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members present:
Greg Attonito

conducted on:
September 2002
by: Stephen Bronner
official website
shout-out to PZO


PZO: Whatís your favorite line from one of your songs?
Greg: Umm, trying to remember the whole thing <starts humming>. "It was darkness all my own, a song came on the radio, it went straight to my heart, till that darkness was gone."

PZO: Whatís the craziest thing youíve done on stage?
Greg: Umm letís see.
PZO Friend: I read about when you cut your ponytail off, was that you?
Greg: Yeah I did that. Iíve done a few things. I dressed up, I made a suit out of tasty cakes boxes once, an entire suit of armor of tasty cake boxes.
PZO: Any paste?
Greg: Yeah. Iíve jumped off an insane amount of things like things like this.
PZO: <Pointing at the ledge> anything this high?
Greg: - People, PA stacks higher than that. A lot of stuff like that. Dumb shit I donít recommend.
PZO: Unless youíre in a band.
Greg: Not even that.
PZO: Daredevil slash musician?
Greg: Yeah Iím someone like Evil Knievel.
PZO: You go skydiving and stuff like that?
Greg: Umm no, I snowboard. Iím into stuff like that.
PZO: No jumping out of planes? Not yet?
Greg: Iíd like to do it someday, but I think it would be fun.
PZO: Yeah, I want to do it too.
<PZO Friend and Greg start talking about snowboarding>

PZO: Name a song that is out right now that annoys you the most.
Greg: Annoys me?
PZO: Yeah.
Greg: You know what? Any song can annoy you if it sticks in your head it starts to become annoying. So I think now Iím trying to start to tune things out. Like making a conscience effort if itís something thatís sticking in there to tune it out. But thereís plenty of things on the radio I just canít think of at the moment. But if I tune it out it then doesnít annoy me.

PZO: What has been your biggest achievement so far?
Greg: Being in a band and making it a job.
PZO: Thatís definitely a good achievement.
Greg: Sticking together with all the people that I started that Iím doing this with
PZO: Itís been a long time.
Greg: And still enjoying it. Itís a great achievement.

PZO: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Greg: Ignorance man, people who donít think for themselves.

PZO: What is one CD you canít go on the road without?
Greg: As a matter of fact I havenít brought any CDs out on the road with me this time.
PZO Friend: Just all radio?
Greg: Well itís probably because weíre writing songs and stuff and I have ideas in my head sometimes and to be honest a lot of times listening to music kind of interferes with this music thatís going on in my head. So I donít listen to music sometimes.
PZO: You donít want to be influenced by other artists.
Greg: But then other times I do, other times I do like and at the moment Iím not in the head when Iím relying on listening to music. Sometimes I do you know.
PZO: Coming out with a new album soon?
Greg: Yeah weíre going to record in January and coming out in springtime.
Greg: Itís coming out on Epitaph.

PZO: What is the weirdest combination of food you have eaten?
Greg: Off the top of my head I canít think of anything.
PZO: Nothing from out of this country, maybe overseas?
Greg: Chips dipped in yogurt; I tried that the other day.
PZO: Thatís not weird.
Greg: Kind of a strange combination right?
PZO: They do that in the Middle East a lot.
Greg: Yeah itís not that weird actually. But I tried it because whatever, I think it spilled on my chip so I just ate it.

PZO: If you werenít in a band right now, what would you be doing?
Greg: I have no idea. I would make sure that I was enjoying myself properly.
PZO: Any occupation you wanted to take when you were younger?
Greg: I thought about all the things, I saw a lot of things I didnít want to do, couldnít think of a lot of things that I did want to do but really compelled me to do it. But knowing what you donít want to do is really really important.
PZO: Is that the majority of stuff?
Greg: What?
PZO: The majority of stuff you donít want to do. Like most things, act job-wise; I know Iím there.
Greg: Yeah itís a process of figuring out what makes you happy.
PZO: Yeah, true.
Greg: By saying this is the things I donít want to do you know.

PZO: You know any bad jokes you want to share?

Greg: Iím not good at jokes, man. I donít really know any.

PZO: Are there any fairly unknown bands you want to tell the people about?
Greg: The Curse is playing tonight, and theyíre great. Theyíre actually on a compilation with four other bands from Philadelphia, and theyíve played with us last night in Boston and theyíre playing tonight and theyíre great.
PZO: They have a website we can check out?
Greg: Iím not sure. But you might want to plug it in.
PZO: Iíll do some research on that.
Greg: Yeah, theyíre great. Actually their record, one song on a compilation is for sale tonight.
[ I found their website with ease, check it out at www.thecurse.net]

PZO: Do you have any guilty pleasures, as far as musical tastes go?
Greg: I love all kinds of music, all kinds of music interests me. So yeah the bad stuff, whatever you want to call it. Even pop radio is sometimes, its like you listen to it and you see what you donít like you know what I mean. And whatís, I mean most of the time itís total shit theyíre turning out, like some machine created music playing over. But all music is there for a reason. <Cell phone rings> hold on one sec.

PZO: Whatís the best lesson you have ever learned?
Greg: Best lesson?
PZO: Yeah, or never learned.
Greg: To realize that everyday you learn a new lesson.
PZO: Indeed, thatís a lot to think about right there.
Greg: To be open to it, that everyday is a new lesson. Instead of <bass being checked in background> thinking or saying that nothing new or different happens, thereís always something.
PZO: Thatíd make a good song.
Greg: Yeah. <Cell phone rings again> Here we go, letís see if I can get him a sec.

PZO: What is one thing you would never do no matter how much money you were offered?
Greg: Compromise what I feel in my heart, is right. Cause the money is never worth it, cause money goes away and you always have to live with yourself.
PZO: True.

PZO: If you can see any band perform any song live, what would it be?
Greg: Jimi Hendrix, any Jimi Hendrix song to see him live.
PZO: Definitely.

PZO: Whatís the craziest thing that youíve seen happen in the audience?
Greg: Iíve seen lots of fights, Iíve seen floors break, Iíve seen broken limbs, blood, howís that?
PZO: Thatís every show?
Greg: <laughs> No no, thatís stuff Iíve seen, some stuff.

PZO: Whatís one invention that you wish you could claim to be your own?
Greg: The guitar.
PZO: Thatís a good one.

PZO: You did the split with Anti-Flag right. So was there anything that you wanted to do that BYO didnít let you do?
Greg: No, we just went for it, and they just let us do what we wanted.
PZO: You covered one of each otherís songs right?
Greg: Yeah.
PZO: And you had other covers on there?
Greg: What do you mean? Yeah we did a Sticks and Stones song, a band from New Jersey, from when we were in High School. And a band called Cock Sparrer; the ďWeíre Coming BackĒ song.
PZO: Back from when?
Greg: Yeah, theyíre an English Oi band from like yesteryear, the early eighties.
PZO: Cool.

PZO: What is True Believers, I know a lot of people have the tattoos, what does that mean to you?
Greg: Umm, it just means to be believe in yourself really, and trust in your own, what feels right for you. Whatís it like, what it means to me.

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