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conducted on:
October 2010
by: Nevra Azerkan
extras:official website
shout-out to pzo


PZO: As a musician, what are your best qualities?
Greyson: What are my best qualities, well…that’s a very good question. I would say I’m pretty good at piano. You know, I sing, yeah. <laughs>

PZO: Describe your music in five words or less.
It’s kind of like a Coldplay vibe, kind of like a pop-rock album.

PZO: Given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day and what would you do?
Greyson: Hmm…Gene Simmons.
PZO: What would you do?
Greyson: Go to rock shows. <laughs>

PZO: What is something you have always wanted to do, but have not done yet?
Greyson: I can’t wait to start traveling internationally, actually.
PZO: and you’ll be doing that soon?
Greyson: I think I am, yes.

PZO: What’s the last good deed you did?
Greyson: I opened the door for my Dad. <laughs>
PZO: Nice.

PZO: What’s the best lesson you’ve ever learned?
Greyson: The best lesson…I think it was to always stay yourself.
PZO: and who told you that?
Greyson: Lady Gaga.

What’s the best advice Ellen has given you?
Greyson:She told me not to get lost in the industry.

PZO: I heard one of your celebrity crushes is Dianna Agron from Glee.
Greyson: Oh yeah.
PZO: <laughs> If offered a role would you appear on the show?
Greyson: Oh, I would love to.
PZO: Would that be kind of a goal for you right now?
Greyson: I think it’s a very big goal for me, yes.
PZO: You know saying this; all your fans are going to campaign to get you on Glee now.
Greyson: Let’s hope, let’s hope.

PZO: Which celebrity’s house would you like to go trick or treating at?
Greyson:Bill Gates either that or Steve Jobs, so I could get like a free iPod. <laughs>
PZO: That is smart thinking! Are you actually dressing up this year?
Greyson: I actually am. I’m going to be in Oklahoma for Halloween.
PZO: What are you going to be?
Greyson: I kind of want to keep it a surprise.
PZO: Is it something we would expect or is it out of nowhere?
Greyson: It’s something out of nowhere.

PZO: Tell me about your first single, "Waiting Outside the Lines" which was released today.
Greyson: It’s out now, yes, yes, yes.
PZO: I heard it. It’s amazing, I love it already.
Greyson: Well thank you so much, thank you, thank you.
PZO: Did you write it?
Greyson: I did not actually write this one.
PZO: What’s it about?
Greyson: It’s about overcoming an obstacle in your life. You know getting over something that’s really hard for you. This song is very meaningful to me and I hope that my fans can relate to it and have it be an escape for them.

PZO: Are you going to be doing a music video for that soon?
Greyson: Yes, pretty soon.
PZO: Like in the next month or so?
Greyson: Actually, I’m taping within the next couple of weeks.
PZO: and you already have a concept?
Greyson: Yes, but I do not want to say.
PZO: I figured as much, but I was wondering about your first YouTube video for your cover of "Paparazzi" that featured some awestruck reactions from the girls in the background, would you consider having them in one of your music videos?
Greyson: Maybe not this one because this one is actually taking place in a fantasy world.
PZO: But maybe in a future video.
Greyson: Oh yeah, that would be a really cool idea.

PZO: What can you tell us about your upcoming album? I hear it’s going to be released early next year.
Greyson: Mhmm.  It’s a very meaningful album. Most of the songs I have written and they mean a lot to me. I’m so excited to get this out, so my fans can escape to all the songs on this. These songs have a lot of meaning and a lot of things. I’m just really hoping my fans are going to like this album.
PZO: Do you know how many songs it’s going to have?
Greyson: I do not know yet.
PZO: Are they going to be all original songs or will you include some of the cover songs you’ve done.
Greyson: Oh, it’s all original.
PZO: Is it going to be self-titled?
Greyson: Self-titled? Yes, I actually came up with the title.
PZO: Oh, so not self-titled.
Greyson: I’m sorry. I actually don’t know what self-titled means.
PZO: Oh, like it would be: Greyson Chance – Greyson Chance.
Greyson: Ahh, okay. <laughs> Sorry.
PZO: No problem.
Greyson: I thought like self-titled, like self, myself.
PZO: Okay, now that actually makes much more sense!
Greyson: <laughs>
PZO: So you came up with the title yourself, which you are not going to tell me.
Greyson: You’re very correct.

PZO: What’s one question you have not been asked in an interview that you would like to be asked?
Greyson: Hmm…that’s a very good question. Nobody’s asked me about my dance skills.
PZO: Funny you should mention that Greyson because I’ve been wanting to ask you about your dance skills.
Greyson: <laughs> They’re not very good, I’ll just point that out.
PZO: You should totally ask Ellen for lessons, she’s pretty good.
Greyson: I should. I should call her up one day and be like I need some dance lessons. I definitely should. <laughs>
PZO: and then next time you’re on her show you can show off your new moves during the intro.
Greyson: Ah, I like that. That’s a very good idea. But no, I’m actually not a very well dancer. I dance where nobody can see me in my bedroom at 12 o' clock at night.
PZO: Nice. Well maybe when you go on tour you can showcase some dancing after you’ve practiced.
Greyson: <laughs> Maybe I will, yeah.

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