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members present:
Jason Ross
Giti Khalsa
conducted on:
July 2001
by: Nevra Azerkan
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shout-out to PZO



PZO: Did you watch the movie Crazy/Beautiful since your song is apart of the soundtrack?
Jason: Umm...we watched it before it came out. Before it had been edited, so haven't seen it on the big screen, but I've seen it...parts of it.
PZO: Did you like it?
Jason: Ah, it's okay.

PZO: What is the strangest phone call you've ever received?

Jason: uh...I don't even know if we can put that online.
Giti: <laughs>
PZO: Believe me, we have a lot of controversial stuff on there.
Jason: umm....what would be good? My friends always call me when they are at concerts of bands that I like. They'll leave me messages of like...
Giti: We called him, when we were finishing the record, yea we were finishing the record and we called him 'cause he was still working and we were all at Willie Nelson, so we were teasing him pretty good.
PZO: Willie Nelson?
Giti: We're big Willie fans, watch your mouth or you're gonna get beat up....just kidding.
PZO: My mom likes him. <laughs>
Giti: Willie's the man.
Jason: He's not the only one we like, but that's just one example.

PZO: You guys write so many great songs, how do you pick which songs make the cut for the album?
Jason: Ummm...we only get paid for twelve, but we usually put more than twelve on our records. Some songs just don't fit in. You want to have some kind of continuity to the record. You want to have...you know...kinda take people on somewhat of a journey and if all the songs sound the same, I don't think it's very exciting. They kind of weigh themselves out.

PZO: What is your favorite line from a movie?

Jason: My favorite line from a movie? Anything from The Big Lebowski. "Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you." That's a good one.

PZO: What do you guys do when you are done performing? Do you watch the other acts?
Jason: No, we hate the other acts. No, I'm kidding. Ummm...we take a shower at a truck stop and we get in our jammies to go to bed. But, umm...sometimes we watch acts, sometimes we go out and have a few drinks, so we can sleep. But, we watch "South Park", shit like that.

PZO: What's the craziest thing that you've seen happen in the audience?
Jason: ummm...we saw this one, I won't tell you who, but we saw this one performer get her...some guy stuck his finger up her butt, while she was trying to crowd surf. She jumped off the stage. That was pretty gross. Then uh....I hate watching people fight. I think that's ridiculous. People always get in fights at big shows, regardless of who it is. Get flashed, that's usually pretty nice. I try to get them to turn around and to flash the sound man because he never gets to see anything like that, you know because he's behind everyone else.
PZO: What about stuff thrown on stage?
Jason: Umm..not so much the last couple of years, like when we played like festivals. If it rains there's got to be a mud fight and we throw stuff at eachother sometimes, but we usually don't get stuff thrown at us. Which is nice.

PZO: Do you guys have a special or favorite place you go to, to write songs?
Jason: I used to write a lot of the songs in the back of the bus, but since I don't smoke pot anymore I never get to go back there. <Giti Laughs> Umm...I like to write at home in uh one of my empty bedrooms that has wooden floors, but nothing else in it 'cause it sounds like your in a bathroom or something.
PZO: You don't do it in the bathroom?
Jason: No, but sometimes in the shower.
PZO: How do you bring a pen and paper in there?
Jason: As soon as I come out, I write it down. I have like a little pad that I keep with me and I write down ideas during the day, at night and when I wake up. Sometimes, if I can remember. Usually, I can't remember anything, sometimes I have dreams where I'm like playing a song I haven't written yet and I'll wake up and try to remember it. Stuff like that.

PZO: What's your favorite cover song to perform?
Jason: Umm...jeez..we've done a few in the past. We used to do "Heartbreaker" by the Rolling Stones. Which was really cool. Umm..right now we are doing a Pretenders song called "Middle Of The Road" and over the years we've done Tom Petty, Creedence Water Rivival, Rage Against The Machine....I mean...everything in between.

PZO: What is the most misunderstood song lyric in your opinion?
Jason: The most misunderstood song lyric in my opinion? I doubt that most people who sing the song "Cumbersome" know what it means. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, if they don't know what it means, they'll go look it up. [Cumbersome:1 dialect: BURDENSOME, TROUBLESOME; 2 : unwieldy because of heaviness and bulk; 3 : slow-moving : PONDEROUS. Courtesy of www.webster.com] Umm..most of the stuff that I would find that people most often misinterpret have to do with the song, "Water's Edge", which is on our first record. 'Cause people always think it's like true, and I tell them it's true just to fuck with them...but it's not.

