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members present:
Brandin Lea, Cory Kreig, Fletcher Lea, Rex James Ewing

conducted on:
November 2001
by: Natalie Kuchik
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shout-out to PZO


PZO: What is the most embarrassing CD in your collection?
Brandin: Cory’s got that one.
Rex: Yeah dude, Live Vanilla Ice.
Cory: Why is it just me?
Brandin: Vanilla Ice live dude, come on. Chart that down for one.
Cory: I’m personally not embarrassed about that, it does not embarrass me at all to have that. I find Robert Van Winkle to be very talented.
<Everyone laughs>
Rex: <Laughing> Robert Van Winkle. I have nothing to hide of mine.
Brandin: I don’t know man.
Rex: Oh okay, I have please hammer don’t hurt um, I got that.
Cory: Yeah, please hammer don’t hurt um.
Rex: Come on, You can’t touch this, I needed it. <Starts singing> “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, can’t touch this”
Cory: You should of brought it, dude.

PZO: What is the worst nickname of someone you know and what is the story behind it?
Rex: El Dangeroso
Brandin: Petty meaty.
Cory: Smokey Papaid
Brandin: Yeah, you go ahead and tell that one.
Cory: I didn’t make it up, you guys made it up.
Rex: I didn’t make it up.
Brandin: The goos, we had this friend named the goos, because his last name was Goosman and he basically is just kind of a moron.
Cory: I don’t think that counts as a nickname, you just take half of a name and go, “Okay, now that’s your nickname.”
PZO: <Laughs>
Brandin: Okay, then El Dangeroso
Rex: Why do you have to go there?
Brandin: You already said it!
Rex: I know

PZO: Who is the most famous person you have programmed in your cell phone?
Rex: I think mine would be Brandin.
Fletcher: Cory has some.
Cory: Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind, although I have never called him. His number is programmed in there.
Rex: Yo Jenks, It’s Cory dog what up?<Everyone laughs> What you doing man? You playing Nintendo? Right on, right on.

PZO: What is your favorite punch line or joke?
Brandin: Any drummer jokes, any jokes that make fun of Dominic.

PZO: After you finish touring in the U.S. do you plan on going overseas?
All: Yes
Rex: Please
Brandin: We’re going to go to Europe, probably Australia, and maybe Japan

PZO: Who was the driving force behind the lyric change in the song "Coke"? Was Coca-Cola involved, or did EPIC choose to go this route to avoid a potential lawsuit?
Brandin: I don’t know if we are allowed to talk about that, are we?
Cory: Why wouldn’t we?
Brandin: Yes, there was a lyric change due to Coca-Cola, it was either that or we couldn’t put the song on the album. Or they would sue us, and this was the only compromise that we could do to keep the song on the album. Even though we are pretty much opposed to it, it was just like, we had to do it. We would lose the song for one word.
Cory: It’s the man trying to keep us down.
Brandin: Pretty much we just had to do it. We’re not happy about it at all.

PZO: What is one of your favorite lines in one of your songs?
Cory: I kind of like, “The celebration ends without a sound.”
Brandin: Yeah that’s pretty good, I like that one, I’ll go with that. “The celebration ends without a sound.”
Fletcher: Lift has some good lyrics on it too.
Rex: How about, “Hey” <Everyone laughs>
Fletcher: I like that.
Cory: Hey do it all the time.
Brandin: Rex, I like that one.

PZO: What is one of your most memorable moments?
Cory: Graduating high school, that was awesome.
Fletcher: The birth of my son that I miss.
Brandin: Getting our tour bus for the first time so we don’t have to ride in a van anymore.
Cory: When my grandma gave me parachute pants in the fourth grade for Christmas, I cried. <Everyone laughs>

PZO: What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Cory: <mumbles something>
<Rex starts laughing>
PZO: What did he say?
Brandin: What did he say?
Rex: Porn
<Everyone laughs>
Rex: Leave it at that dude.
Cory: Fourth straight question we haven’t answered.
Brandin: You answered it, dude.
Cory: Yep
Brandin: Cory and Porn
PZO: You guys really want to go with that?
Cory: Why not?
Brandin: Rex has a stamp collection.
Rex: No, actually I do have a stamp collection, I saved it from when I was a kid.
KC[Epic rep]: Could you really count that as a guilty pleasure though?
Cory: Yeah, he feels guilty about it.
KC: He feels guilty about still having them.

