Yeah, or maybe why my breath is so bad?
Darren: I need to brush my teeth.
Adam: I should have washed that jell out of my hair 'cause now I slept and it got all over my pillow and my face broke out in acne 'cause I didn't wash, you know?
Darren: Yeah, why did I drink so much the night before? That one happens sometimes, you know?
Adam: Oh yeah, yeah yeah!
Darren: Those are some good examples we just gave you.
Adam: Or why did I hook up with that 6 year old?
Darren: THAT one was the worse. That was horrible.
Adam: I swore she looked like she was twelve.
Darren: Yeah, she was at least twelve.

PZO: What are some professions you would never do?
Darren: I could never be a porn star 'cause on film..I just don't do well on film.
Adam: Yeah, stage fright really.
Darren: I can't perform. I try and I just can't perform. That's definitely out. <to Adam> What about you?
Adam: Gay porn for me.
Darren: Gay porn?
Adam: Yeah, men don't do it for me. I'm more of a woman kind of guy.
Darren: Yeah, you got a point. What else? I've had a lot of random jobs from Carls Jr. to working at a surf store. We probably have the best job.
Adam: This is probably the best job.
Darren: Yeah
Adam: Everyday is like a new adventure, you know? I know it sounds really corny, but it's true. You meet/make new friends all the time. <Alex from Finch asks to borrow my pen> Except Finch, we hate those guys.
Darren: Yeah, they suck.
Adam: But yeah, this is like the best job.

PZO: What is the most memorable billboard you've ever seen?
Darren: Memorable billboard? <laughs> OH! That just happened to us in Japan.
Adam: Which one?
Darren: Fever. Is that memorable or just..? I got a fever.
Adam: Not like a Home Grown marquee, a billboard.
Darren: Well....
Adam: That's kind of an inside joke.
Darren: Oh yeah, that's true....Oh, I know. It just happened. We were just in L.A. three days ago and since January 1st to January 14th, 14,128 people have died from smoking this year already.
Adam: Yeah, I remember that.
Darren: I was like WOW. It's only been about two weeks into the year and 14,000 people already died. Don't smoke.
Adam: It's good that they died though 'cause I don't want them smoking around me.
Darren: Yeah, I don't want to die from their second-hand smoke.

PZO: What's one slang word you can't stand?
Darren: The word, "piece". Like what's up in this piece? Let's get out of this piece.
Adam: Ughhh, I hate that.
Darren: My God...piece..
Adam: "Hella". I can't stand hella.
Darren: "Hella Good" is a good song from No Doubt, but I hate the title.
Adam: Yeah.
Darren: Hella and piece.
Adam: "Hella Good" has a hella bad title.
Darren: Yeah, hella sucks.

PZO: What's something mean you'd like to do to someone, but never had the guts to?
Adam: Take my index finger and set it right up to my butt cheeks and wipe it right under their nose.
<lots of "ewwws">
Darren: It's called Dirty Sanchez.
Adam: I wouldn't do it though.
Darren: Or Dirty Sancho.
Adam: Dirty Sanchez. That's what I wanna do.
Darren: It's pretty popular among band members. Gotta be careful when you're sleeping.
Adam: Yep
Darren: That's good. I'll go with that.

PZO: Do you have any weird fetishes?
Adam: Where to start...
Adam: I love Asian girls. Asian Portugese...any Asian mix. Asian Black. Beautiful.
Darren: I don't think I have any fetishes. Yeah, I don't have any total fetish. Toes are disgusting. Feet are horrible.
Adam: I like feet. I don't mind feet. I'll suck on toes all day.
Darren: UGGH!
<everyone else says their "ewww's">
Adam: I'll spread that big one and then there is a little mucky thing right next to it.
<More "eewww's">

PZO: What is one of your craziest goals?
Darren: Mine is to play on the Conan O'Brien show, but play and after we play I am gonna jump off my drum set and I am gonna freak Conan O'Brien. I'm gonna freak him.
Adam: Really?
Darren: Yeah.
Adam: Smack his ass....yeah, he'd like that. That's kind of a crazy goal.
Darren: That's my goal.
Darren: We're not really a goal oriented band now that I think about it.
Adam: Yeah, no. Keep your expectations low. Don't expect a lot. Don't try to achieve a lot. Just stay at a comfortable level and you'll be okay.
Darren: Yeah, that's a good answer.

PZO: Do you have any superstitious believes?
Adam: I'm not really into superstitions.
Darren: No, we actually....no. We...no, we don't. None.

PZO: If you could pass a law what would it be?
Adam: Pass a law...
Darren: I would pass a law saying that people over the age of 55 have to go retake their driver's license test again to get their driver's license.
Adam: I'd pass a law for no cigarette smoking in clubs or bars in every state. It should be an international law.
Darren: That was a good one. That was good. I like mine too. I don't like old drivers.

PZO: If you could change anything in the past that you did, what would it be?
Darren: I'm really happy.
Adam: Maybe I would have broke up with that girl before she broke up with me.
Darren: Yeah.
Adam: That would have been good. Yeah, I'd dump her. Yeah, it's on the rocks and like you both know it's ready to go, but you just took a little too long and she takes the call. You wish you would have done it first. You know that kind of thing.

PZO: Who do you go to for advice and inspiration?
Darren: Our lawyer.
Adam: Our lawyer.
Darren: Roger Sandau, esquire.
Adam: He's the man.
Darren: He points us in the right direction. Ummm...family, very important people.
Adam: Yep.

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