PZO: What is the most memorable bumper sticker you can think of?
Jason: The most memorable bumper sticker...
PZO: You must see a lot.
Jason: Yea, we do. That would be a good question to ask our bus driver. He likes dirty ones though. He's a dirty old man.
Giti: Yea, I'm trying to think of a good bumper sticker, Casey might have one.
Jason: <yells to the back of the tour bus> Casey, what's the best bumper sticker we've ever seen?
Casey: I've found him. I have Jesus in my trunk.
<Everyone laughs>
Giti: See, told ya.
Jason: I've found him. I have Jesus in my trunk. <yells to Casey> Thank you.
Casey: No prob.

PZO: What is the most ridiculous rumor you've heard about yourselves, if any?
Jason: There was a rumor going around one time that I had a love tryst with Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes at the same time. I wish that was true, but it wasn't.
PZO: Katie Holmes is cool.
Jason: Yea, she is.
Giti: That's why the whole thing started, 'cause she's so cool. <laughs>
Jason: umm...you know rumors of the band breaking up and stuff.
PZO: No plane crashes?
Jason: No plane crashes, some fake wood on that one. <knocks on cabinet>
PZO_Friend: Dating Britney Spears?
Giti: Not yet! Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson they'll all be ours.
Jason: No, no no. I wouldn't date one of them.
PZO: Too young?
Jason: Nah, they aren't too young just uh...
PZO_Friend: Not your type?
Jason: Not my type.

PZO: What is your favorite song to perform?
Jason: Umm.."Sleepwalking" or "Man In Control ?".

PZO: What was the last meaningful thing you did?

Jason: The last meaningful thing I did? <clears throat><long pause><Giti Laughs> Isn't that sad?
Giti: Well, I can think of.....<laughs> just thinking whether...if last night was meaningful.
Jason: Yea, last night we went to the ballet... we um...
Giti: culturally enriched ourselves.
Jason: culturally enriched ourselves by gambling.
Giti: We were in Vegas.
Jason: Going to a strip club and drinking and then getting kicked out and dragged behind the bus. We were trying to ski behind the bus at 40 miles per hour, that didn't work out. We have a skateboard...a long board. It's pretty cool. I don't recommend it. We're highly trained professionals.
Giti: Kids do not try this at home.

PZO: What is the one thing you would not do, no matter how much money you were offered?

Jason: <clears throat> That's a very good question. What's one thing I wouldn't do for any amount of money? hmm...I'm sure there's something.
Giti: <laughs> yeah.
Jason: Give me an example.
PZO: Date Britney Spears. <laughs>
Jason: Would I date Britney Spears? Yea, for the right amount of money.
PZO: Like how much?
Jason: A pack of cigarettes. <Giti laughs>
PZO: She has a boyfriend you know.
Jason: Yeah, who cares.
Giti: Isn't she like going out with Justin Timberlake or something?
Jason: I'm not afraid of Justin Timberlake. What's he gonna do? Dance on me?<Giti laughs>
PZO: Hey! I'm a dancer!
Jason: I love dancing. He's got that <imitates Justin dancing><Giti laughs>

PZO: What has been your biggest decision in the past year?

Jason: Whether to procreate or not procreate.

PZO: What is the worst advice you have ever been given?
Jason: Let your management decide. <Giti laughs>
PZO: That's it?
Jason: No, umm the worst advice I've ever been given?
Giti: His grandmother thought we should name the band Major Balls.
Jason: Yeah, that was pretty bad. I'm glad we didn't do that.
PZO: You have an interesting grandmother. <Giti laughs>
Jason: Or that we should, u know try to be more like other bands.

PZO: Do you remember a wish you made when you blew out the birthday candles when you were a kid? Did it come true?

Jason: That's a great question. I think that um..
Giti: We got to play at the playboy mansion. I still dream about it, I still blow out the candles on that one! <laughs>
Jason: Yeah, I guess when you're a kid and .....I wanted to get out of my house real bad and go to college. But I don't remember blowing out the candles and doing that. We didn't have a lot of birthday parties.

PZO: Do any of you own any playboy merchandise after being invited to play at the mansion?

