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members present:
Theo Goutzinakis, Tom Thacker, Craig Wood

conducted on:
November 2001
by: Rocio Villalobos
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: Where’s your favorite getaway place?
Theo: Like when we’re on the road touring, I guess it would be home because that’s sort of a getaway from everything. You know? In a way...’cause sometimes you go on tour for so long that home is like...
Tom: I lock myself in my apartment for a couple of days when I get home.
Theo: Yeah, I just lounge. If you’re on the road for a couple of months straight and then you come home, it just feels like it’s a different place. You have to get used to it, everything looks kind of different than from what you remember. You kind of have to sink back into it. ‘Cause out on the road you’re always moving and it’s always like you’re going here, you’re going there, you’re doing this, you’re doing that. Then when you get home everything stops; it’s kind of weird. Perfect timing dude...

<Craig walks in>

PZO: Are your families supportive of your career, or do they wish you’d find a more secure career?
Theo: Yes and no, I guess. In the beginning they didn’t like the music thing at all; they didn’t care for it. But I guess they see my drive, my motivation, over the years and...
Tom: Once they see you on TV and hear you on the radio and stuff and in the newspapers, they get all excited. But my mom was like, go to university, you promised you were gonna go to the university. I mean, I would love to, but I love doing this.
Theo: In Canada it’s totally different ‘cause they have like 8 of our videos that they play on Much Music, which is a sort of way cooler MTV thing. They play more independent acts and stuff. But anyway, we have videos and people know us more so we get played on the radio in Canada. Our parents see, like Tom said, that we get played on the radio and we’re on TV so it makes them more excited and more proud. I guess they think there’s some sort of an achievement or something going on there.
Tom: They’re more behind it than we are! We’re like, ugh, I’m not gonna go on tour anymore. Then they’re like <pretends to get slapped by a parent>, you’re gonna go on tour!

PZO: What kind of cars do you drive?
Craig: I drive my skateboard.
Theo: I drive the jackshit. The car called the jackshit. Have you heard of it?
PZO: Nope.
Theo: It’s the only vehicle we have; like, none of us have a vehicle except for maybe Gabe, right? Gabe and his wife.
Craig: He’s the drummer and he’s rich. His wife has a car.
Theo: Actually, my girlfriend has a car too, so I guess...but it’s not really mine. But um, yeah, we just drive the GOB van around ‘cause that’s pretty much our hotel. Our home, our hotel, and residence is our van. That’s our form of transportation usually.

PZO: What are the things you like best that your fans can do for you?
Theo: Uhh, I don’t know if we can tell you...
Theo: You know, some fans are so cool that they bring us presents. That’s kind of cool; they give us little gifts. I guess ‘cause we make ‘em laugh and cry. And we give ‘em wedgies.

PZO: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done or said to anyone?
Theo: Um, everything. We do everything stupid...well, I should speak for myself. I do everything stupid. I don’t know. There are so many things, maybe Tom can explain ‘em...
Tom: I dunno, I’m not gonna pick on you, I know I’ve done a million stupid things.
Theo: Well, for the last tour I left the trailer door open and we drove down the highway with the trailer door...that was pretty stupid.
Theo: And the trailer door was down, it’s like a ramp/door, it looks like you could drive up it with a motorcycle and into it. So we’re driving on the highway and it’s down and like, about a minute and a half into us driving on the highway this guy pulls up beside us and he’s pointing. But you know what? Out of a fucking miracle, nothing was like, the van was really packed, but nothing fell out! And it had these rubber stoppers on it, on the bottom of the door, so that it didn’t make sparks, but it wore down the rubber stoppers. So yeah, that was pretty stupid. But I guess, you know what? Our manager, tour manager that is, Mike Dinger, he probably takes the cake for doing stupid things.
Tom: He does stupid things.
Craig: Like everybody looks like an angel compared to him, since he’s fucking up.
Tom: He lost my credit card. He lost my brand new card...
Theo: I know, we were gonna like buy a car for each of us since there’s no limit on it. So we were just later on gonna say that it got stolen. No, I’m just kidding. Um, but yea, it wasn’t even a week old. It was like, 4 or 5 days old, the card, and he lost it already. He loses everything. You know what, if he was having sex with a girl, or he was married, and he was trying to have a baby, he would probably lose his semen too. <pretending to be Mike> Oohh, where’d I put it?
Tom: He’d lose his erection.

PZO: If you were a spokesperson for a product, which company would you pick?
Craig: Toilet paper.
Theo: I dunno, I like a lot of things I don’t know what to pick.
Tom: Maybe Gibson Guitars.
Theo: Yamaha! Just joking...
Tom: It’s fucking cold in here.
Theo: I know.
Tom: I’ll tell you that much.
PZO: Yeah, I’m kinda freezing right about now.
Theo: Oh, I know. I’d be a spokesperson for “Cocksucker” socks. I bought these socks that have “Cocksucker” embroidered on them. Maybe I’ll wear them tonight.
Tom: I don’t know why I fucking bought them.
Theo: We gotta wear them!
Theo: Yeah, I think I’m gonna wear my “Cocksucker” socks tonight. I also have these socks that say “Slut” too...

