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members present:
David Rogers
conducted on:
July 2002
by: Natalie Kuchik
official website


PZO: What kind of impression do you like to leave with people?
David: Well that depends on I guess what kind of people we are playing for. When we are playing for our home crowd we just like to put on the best show we can. We like to make people leave going ďHoly shit what the fuck just happened?Ē A lot of times we break shit. The other day Cameron tipped all the monitors off the stage. Every once in a while we will have a crazy show. Other times it will just be an average good hunkered down, play good solid show. We like people to be impressed. I think we have kind of developed our own little hard-core underground thing.

PZO: What noise or sound do you hate the most?
David: Noise or sound? <Makes this really horrible screeching sound> I donít know something like that. <Everyone laughs>

PZO: What noise or sound do you love the most?
David: I like a good violin.

PZO: What is your opinion on pop singers?
David: Well you know they are cool; there is a lot of this thing where people like to hate the pop idols. They are all working in music; they are doing exactly the same thing we are doing. Basically a lot of them have dedicated their life to work in music. I think people get too critical on oh they are sellouts. They are just doing their job, like you, like everybody else goes out and works. I canít stand listening to the shit myself, <laughter> but Iíve met like pop singers. I just got stoned with Vanilla Ice the other night. Yeah smoked him up two nights ago. <laughter> He seemed cool, I think people are too critical on him, but as far as personally, I donít really buy like, well actually some of the Britney Spears is pretty funny I like to watch it. Eminem, I like Eminem his CD is cool. Do you guys ever listen to his CD?
PZO: Yeah
David: Was he considered pop?
PZO: I donít think so, I think heís rap.
PZO_Friend: Heís like anti-pop.
David: Iím kind of the wrong guy to ask, we have been on tour for a year, and we have been in England for five months, or Europe for five months now. Over the last 14 months we have been on tour. I am out of the loop; I donít know whats going on. <Everyone laughs> I watch TV, play shows, and I work with the guys on stage everyday. I tech my own gear, and Iím on the phone so I donít know whatís happening in America. Since September 11th weíve pretty much been gone after that, so thatís my story.

PZO: Are there any piercing or tattoos that you regret getting?
David: No, not at all.

PZO: What is one job you would never like to try?
David: Thatís kind of weird because I am the kind of guy that would be happy doing anything. How about an air traffic controller, I wouldnít want to be an air traffic controller. <laughs>

PZO: If you could change something about one of your band mates what would it be and why?
David: I would change one thing about everybody, and what it would be is all they would have to do is do what I tell them. Then everything would work perfect if everybody just listened to me. <Everyone laughs> Hows that?
PZO: Thatís good.
David: No, I kind of work with the crew and run the guys, so seven different personalities in the band I always think I am right. I used to be managers of companies and run crews and tell people what to do. When people donít do what I tell them to Iím just like, ďIím trying to help, just do what I say and everything will go smoothly.Ē So, whatever thatís my opinion.

PZO: What is your biggest flaw?
David: My biggest flaw is that I try to do too much.

PZO: What musician do you respect the most?
David: Wow, personally or musically?
PZO: Either, or
David: I guess musically probably I would lean towards a Joe Satriani, or a classical composer who has dedicated their life to music, like Beethoven. Personally that Iíve known, Tom Araya, Iíll just throw one out.

PZO: What is the craziest thing you have done onstage?
David: <Laughs> I would say either cutting my head open with razor blades, or shooting a shotgun off stage. We almost got arrested in Denver. We tipped over a P.A. once; see we have done so much crazy shit. I actually picked up Justin. Justin jumped from the P.A. onto me, and then I jumped into the crowd, which was a 15-foot barrier before the crowd with Justin on my shoulders. Iíve played naked, naked bleeding, crying onstage, just rocking out, and breaking guitars. We have started guitars on fire before, tipped over our equipment. I have jumped out in the crowd and actually punched people in the face, like jumped out in the crowd and fought people.
PZO: What did they do back?
David: They just kind of tried, well one of them tried to run away, and one time I ended up fighting four skinheads at once, yeah it was pretty gnarly. It was people that were throwing like full beers at us.
PZO: Oh, okay.
David: I saw the guy do it and I was like, Iím going to fucking go get him. <laughter>
One night at a Slipknot show I sliced my forehead so bad it was running into my eye. I couldnít see out of my eye, and they were trying to put tape on my head and it was just falling off.
PZO: Why did you do that?
David: It looks good. <laughter> I bleed really, really dark red and it looks real.
PZO: It looks real? <Laughs>
David: Itís just one up on the band before you that wears fake blood. You know what I mean? We have also played shows where we have had big injuries. Aaronís had his eye stitched up three times. Iíve had to get stitches twice from just either getting hit by the guitar, or banging my head on the symbol. I got hit in the head with a TV once. We used to break televisions onstage in Minneapolis. Like TVís that were plugged in. One night we broke seven of them. <laughs>

PZO: Name a song that is out right now that annoys you the most?
PZO_Friend: Sing it for us too.
David: Okay, let me think of one. Whatís a song out right now though? I donít really hear the radio.
PZO: Well, whatís a band that annoys you, and I will tell you a song they have out.
David: A band that annoys me. See you guys caught me when I am in a good mood, if you catch me when I am bitching then Iíll be able to think of something. <Everyone laughs> I know thereís a bunch of shit, itís just in the back of my head. <Startís singing> "I, I feel so alive for the very first time." <Hums the tune> <Everyone laughs> I donít even know the rest of the song. I hear that and I am all, uh thatís kind of whiney. I could do this all day, but thatís the first one that popped into my head.