PZO: Do you have any funny moments on stage?
Cory: Anytime Rex opens his mouth.
Rex: Pretty much
<Everyone laughs>
Rex: Good answer

PZO: What is the most misunderstood song lyric in your opinion?
Brandin: The entire song, "Chloroform"
Cory: Wait do you mean misunderstood people get it wrong? Or like sing the wrong words?
PZO: Yeah, sing the wrong words.
Brandin: Dominic’s family sings the wrong words all the fucking time,
<Everyone laughs>
Brandin: This is how they go: "Dude I love Coke", <Starts singing> “Come on I’d like to sell the world.”
Cory: No one’s ever said anything to us.

PZO: Do you have any pre-show rituals you have to do?
Cory: Drink beer.
All: Yeah, drink beer.
Cory: Too much liquor
Brandin: We have a group prayer.
Cory: We pray that there is more liquor left after the show.
PZO: <Laughs>

PZO: What is one of the weirdest dreams you've ever had?
Rex: Dude, I just had one last night and I don’t really know, I’m a little foggy on it, but Abe Begota was in it and then I saw him the next night on the Hugh Heffner thing.
Cory: That’s a little weird.
Rex: A little weird, dude.
Cory: I dreamed our bus driver drove our bus into the Atlantic Ocean. We all drowned. The weirdest part about that dream was I woke up and then we got in a bus wreck only I was still asleep. So I woke up in my dream from a dream and then got in another bus wreck, and that was it. It was weird.
Rex: I have been kind of freaking out about sleeping and driving, I don’t know what it is. The other night it was like everything.
Cory: It’s because we have been in Louisiana too much, and it’s like boom, boom, boom, boom.
PZO: <Laughs>
Cory: Just driving down the freeway, dude.
Fletcher: I-10 sucks.
Cory: Yeah, whatever that thing was man, it was like real foggy.
Fletcher: Imagine doing that in the winabego, oh my god.

PZO: What do you usually do in the tour bus to pass time when you are driving to the next venue?
Cory: Play Nintendo.
Rex: Watch TV, read, ahhhh I’m lying, no reading.
<Everyone laughs>
Rex: We work out a lot.
Fletcher: Yeah, I do my hundred crunches. Just trying to look as good as O-Town, man.
<Everyone laughs>

PZO: Okay, this one was sent in by a fan.
Brandin: Uh-oh
PZO: Don’t worry it’s nothing bad.

PZO: I realize that due to the September eleventh tragedy the Irving Plaza show in New York was cancelled. There is no mention of a reschedule. Will there be a reschedule?
Brandin: Yes, probably January.
Cory: Yes, when we don’t know.
Brandin: Probably January.

PZO: Where have you played that you love the most?
Brandin: Chicago has been really good.
Cory: Yeah the Metro is awesome.
Fletcher: I have to say Orlando at the hard rock live.
Rex: The venue itself was cool, but the stuff around it was not.
Fletcher: Atlanta, I loved that.
Rex: I liked Chicago, the roller coaster part. The after club.
Cory: Hold on there’s, LA
Fletcher: You can’t pick LA
Cory: Yeah, LA sucks
KC: What about the college basketball room in Baton Rouge.
Cory: <sarcastic> I don’t know that was pretty awesome too. <Everyone laughs>

PZO: When will you start working on your second album? I know your first one was just released, but-
Cory: When are you going to start working on that album dude? Cause we’re two days in from this new one, and I’m getting a little tired of it already.
<Everyone laughs>
Brandin: We’ve already got a lot of material, so I don’t know, whenever.
Cory: Probably a long, long time from now, we’re going to be touring for another year.
Rex: Whenever the label goes, “Uh where’s the second record dude?” Uh I left it back in the car. <Everyone laughs>

PZO: If you weren't playing music what would you be doing?
Fletcher: Waiting tables.
Rex: Could I get you some more tea? Would you like ranch with that?
Fletcher: That’s what I would be doing.
Brandin: I would probably be doing something in the film industry.
Cory: Open up a little shop.
Rex: Called the grass hopper.

PZO: What’s the coolest thing a fan has given you that you have actually kept?
Rex: Herpes.
<Everyone laughs>
Rex: She set it up! What was I supposed to do it was right there.
<Everyone still laughing>
Fletcher: I’m going to go and join them.<Points to another table>
<Everyone still laughing>
Cory: Oh we’ve gotten a couple of really cool paintings.
Brandin: Paintings.
Cory: A girl gave me like a little putter angle.
Brandin: Oh my god! That’s the coolest thing?
Fletcher: I got two bottles of yeager.

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