PZO: How much of an input do you have on your image?
Theo: I totally tell them what to do. I said Tom, grow your hair out longer. Craig, look really cute. Gabe, act like a jerk.
Theo: Nah, we all just do our own thing. We don’t have an “image.”
Tom: We sat down and had a meeting when we joined the band and said, look, Theo, you have to be the goofy guy. And I have to be the quiet guy. Craig has to be the cute guy. And Gabe has to be the asshole.
Craig: Fucking asshole...

PZO: Have you already started working on your next CD?
Theo: Yeah, we have. We’ve done demos and stuff. We actually did some demos for a record company, which we can’t mention. I’m just joking, I don’t know why I said that.

PZO: Do you have a date planned for its release?
Theo: Oh, no, we don’t know anything.
Tom: We don’t know anything.
Theo: We seriously don’t know anything because we did some demos for [record company]. I think they’re coming to see us play. A couple of them saw us play live, and then I think a whole bunch more are coming to see us play live. I hope. The whole schmeal deal...like the head honchos.

PZO: One of your fans on a message board wanted to know why you like walking around with video cameras asking girls for weed?
Theo: What?!
Theo: Dude, I have no idea what...
Craig: We ask ‘em for beers and stuff. Never weed!
Theo: When have we done that?
Tom: Usually we ask ‘em for crack.
Theo: Yeah, we ask ‘em for needles, but nothing hard.
Tom: We ask them for crack.
Craig: Bum crack.
Theo: I don’t know where that came from, ‘cause we don’t even smoke drugs. Actually, I guess our drummer smokes pot, but...
PZO: So it might have been him...?
Theo: But we never go around with a video camera and ask people for weed; we’ve never done that.
Craig: It sounds like a pretty cool idea, though.

PZO: Have you ever done anything to each other while the other was sleeping or passed out?
Theo: We’ve done stuff to our crew. Draw like, moustaches with felt pins and put warm bottles of piss and apple juice near them.
Tom: One morning I woke up with a sore butt.
Craig: A sore ass...

PZO: What bands or groups do you wish would just stop making music?
Theo: Man, I don’t know. Where do I start?
Craig: The Donnas.
<Craig was being cute here...I happened to be wearing my Donnas shirt that day>
Theo: I don’t know, we can say...
Craig: Elvis!
Theo: ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys
Craig: Britney
Tom: No, not Britney, ‘cause I like the videos.
Theo: Christina Aguilera.

PZO: Is writing songs something that’s spontaneous?
Theo: No, it’s not at all. We just steal them. Nah, you gotta ask Tom ‘cause I haven’t written anything spontaneous lately.
Tom: I just listen to boy and girl bands backwards, and steal their songs. They’re actually better backwards.

PZO: Are there any questions that come up in every interview that you’re tired of being asked?
Theo: Um...you’ve covered them all.
PZO: Thank you.
Tom: People usually ask us where we got our name; you probably already asked that.
Theo: No, she didn’t.
Tom: She didn’t?
Theo: She has not asked.
Tom: You’re good
Theo: Yeah, she’s already good.

<Mike Dinger, their road manager, walks in>
Theo: What do you want?! We’re doing an interview, god dammit!!
Mike: Doors open at 7, but you guys aren’t on until 9.
Tom: That’s Mike.
PZO: Yeah, I’ve already met him.
Tom: That’s the guy we were talking about.
Craig: Dinger! Dinger! Ding!
<Mike leaves>

PZO: Do you have anything special planned for Christmas or New Year’s?
Theo: I’m thinking about putting up a Christmas tree...
Tom: I’m gonna put on a red suit, put pillows in my gut, buy presents and deliver ‘em to needy children around the world.
Craig: I’m gonna put on a red suit, go down to the mall, and get all those little kids to sit in my lap.
Theo: I think I’m gonna dress Mike Dinger up as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and fuck him from behind.
Theo: I’m just joking.
Tom: Dude, I’m gonna fucking steal Christmas.