Jason: We stole everything we could.
Giti: I still have a bottle of playboy water.
PZO: Playboy water?
Jason: Special water...Keeps you young forever.
Giti: That's right. The fountain of youth.
Jason: And Casey got some dice. Everything is monogramed with Hugh Heffner's initials.
Giti: Our tour manager like got a whole stash of notepads that said "boob" on them. That was the stationary..."boob".
Jason: Giti is a subscriber.
PZO: Don't they have like a big water fountain?
Jason: Yep, it's called the Grotto. It's pretty nice.
Giti: They have a very nice swimming pool, waterfalls, the whole nine yards. A zoo, they got a zoo.
Jason: There's a big conflict between the porn stars and the playmates who hang out there.
Giti: We were waiting for cat fights.
PZO: I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves.
Giti: We did. If we were like Limp Bizkit though the playmates would have been swarming us or something.

PZO: Are you planning on doing a headlining tour anytime soon?

Jason: Yes.
Giti: Yeah, in September.
Jason: Starts in September..
PZO: Do you know who your going to do it with [opening acts]?
Jason: No, we haven't figured that out yet.
PZO: Who do you want to do it with?
Jason: um...Who do you want us to do it with?
Giti: Harlow!
Jason: Harlow, yeah. Some bands on the run.
Giti: Have you guys seen that TV show? Flickerstick and Soul Cracker <Jason laughs> I can't believe we are saying this. Off the record.
Jason: Def Leppard. Behind the music. Um..I don't think it really matters. They're all young bands, they'll all be new bands getting their start.

PZO: What do you guys do on the tour bus, besides the obvious [eat, sleep, etc]?

Giti: We play cards sometimes..
Jason: Eat, sleep...
PZO: BESIDES the obvious.
Jason: We watch uh...
Giti: We watch a lot of movies
Jason: Watch A LOT of movies
PZO: Do you guys have a DVD player?
Giti: Yep!
Jason: Yes, we do.
Giti: and we have satellite, that you can see is working really well today.
Jason: and we have some posters of Britney Spears and stuff in the back. Not just her. That's our Grotto back there. We read, we play chess.
Giti: We come up with pranks.
Jason: Casey uses the playstation all day long and...our tour manager watches porn in his bunk all the time. So don't touch that bunk as you go by. Be careful. Yea, you don't want to get anything on you.

PZO: What's the best prank you've guys pulled?
Jason: We do those things all the time. But they're probably not funny to anybody but us. We put a bunch of rocks in our guitar tech's [Gigi] suitcase yesterday. A lot of rocks. <Giti laughs> Somebody opened up his suitcase and it was full of rocks. He was really pissed.
Giti: We put rocks in peoples..under their sheets in their bed.
Jason: I took a shit in a bag once and put it on somebody's arm while they were asleep. It was pretty gross.
Giti: What about yesterday? With the poop in one hand and the Gatorade in the other?<Jason laughs>
Jason: and then prankwise...what's our most elaborate prank? I had one. They're all stupid. They're not funny. Except to us.
Giti: For the 3 Doors Down guys we are talking about dressing up in superman costumes and running around the stage while they're playing that song "Kryptonite". We'll do that before the tour is over.
Jason: That would be really fun.
PZO: What about Tantric?
Giti: No, Tantric is gay. Nah, We haven't really met them.
Jason: Yea, I'm sure they're nice guys
Giti: They seem like nice guys. We just started playing with them.
PZO: You eat with them, don't you?
Jason: We eat with them. We don't don't talk with them.
Giti: Yea, we don't talk with them.
Jason: Less talking more eating.
Giti: Being in a band is like being on a sports team.
Casey: No talking to the other team.
Giti: Not before the game.
Jason: We got the whiffleball. It's pretty cool. You don't think it's cool, but it is cool.
PZO: I never said it wasn't.
Jason: Yea, I can read it in your eyes.
PZO: Looks are deceiving.
Jason: Yeah, right.

PZO: Are you friends with any of the 3DD guys?

Jason: The bass player went out with us last night. He's the only one that really hangs out...Todd.
PZO: Oh, Todd. We like Todd.
Jason: You do?
Casey: I had a pow wow with Brad yesterday.
Jason: You should go talk to him.
PZO: Maybe you can introduce us.
Giti: Sure.
Jason: Yeah. I'm sure he'd love to meet you guys.
Giti: Yeah, Todd is great. Todd is a nice guy. They're all nice guys.
Jason: But he hangs out a lot.
PZO: What do you guys do?
<Giti laughs>
Jason: Smoke weed
Giti: Casey was hanging out with Brad yesterday, right?
Casey: Yeah.
Jason: Yesterday, we hung out and got some dinner together.
Giti: We had sushi, we were trying to get him [Todd] to eat some sushi.
PZO: I wouldn't eat it.
Giti: There's something you and Todd have in common. You can talk about that when you meet him.

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