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members present:
Jonathan Cook, Kyle Burns,
Kent Garrison
conducted on: December 2010
by: Nevra Azerkan
extras:official website


PZO: As a band, what are your best qualities?
Kyle: Let me consult with Jonathan.
Kent: Assurance. Quality assurance.
Jonathan: We have quality products at our merch table.
Kent: We have quality air in our bus. We have an air purifier, so the air is always pure.
Jonathan: We have quality tea; Arizona brand.
Kyle: We have quality friendship.
Jonathan: We have quality team building exercises on the mountains snowboarding.
Kent: We have quality care.
Jonathan: Health care.
Kent: Quality health care and quality motor oil that we use on our bus.
Jonathan: 10W-30 Mobil.
Kyle: We have quality or your money back. Guaranteed 100%.

PZO: What is a common compliment people give you as a band and individually?
Jonathan: "You guys have great attitudes."
Kyle:  Here’s a compliment: I’d be like Jonathan, I like your jacket. Kent, would you like to wear my jacket?
Kent: No, thanks. The compliment I normally get is "you’re the best keyboard player in Forever the Sickest Kids."
PZO_Camera_Friend: You are.
Kent: Thank you, I appreciate that.
Jonathan: I’ve never gotten that compliment, honestly. What I get in this band is, "Jonathan, you are the best guy in Forever the Sickest Kids named Jonathan." That’s what I get.

PZO: What was the last good deed you did?
Jonathan: The last good deed I did was watch Mr. Deeds on DVD. That’s the best deeds.
Kyle: I did a Salvation Army angel treat this year and I bought pants for Linda. Pants and a handheld game. Pass to Kent.
Kent: The last good deed I did was I held the index cards that they weren’t using in the interview that we’re doing, so the ones that weren’t being used I had them.
Kyle: That’s a good deed right there.

<Jonathan breaks into song: Katy Perry's - "Firework"> [Video]

PZO: What event in your life had the greatest impact on you?
Kyle: I could think of this one time that was a huge impact on my life, it was a great event, Jonathan you know what I’m talking about.
Jonathan: One time I got attacked by an impact of wolves in my neighborhood. They say that wolves run in impacts and beware if you see more than two.
Kent: I would say the event that had the most impact on me was the day I was born. It really helped me become what I wanted to be.
Jonathan: That’s true.
Kyle: My appendix ruptured and the doctor said I could have died. This was this summer and it changed my outlook on life.
Jonathan: The impact on his belly button during that rupture was the largest impact of his life.
<Kyle shows us his belly button>
Jonathan: Kyle’s belly button now you hit his button, his belly button and it’s a play button to a song.
Kyle: <smiles> Stop it!
Jonathan: <sings, “Scars” by Papa Roach> “Scars remind me---
Kyle: Stop it!
Jonathan: ---that the past is real”.
Kyle: Stop it, Jonathan! Don’t tell them that!
Jonathan: “I tear my heart open--
Kyle: Stop it, Jonathan!
Jonathan: ---just to feel”.
Kyle: Stop it, Jonathan!

PZO: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?
Kent: The worst advice I’ve ever gotten is the vice...
Jonathan: Are you talking about a table vice, like to tighten it?
Kyle: Umm…pass to Jonathan.
Jonathan: About three years ago I got advice to use motor oil as cough syrup for vocal exercises. That nearly killed me.
Kyle: The worst advice I got today was from our tour manager. He goes, “Yo, put on that white jacket and go outside and do that interview”.
<Jonathan who is wearing an identical jacket tackles Kyle>

Kyle: Pass back to Kent.
Kent: I already answered this question.

PZO: What was the last meaningful thing you did?
Kent: The last meaningful thing I did was I really got to share---<continues moving his mouth without speaking>.
Kyle: <tapes recorder> It’s the mic. Mic—out. Mic keeps. Out. The most meaningful thing I did today. Caleb our rhythm guitar player was eating BBQ and he had it all over his face and he said, “Gosh, I could use a napkin” and I happened to have an extra one and ended up letting him have it.
Jonathan: The most meaningful thing I ever did was read a dictionary because it was full of meanings.

PZO: Given the opportunity, who would you kidnap for a day and what would you do?
Kent: If I was going to kidnap anyone it would probably be a kid because that would not be kidnapping at all. Just the napping and I stopped napping when I was five.
PZO: That’s kind of creepy.
Kyle: Kidnap for a day. Dang gone, that’s tough. I would kidnap dang gone that’s hard. I would kidnap Minnie Mouse. MINNIE MOUSE! Because we’re in Downtown Disney right now and Minnie Mouse is tight.
Jonathan: If I was gonna cool kidnap anyone for a day it would be---is Justin Bieber too old?
PZO: Uh no.
Jonathan: He’s still a kid?
Kyle: It’s a cool kidnap.
Jonathan: It would be the kid who is in the baby crib in the E-Trade commercials talking with an adults voice. That would be the child I would kidnap.
PZO: and what would you do?
Jonathan: I would log into E-Trade with him and do a stock trade.
Kyle: <fireworks in background> I have a big phobia of balloons popping and that’s not helping.