PZO: What was the last dream you had?
David: Oh my God, like last night what did I dream?
PZO: If you remember it, yeah.
David: Oh my God it was so gnarly. There was like twenty different things going on at once, and I was on this beach and then my wife was trying to move the couch or something. You know what that ties in with is my wife at home right now is trying to deal with a bunch of furniture that got wet in the basement. You see I woke up and I didnít really think about my dream and then I was jumping off the roof of my house into my neighbors yard. I donít know itís really foggy, but there was definitely a lot of weird things going on. <laughter> I was dreaming about home last night.

PZO: How do you know when you can fully trust somebody?
David: In a way you can never fully trust anybody, because if you fully trust somebody and you like-- I have a very high quality of friendship I define. I have maybe only one friend that has ever lived up, and like never let me down. Like lived up to my terms of being like a true friend. What is the question again?
PZO: How do you know when you can fully trust somebody?
David: Fully trust somebody. <laughter> I guess time; you would need a lot of time with people. I mean it depends on what you trust them with. Like trust somebody with everything, with your life, secrets. I know a lot of people I can trust with secrets. I think that there is a place inside of you that when you feel close enough to somebody and you can communicate with them you can develop a trust. The way you know is just inside of you, you can feel through the communication and whatever time you spent together. You can flip a coin and guess if you can trust somebody. <laughter> Iíd say time.

PZO: What is your biggest achievement so far?
David: Iíd say over the past seventeen years playing guitar and deciding to be a musician, and working for it for seventeen years.
PZO: And staying with it.
David: And staying with it, just keep doing it.

PZO: What is one band you would never like to play with?
David: See you guys have a lot of questions that are negative; see I usually try to concentrate on the positive things. I am always thinking about bands that I want to play with. <laughs> What bands will I never play with?
PZO_Friend: Itís funnier that way.
PZO: Itís more interesting.
David: Yeah I guess so.
PZO: I mean would you like me to ask you the same questions that other people ask?
David: No, no this is good because usually in the interview the first thing is, so you guys met in treatment. All right how is it working with Rick Rubin? Itís just like three questions, and like the first three I always know.
PZO: Where did you get your band name from?
David: Oh Chad came up with it.
PZO: <Laughs> No, that wasnít a question.
David: <laughs> See there you go I was all ready to answer that one. Iím like oh Iím on. What was the question again?
PZO: What is one band you would never like to play with?
David: One band I would never like to play with. Where are you guys going to print this?
PZO: Online magazine.
David: <laughs>
PZO: Come on.
David: All right, theyíre like standing right over there.
PZO: Theyíre standing right over there?
David: No, I like the guys in Flaw, their cool.
PZO: I interviewed them last time they came to Houston.
David: Who did you interview, the singer?
PZO: Yeah, he was really nice and actually intelligent.
David: He was? See every time I see him at night heís drunk, but they're cool. They're good guys. A band we would never like to play with. We are kind of into this universal musician thing where weíve played in Minneapolis with funk acts, hip-hop. Weíve played with such a diverse thing, and there is always something good that has happened. What band really sucks?
PZO_Friend: Probably the one you just named.
David: P.O.D. We played in a radio festival with them. <Everyone laughs> I didnít watch them. Creed, how about Creed? Just say Creed. Blah. Just because I heard their song on the radio and Iím like, oh man Iíve heard that song a few times and itís kind of cool, but I just canít listen to it. Lately, over this past couple of months I have developed this new found joy of music where each kind of music has itís place and time, and has its crowd. Itís just a matter of putting it there. So itís like going out of your way to hate something, just donít listen to it anymore. <Laughs>

PZO: What is the last thing you did that got you in trouble?
David: In trouble with the law, or just in trouble?
PZO_Friend: With you mom
David: With my mom.
PZO: Whatever you want.
David: Last time I got arrested was for playing naked in the metal lands in New Jersey. See me and my mom have this really cool relationship. Last time I got in trouble with my mom I guess she was bailing me out of jail eight years ago. I was looking at twenty years in prison.
PZO: For what?
David: Second degree burglary. I got drunk and blacked out and woke up in a guys house, and I had a loaded shotgun. The cops came in and because I had a loaded shotgun the cops almost shot me in the head. It was like that close, so I am just glad to be alive basically. That got me in a lot of trouble with my mom, but that actually helped me get to where I am today.

PZO: What is your biggest pet peeve?
David: People who donít work hard. Howís that? <Laughs> Thatís a good answer.
David: Also, weíve got this thing. We were just in Germany and over there we toured with Rammstein. Do you guys like Rammstein?
PZO: Yeah
David: They are fun to watch live, but their crew guys like everyday they would be like<In a German accent> ďOkay, today also you make the concert, and we also will set up.Ē Itís like their secret word. We figured out after awhile that all you got to do when you are in Germany to get someone to help you out is to say also. Like we will ask the sound guy, ďCan I get another monitor?Ē and they will be like, ĒNo more.Ē <Laughter> ďWell we also have seven people, if we could just get one more also.Ē Then they guy is, ďOhĒ and then they would go get it. <laughter> And now it has turned into in addition too.
David: Do you guys like Coal Chamber?
PZO: I have never really listened to them.
David: Well Nadja, their bass player, she was walking in when we did.
PZO: Oh yeah.
David: Well sheís from Colon, Germany so we have her doing the also thing too. Sorry to sidetrack.
PZO: Oh, that was the last question.
David: Oh, it was? Cool.

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