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members present:
Dave DeRoo
conducted on:
April 2002
by: Natalie Kuchik
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shout-out to PZO


PZO: What do you take pride in the most?
Dave: I would say the fact that my band actually just got a gold record, and I’m actually really proud of that. I’m proud that my band can continue. We’ve been on the road for 12 and a half months, I’ve only been home 2 and a half weeks, and it’s still as much fun as we left. Everyone’s actually has grown a lot tighter as friends, and musicians. We’re writing new songs; actually really strong songs, like everyone’s grown together and I have a lot of pride in that. I’m actually really proud of my band.

PZO: What is one CD you can’t go on the road without?
Dave: I would have to say “Around the Fur” from the Deftones. I like to listen to that CD all the time.

PZO: Where do you always look forward to play at?
Dave: I look forward to playing in L.A. just because it’s home. It’s kind of like the chance to see friends and family. At the same token it evokes the reason I don’t like playing L.A. <Laughs> Everyone and their uncle wants to get into the show, and “Hey, can you get me on the guest list.”

PZO: What is the dumbest thing you have ever done when you were young?
Dave: Actually, you know when I was a kid I broke into a---me and some friends and I broke into a music store when we were like 14, and got caught. That was kind of dumb.

PZO: What singer has the most annoying voice?
Dave: I think probably the guy from the Talking Heads, David Byrne. <laughs>

PZO: What is one band you would never like to play with?
Dave: I’d say theBackstreet Boys.

PZO: What is the weirdest combination of food you have ever eaten?
Dave: Oh god, uh that’s a hard one. I think basically any food you get from Europe will be a weird combo. <Laughs>

PZO: What is something you are not good at, but you wish you were?
Dave: Actually, I wish I was a better piano player. I really dig playing piano and stuff, and I wish I was better at it.

PZO: What do you look forward to the most when going home?
Dave: Just barbequing and hanging out with friends, and family. Sleeping. <laughs>

PZO: What is one song you never get sick of hearing?
Dave: I think um. That’s a hard call. Actually, this song called “Back to School” by the Deftones. I love that song.

PZO: What is one of your favorite lines in one of your songs?
Dave: Actually, I like in “The Way you Like it” during verse “Appreciate, don’t playa hate, congratulate.”
PZO: Oh yeah.
Dave: I like that line a lot.
PZO: I like the way that he says it.
Dave: <laughs>

PZO: What would you never get tattooed on your body?
Dave: I don’t think I would ever get a chicks name tattooed on me. I might get, if I ever have kids, I might get my kids name tattooed on me. I don’t think I would ever get a chick’s name. <Laughs>

PZO: What is something you would like to do before the end of the year?
Dave: I would like to, actually, I would like our record to go platinum and I would like to go to Japan and Australia actually.

PZO: What makes you laugh?
Dave: Listening to Kris sing in the shower. Kris is the drummer. <Laughs>

PZO: What do you have a fear of?
Dave: Nothing I am fearless.
PZO: There has to be something.
Dave: Actually, it’s not so much a fear as it is an annoyance. I hate when you wake up in the morning and you have socks on, and you step in a puddle or something. I hate going to the refrigerator and someone spilled something the night before and didn’t clean it up. My socks get wet, I fear that every morning. I put my shoes on when I wake-up.

PZO: What is the strangest thing a fan has given you?
Dave: I’ve gotten a lot of weird stuff. Actually when we were in Europe I got this; it was just a couple of weeks ago. This chick gave me a little sock, it’s like a puppet. It’s a cartoon in Europe. <Laughs> It’s like this cat, it’s this pink-stripped cat and it’s like a puppet. It’s a really ugly ass doll. I guess it is like a huge cartoon in Europe, like everyone has heard of it over there, but no one has heard it in the states.
PZO: Did you keep it?
Dave: Oh yeah. I still have it.

PZO: What is something about you, that you get made fun of for?
Dave: Something about me?
PZO: Yeah.
Dave: Oh God, there’s a million things. I guess my long-winded answers to questions. <Laughs>

PZO: What is your favorite possession and why?
Dave: I would have to say my car. I have a 2001 Honda that I bought, and that’s my favorite possession.
PZO: When did you buy it?
Dave: I got it awhile back; I got it when we got the advance for our record, I bought it.

PZO: What is the worst present you have ever gotten?
Dave: Like when you were a kid you are hoping to get a toy and you get like sweaters or socks for Christmas, or socks and underwear.
PZO: Yeah, that happens to me every year.
Dave: <Laughs> Exactly.

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