PZO: Are there any bands or people you’d like to meet?
Theo: Yeah...no...
Tom: I’d like to meet Dr. Dre.
Theo: Well, we’ve met a lot of the people that we like. We’ve met a lot of artists, with us being so cool and all, everyone wants to hang out with us. I don’t know, I can’t think of any ‘cause we’ve met like...
Craig: Ray Charles, those kinds of guys.
Theo: I guess so...yeah, Ray Charles. Michael Jackson, how about that?
Craig: Aretha Franklin? Tina Turner?
Theo: I can’t think of anyone else. We’ve met like AC/DC, we’ve met Eminem, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, we’ve met them all.
Craig: Sum 41.
Theo: Sum 41...ever heard of them?
<Tom goes to turn off the air condition>
Theo: The Vandals.
Craig: The Donnas.
Theo: Name any band and we’ll tell you if we’ve met them.
PZO: Good Charlotte.
Theo: Their name sounds familiar to me...is it a bunch of girls?
PZO: <laughs> No, they’re guys.
Theo: Is it like a metal band?
PZO: No, they’re pop/punk.
Craig: Are they from Florida?
PZO: No, they’re from...
Craig: Charlotte, North Carolina?
PZO: <laughs> They’re from D.C.
Theo: I’ve seen a poster or something...is that a band that you like?
PZO: Yeah.
Theo: Ok, name another one ‘cause we don’t really know them.
PZO: Mest.
Craig: Ok, we don’t wanna play this game anymore...
Theo: Who the hell are these bands?! Are they just like, one-hit wonder bands? Name another band...name more bands that you like, come on.
<Tom returns>
Tom: I got a Louisville Slugger, and there was the air conditioning machine, and I just <pretends to beat the crap out of the A.C. machine>
Theo: Name those bands for Tom, see if he’s heard of them.
PZO: Alright, Good Charlotte.
Theo: Have you heard of them?
Tom: Yeah.
Theo: What do they sound like?
Tom: Good Charlotte? They totally fucking ripped us off.
Theo: Name another band.
PZO: Mest.
Tom: They totally ripped us off too.
<Nev decides to call at this point =) so she talks with Theo for a while; meanwhile Dave from Sum 41 walks in and after introductions are made he chills with us for a while>
Tom: But yeah, I’ve heard good things about some of those bands, but I haven’t listened to any of them.
<Theo and Nev finally stop talking>
Theo: Dude, she was fucking mean.
PZO: <laughs>
Theo: Nah, I’m just kidding.

PZO: How have you changed as people and as a band since you first started out?
Theo: All of us have become better musicians and songwriters. It’s pretty much what happens with any band. We’ve grown, even though we’re immature, we’ve matured a little bit with the song writing and stuff. I think the music speaks for itself.
PZO: So you’ve pretty much changed from each album to album?
Theo: Yeah, have you heard anything else besides that album?
PZO: No, I’ve just heard this one.
Theo: The one before it is a lot heavier sounding.
Craig: Now we’re leaning more towards like... ‘N Sync...
Theo: Yeah, we’re trying to lean towards the ‘N Sync / Backstreet Boys crowd ‘cause we wanna get in good with them. They’re the future; they’re the kids that are gonna be running the country.

PZO: What’s been one of your weirder experiences since you’ve been together as a band?
Tom: Sitting behind Alanis Morissette. We sat behind her at these Canadian music awards.
Theo: We did.
Tom: I was directly behind her and she kept farting; I was just like, ugh...
PZO: <laughs>
Theo: They’re our Canadian awards, just like the Grammys, except they’re called the Juno Awards, and we were nominated for Best New Group, even though we were, at that time, we had been in the band for 6 years. Like Tom says, it’s about fucking time that they notice.
Tom: Yeah, when we won the award I went up there and I said: ‘Best New Band, huh? Where the fuck have you all been?! We’ve been around for 6 years, it’s about fucking time! Biatch!!’

PZO: Do you have any favorite cities that you like to stop in?
Tom: I like New York.
Craig: <starts singing> I like New York in June, how about you?
Theo: New York is a rad city.
Tom: I like Chicago, too.
Theo: Chicago is cool. Los Angeles is cool.
Tom: And I like Austin, actually.
Craig: I like Boulder, CO.
Theo: Yeah, and Austin. Are there any oil fields out in Austin?
PZO: I don’t know, I don’t think so.
Theo: Are they all in Houston?
PZO: I have no idea.
Theo: You have no idea? You’re from Texas and you don’t know?
Theo: You don’t know your own state’s history?
PZO: <laughs> Sorry...
Craig: When we were in Dallas, like downtown, there was no one anywhere...
Tom: It’s kind of like Jacksonville; once it’s like past 4 o’clock in the afternoon the city just fucking shuts down.
Theo: Shit, it’s like a ghost town.
<Theo starts imitating that little song they always play in country westerns, right before a duel...you know which one I’m talking about>
Theo: Then a fucking tumbleweed goes by.
Tom: But yeah, that’s what Dallas was like.
Theo: It was like a Clint Eastwood movie.

PZO: Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?
Theo: I don’t think we have any in Austin or in Texas.
Tom: Well, we might.
PZO: <laughs> Just fans in general.
Theo: Uhh, don’t forget to take your vitamins and be healthy and strong.
Craig: We love you baby!
Tom: Tell them to bring cookies to us while we’re on the road when they come to our shows. And to take us out for dinner!
Theo: Oh, and if you’re 50 years old you should go get your prostate checked.

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