PZO: What question comes up in almost every interview that you’re tired of being asked?
Kyle: <in southern accent> "Hi, Forever the Sickest Kids, where did you get that dang gone band name you got there?"
Kent: or "tell me how you guys got started."
Kyle: or
Jonathan: "What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you guys while on tour?"
Kyle: or
Kent: "What’s the most embarrassing moment on tour?"
Kyle: or
Jonathan: <southern accent> "How do you guys decide which bunks you sleep in on that darn bus you got?"
Kyle: or
Kent: "What’s the craziest prank you guys have played on yourselves or on another band?"
Kyle: or
Jonathan: "What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on tour?"

PZO: What question have you never been asked in an interview, that you would like to be asked?
Jonathan: I’d like to be asked, “Will you marry me?” by a woman in the future.
Kyle: "Will you take this million dollars out of my hand and spend it to your own good use?"
Jonathan: I would like to be asked, “Sir, where the heck do you get that silly attitude of yours?”
Kyle: I got a question too. I got a question. “Why the heck is Jonathan wearing the same jacket as you?”
Jonathan: Oh, maybe because I had it first.
Kent: I would like to be asked---
<singing, shouting, hugging, celebrating> <Austin leaves>
Kyle: Can we get a picture with you, Austin?
Kent: 30 seconds!
Jonathan: We’ll get a camera.
Kyle: That was Austin, he plays bass. Austin, can we get a minute with you? Austin, is it true what the rumor said?
Kent: Austin doesn’t usually come out and show his face.
Jonathan: That was Austin from Forever the Sickest Kids.
Kent: Very rare.

PZO: What is your best childhood memory?
Kyle: Oooh.
Jonathan: My best childhood memory was whenever I was playing monopoly and I said, “Mom, let’s play memory”.
Kent: My best childhood memory was the time I hung out.
Jonathan: <laughs> Yeah! I was there. I was there for that one.
Kyle: My best childhood memory I ever had was when me and Jonathan were in our high school auditorium in Burleson, Texas and we yelled at one of our teachers. We said, “Hey, Jan!” and his name was “Yawn”, but its spelled Jan and he got mad and pointed at us and chased us.
Jonathan: Sent us to the principal.
Kyle: He sent us to the principal’s office and we got spankings. We really did. I’m not trying to be funny. We really got swats. Instead of Saturday school, we had an option to do three swats.
Jonathan: So if you’re out there “Yawn” your band sucks. He’s in a rockabilly band.
Kyle: Seamus Stout. Seamus Stout.
Jonathan: It’s called Seamus Stout. Your band sucks.
Kyle: Oh my gosh. <laughs>

PZO: What’s one thing you wouldn’t do for any amount of money?
Kent: For any amount of money I would not turn vegetarian. I was actually talking about this at dinner. I don’t think I could give up meat for any amount of money. The end.
Jonathan: For any amount of money I would not set the White House on fire.
Kyle: I will not take off this jacket. Ever.
Jonathan: Clarification, not the governmental facility, White House. There’s a White House in Burleson that’s been vacant for twelve years and my high school has been trying to pay me to go burn it down. I will not set that White House on fire for any amount of money.

PZO: Tell us about your upcoming album that’s coming out in March.
Jonathan: Glad you asked!
Kent: The new album is called Forever the Sickest---<fireworks going off>. The new album is called Forever the Sickest Kids.<fireworks get louder>.
Jonathan: Start over.
Kent: The new album is called Forever the Sickest Kids and it comes out March 1st
Jonathan and Kent: 2011.
Jonathan: Not 2012.

PZO: What would be your pitch to get somebody to buy it?
Jonathan: [Video] Hey, our new album comes out 3.1.11. If you want to have any friends this next year in school you better make sure you go buy that album.
Kyle: Check out the tracks on the album because they’re rockin’.
Kent: I don’t really have a pitch. I’m usually off pitch most of the time.
Kyle: You get that album ‘cause they’re hot! I say you get that album ‘cause those are some funny guys.
Kent: I would say thank you so much for buying the record and I hope you enjoy listening to it.
Jonathan: I would say, “Does your mom know you’re here buying this record?” <only one that laughs> Like they still live at home. <blank stares>
Kent: Also, it comes out….<looks at Jonathan>
Jonathan: March
Kent: March the 1st.
Jonathan: 2011.
Kent: 2011.
Kyle: 3.1.11.
Jonathan: This could very well be our last album that we put out in March of 2011.
Kent: Yeah.

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